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Written by ahq_admin

22 August 2016

Hi all
I hope you do not think this is too indulgent but lots of people ask me for news of our rebuild so I figured this is the best way to update everyone efficiently.

This is our home… well it was our home. Now it is a blank slate waiting for the re-build to start but that is going to be a marathon not a sprint so patience is called for.   I really feel for our neighbours, having to live through the building stage with all the noise and dust etc.  

On the weekend my husband and I met with the Insurance Assessor and the engineer to discuss the now plans.  I don’t know if this is the process with every insurance claim but basically the company has to give us “like for like” so basically the same floor plan…. but we are allowed to make some changes within reason.   Yesterday we went through the house plans room by room, and in detail, and described the changes that we would like.  These are mostly fairly minor changes to the plans but would have required significant renovations.  Imagine all those niggly little things you would like to change about your home… but which are just not worth all the effort of a renovation to do.  Well, we get to make those changes and we have been absolutely delighted to find that it seems that all our requested changes will be allowed.   After going through the trauma of losing our house then it is an absolute pleasure now to think about the new home and what it will be like.

Now we wait for plans to be drawn up and then submitted back to us for approval.   After that the builders have to do their quotes and at the same time the plans are submitted to council…. and we wait… no idea how long we will have to wait but I am tipping that there will be no sign of any building til the New Year.

You hear so many horror stories about insurance claims and companies but I can honestly say that our Insurance Company has so far been absolutely great and I really have no complaints about the treatment we have received. In fact, they have been very pro-active and supportive and I am very grateful that we are with them.

It is difficult being in a rental home after 20 years in our own home but needs must and we know it is only temporary… a year or so but still temporary.   I am just grateful that I have enough room to run AHQ and have sewing days here.

I am enjoying the bright room I have to work in and it is lovely being able to see outside (which I couldn’t from my old office).

And I am incredibly grateful to all of you who donated money to the Go Fund Me Account as you have made it possible for me to buy the furniture, tools, fabric, batting etc that we needed to get up and running. 

Well, that is just a brief update. 

You have all been so wonderfully supportive and encouraging… it has really made a difference and I am very grateful.

Till next time…………thanks for everything.

Jan-Maree XOX

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  1. kiwikid

    So good to hear things are on the move for you and that the insurance company is helpful rather than the opposite.

  2. barbara woods

    glad you have a good insurance co. lots of them in the states are just rip offs that take your money. last time new Orleans flood the insurance refused to cover them. now they are flooded again. Hugs sweet friend

  3. Sandra Askill

    Thank you for the update
    Looking forward to seeing the phoenix rise up in triumph

  4. Unknown

    All the very best as you build your new home. It is nice for us to know that the process of rebuilding is travelling along quite well for you all.

  5. Janine C

    So glad things are happening for you, even if it seems slow.

  6. Sue Niven

    Wishing you all the best always.


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