Now I don’t normally cover things on the blog that are not fairly well AHQ related.  This is an exception as we have lots of people in the States who read the blog.   I just wanted to wish all those on the East Coast all the best as you batten down the hatches and hold on whilst Hurricane Sandy heads your way.  Stay safe guys.

Just so happens that my own husband is in Baltimore, Washington, at the moment but thankfully he tells me that he is safe and sound in the hotel and not going anywhere – of course his track record is not good as in the past he has flown from Hong Kong to Taiwan in the middle of a Hurricane, telling me it will be no problem, only to get within 150ft of the runway and find that the wind was too strong so that had to divert – that is not fine!

Look what turned up in my mail box – these four quilt tops have arrived from Janet who pieced them out out of the BOM blocks I sent her.  I just love them.  I am always saying how much I love scrap quilts but as one recipient said recently “to call it a scrap quilt does not do it justice”!

LOVE that stripey border!  

And I would never have though of putting the light blocks together in the middle like this but I love it. 

And this quilt has a different feel altogether!  

Thanks for helping out Janet and for doing such a great job.  These are just four of the quilts that are heading off to the quilter this afternoon.  I managed to get all the backings pieced last night and today we have five more battings to piece -we ran out of batting tape – and I am hoping to get the binding made for at least some of the quilts before Terry gets here to help me.

Stephanie, Jenny and Susan and Aileen received two very appreciative thank you messages from HMAS ANZAC overnight. Enjoy! 


Today I received a very special gift from yourself. I am lost for words apart from saying Thank You for the time and effort you have taken to make the quilt and laundry bag for a complete stranger. It means so much to know that apart from our family and friends back at home, other people will take the time out of their lives to do something special for a serviceman or woman deployed overseas. It also just so happens that it was my birthday recently so receiving this gift in the mail 6 days after makes my birthday away from my family even more special and again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment to making quilts for Aussie Hero Quilts. Attached is a photo of the quilt and laundry bag on my rack taking pride and place with the pics of my wife and daughter. 

Kind Regards

To Joanne, XXXXXX, and XXXXXX and everybody else at Aussie hero quilts
I would just like to say a big thank you for the time and effort you have spent making this wonderful quilt and laundry bag for me. It is so good knowing that there are groups like this supporting us back home. It makes me appreciate that we are not getting forgotten about and the work we are doing is getting recognized  When I found out that I had been chosen as one of the lucky people on board to receive a quilt I felt very honored  And when I was informed it was in the post I could not wait to receive it. Today was that day. We had a lot of mail delivered today and I believe there were a fair few people that received their quilts. 
It is difficult to explain to a lot of people how hard it is being away. I have my fiancé and 8 month old baby boy waiting for me at home and receiving things like this and hearing about your group makes it just that bit easier being away. So once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I will try to get a photo in the next day or two

I would just like to start and say thank you for making me this very great quilt and laundry bag i can see alot of time and effort has been put into its creation, it is making a great cover for my little bunk that I have on the ship. It is a great that people at home appreciate the work we do overseas for our country and understand the sacrifices of family and love ones that we make.
Till next time……….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!