Happy Mail Wednesday 31 October

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31 October 2012

Naomi’s BOM Bit first – 🙂 Why thank you Ma’am!
OMG, I have been blown away this week with the amount of blocks I’ve received….I think with next months block combined with this months’ we’ll be seeing lots of very special quilts coming out of them.  Thank you all so much for the blocks, I’m having so much fun checking them all out….and so I don’t get into trouble for hogging the post again (Sorry about last week JM)(she is not really sorry you know!) here’s this weeks happy snaps of some of the blocks I’ve received….I’ve decided to include initials and where you’re from instead of names, just in case anyone was wondering!

The above pics are a selection of the blocks from Bernice from SA.

These are from Teresa all the way over in America.

The above were all sent by SB from Oaklands Park, SA…and the bottom pic shows what they all look like in a pile!

These were all sent in by PM from Newborough Vic…and the bottom pic shows the lovely note and extras she sent, which aren’t a necessity, however were a lovely surprise (much the same as the lovely soaps I got the other week) and all will be put to good use within my quilting for AHQ….there was extra fabric, a cone of thread and some sewing machine needles)

So, all in all, I’ve received loads of great blocks and even though it’s bad to wish the days away, I wish it was the beginning of December already so I can kit all the BOM’s up into quilt packs after I get next month’s blocks.

Thank you all so much, I’m loving being the recipient of the BOM’s….might have to try and talk JM out of a few more months worth next year…but I’ll get these sewn up first…..can’t add to my existing UFO’s with a section devoted to AHQ now can I, or can I???? *smiles*AHQ UFO’s not allowed – 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for the new BOM, which is as easy as this month’s, and they’re going to go together so well….I can’t wait….hopefully you all like it as much as I have in writing it.

To all the troops, stay safe.


Naomi aka Tech Guru

That’s all for me from sunny and hot Berri, back over to you at AHQ headquarters JM.


Thank you so much Naomi.  Let me know when you have completed all the BOM quilts and you can receive another month’s worth!

Before I forget – this week’s Friend of the Day post will have to wail till Sunday because tomorrow is the first of the month and that means…………….
Ta Da……….
The launch of the November BOM block!  Rotary Cutters at the ready ladies!
My letter box ran over with goodies on the weekend.   As well as the great BOM quilt tops I received from Janet which I showed you last night there was also a parcel from Lynn containing the  next three quilt tops.

These two blue ones, plus the quilt tops from last night, made into the car when I took  a load of 12 quilts to the wonderful duo Paul and Paula yesterday.  They are two wonderful quilters who have volunteered to quilts AHQ for us!  Got to be lovely people right?  More about them in a future post!

I have the perfect backing for this one Lynn – just need to piece that and it will be ready to go to another lovely quilter who helps out!

Had a huge day yesterday.  My front door was like one of those ones that just swings round and round.  Terry came to help me piece batting, iron backings and iron bias binding for the 12 quilts I took to P&P yesterday afternoon.
This is Terry with the AHQ she is working on.
A couple of nice thank you messages came in for quilts that Nancy sent off.  This one is special as the fellow who received the quilt is more or less a “local” to the area it came from.

I would like to express my thanks at receiving an Aussie Hero Quilt and Laundry bag from your organisation.
My quilt was made by Tina from Boulder, Kalgoorlie W.A.

Having lived in W.A for more than 25 years and spent quite a bit of time in Kalgoorlie and the surrounding bush, I was not only surprised, but honoured that I was able to receive a gift from somewhere close to home.

Can you please pass my thanks to Tina from me, and know that as winter is approaching it will be put to very good use and will brighten my room / bed space.

The quilt arrived in excellent condition and although the box had received a few bumps on the way, was still in tact with the contents unharmed.

Thanks again 

I am writing to say thankyou for the Awesome Quilt and laundry bag I received in the mail today.
I will no doubt get plenty of use out of them especially with winter just around the corner.
Thankyou for all the time and work yourself and your team put in to making these Quilts and for all your support to all the deployed
men and women.
Many thanks again.

My lovely Liaison Officer from Kandahar sent me a picture of their laundry today –

A quick photo from our DIY laundry tonight. A good mix of bags! Some lovely Aussie Hero Bags, an issued mesh bag, a garbage bag and a laundry bucket 🙂 Looking forward to more bags here!

We definitely need to get that fellow with the garbage bag a new laundry bag!

Now I am going to leave you on a funny note.  I have a new Liaison Officer from 7RAR and he sounds like he is Army through and through!  I had a lovely chat with his wife on the phone yesterday and when I asked her what his interests are she just laughed and said “Army, Army, Army!”   LOL

Later in an email I asked “Need I ask his favourite colour or should I assume army green!”  This is the response I received!  LOVE it!

Her: What’s your favourite colour?
Him: disruptive camoflage
Her: Um…that’s not a colour!
Him: Yes it is, in fact it’s the ONLY colour
Her: No really, what’s your favourite colour?
Him: Army green
Her: Really? Come on, be serious.
Him: okay then maybe…maroon
her: since when?
Him: since I joined 7rar – 7rar’s colour is maroon.
Her: oh gosh!
Him: who are you emailing?
Her: Jan-Maree, the AH quilt lady (he comes to look at what I’m typing) and says:
Him: Not to nitpick butRAR” should really be in capitals!

It still makes me smile!  Just keep the man away from the household decor decisions!

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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