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Written by ahq_admin

8 October 2015

Hi all

Wow what a busy week it has been and it does not look like letting up until after our dinner next week.  

This is an information post so please keep reading.


I am having trouble getting information out to everyone as there seems to be no one method of communication that I can use that everyone reads regularly.  Not everyone reads the blogs, not everyone receives or reads the request list emails and not everyone is on Facebook.  

I have had a number of people tell me they did not know anything about the dinner and yet it has been covered at least twice on the blog, in emails to all of those on the request list mailing list and on Facebook.

There are lots of times that people ask me questions, either via email or in person, about topics that have been covered on the blog. 

I need your help.  

Obviously I can’t email everyone individually to pass on information about dinners and special events or changes to our systems.  I have to rely on the blog for that.

I know a lot of people do not have time to read the blog every day but if you could skim it every week or so then you would pick up any information you need easily. I put the important info that I need people to read at the beginning of the posts.  


I have a special mailing list for people who are not on Facebook.   I often share things on Facebook that do not make it onto the blog for whatever reason.  Sometimes that will be a link about the latest achievements of whichever ship we have deployed, or it could be some information about another section of Defence.   Sometimes it is a post that someone else has shared, a thank you for a quilt or laundry for example.   I am looking for someone who checks Facebook at least daily, who would be interested in sharing what I post on Facebook with the non-Facebookers via email.  Obviously we will need to discuss what sort of posts need to be shared and what do not warrant it but if there is someone who can help that would be great. Also if you do not “do” Facebook and would like to be on the NON-FACEBOOKER’S Mailing list, just emails with Non-Facebook in the subject line and I will add you to the list. 


Sometimes I have information that I would love to share with Aussie Hero Friends but it is not appropriate to share it in the very public forum of the blog or the Facebook Page. For this reason I want to start up a Newsletter Mailing List. 

You will receive any bits and pieces I can pass on about special quilts that we make that perhaps cannot be shared on the blog because of the nature of the story behind the quilt.  You will hear about upcoming events if we have them like the opportunity to be on the wharf to welcome a ship home etc. I have over 600 people on the mailing list for requests and that means I have to send out the request list in six separate emails to make sure everyone gets it.  Additionally, not all the regular quilters and sewers are on that list because many of our regulars make BOMs or contribute in other ways but do not make whole quilts.  If you would like to be on this mailing just let me know.  Send me an EMAIL with the words NEWSLETTER in the subject line.


While I think of it, if you are new to Aussie Heroes (or you have been around a while) let me know if you would like to go on the specific mailing list for your State or Territory.   I occasionally send out emails to specific locations if there is something on there, or if I am going to be organising something in that area. For example, I am going to be in Canberra on the 14th of November and am thinking of arranging a dinner on the Saturday night, if there are enough interested parties.  I will be emailing that info to the CANBERRA MAILING LIST

If you would like me to add you to the mailing list for your State just send me an email with the name of your state in the SUBJECT line and I will add you.


Some people can only send me photos of quilts and laundry bags via text or Private message.  That is absolutely fine. If you do that can you please also follow up with an email telling me that you have texted me a photo and giving me the name and PM keys of the recipient. One of the big draw-backs of working at home is that I cannot close my office door and work without interruptions …… well I could close my door but I still get “MuuuuuuuuuuuM  I need food”  or similar. I am sure all Mums can relate.  This means I often get interrupted mid-task and sometimes to do get to complete the whole task.  If you email info I can easily search on it later and follow it up.

Emails are by far my preferred method of communication where possible mainly because the email sits patiently on my laptop at home waiting for action. If you text me or PM me when I am out I then have to REMEMBER to get back to it when I get home.  That is not so reliable.    If you need me text, PM or even call, but if you can email or follow it up with an email that would be great.


I cook dinner between 5-630 for my family each night. If you call me during this time, and I don’t get dinner on the table, my hungry teens will feed themselves.  Sounds like a good option but it is not really because it means that my half prepared meal does not get eaten and that is really frustrating.  If you could help me out by calling before or after this time that would be great.  Either that or if you could arrange a house keeper to cook for me ….. now that would be AWESOME!  LOL

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me….

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Soph Marie

    I don't know you manage to keep track of ANYTHING!!! I am going to have to read this at least 2 more times to digest it all… 🙂

  2. Sandra Askill

    Good to have the guidelines
    Newsletter sounds like a great idea
    Housekeeper ….hmmm … Mary Poppins perhaps
    Sandy A.


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