In Honour of the ANZACs – Block Party…..

Written by AHQ

14 March 2016

Recently I was asked if it were possible to provide a Aussie/Kiwi or ANZAC themed quilt to hang in the ANZAC Hospital in Iraq. At first I was inclined to say no as we have plenty to do and we have already made the quilts for the hospital beds…….

but then I started thinking that it would be nice if we did something to Commemorate ANZAC Day this year….. 

and seeing as we have an ANZAC Hospital to support, well why not. 

So, here we go…. 

We are going to have a Block Party. 

If you want to be involved you are to create a block in one of two forms……

Either a star block or an applique block.  

LIMIT One star block or one applique block per person please.

There is plenty of scope for all skill levels.   Beginners need not be intimidated by more advanced stitchers. 

You can paint, applique, embroider (by hand or machine) print photos………
whatever you please.    We will make it work.

There is only one rule – each block MUST have at least a small amount of 
in it somewhere.  Now that is not too hard is it?


The Star blocks are to be made in accordance with our BOM tutorial which can be found here…. 

If you have any problems accessing the tutorial let me know. 

Your block should be inspired by the ANZAC Tradition. I will leave it up to you to be creative and think about how you can do that but at the bottom of this post you will find a few pics of quilts and laundry bags that have done just that.   There are lots of kiwi and Aussie fabrics around these days so even just a combination of the two will be fine. 


Your block can have a single fabric for the background or can be pieced.  Once again, your block should be inspired by the ANZAC Tradition.   The block should finish at 14.5 inches…. and this is the important part, it should be able to be trimmed to 14 inches so please remember that when designing the block.

Chances are, and I hope I am right, that we will receive more blocks than we need to complete one single quilt.  That is not a problem, I do have plans for a second or subsequent quilt but until I have spoken to a few people I am not able to say any more.   The first quilt will be finished and sent to Iraq as soon as it is completed.  Any other quilts may well be displayed back here is Australia before going to their final home….. more on that when possible too. 


Yes, there will be prizes.

To enable everyone to be on a level playing field the prizes will be drawn lottery style. 
That means you will ALL have the same opportunity to win.  Beginners and advances stitchers on a par!  Hopefully that will encourage more of you to participate.

There will be two prizes for the Star Blocks and two for the applique blocks.

Not sure what the prizes will be yet I have a few things in mind (and I have to do a bit of begging) but you will have to wait til those are finalised too. 

So, jump on board and start planning. 
What can you do to honour our ANZAC Tradition in a block?

Here are a few quilts and laundry bags that have honoured the ANZAC tradition in the past. 
Have fun with it!

All blocks to be posted to 

Aussie Hero Quilts
PO Box 248
Cherrybrook NSW 2126

To be received no later than April 20th please. 

Till next time……………… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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