Guess what tomorrow is!  The big reveal of the blocks for the 

The Inaugural Aussie Hero Friend Dinner Challenge Block.  

Woo Hoo! But that is tomorrow night!  

For tonight we have some happy mail to share or all sorts of varieties.

Julie Ann sent me this lovely quilt which has been made specifically as a Wounded Warrior 

Quilt, accompanied by its own laundry bag.  Just a reminder that all Wounded Warrior quilts are 

now held in Sydney to expedite their passage to Operation Slipper whenever they are needed. 

And something that I don’t think I have told you up to now is that with every WWQ these days I 

am sending along an laundry bag that is as Australian as possible as the wounded are 

transported without the chance to pack anything so I am sure a laundry bag won’t go astray, 

even if it is just used to carry the quilt.

I am assuming these are the last of the January BOM blocks.  So far there is a lovely nautical quilt with a quilter, there is another nautical top and a tool themed top being put together by a friend of mine and at least enough blocks left for two more quilts.

 Janine C (QLD) sent these ones in – love the hot air balloons.

Liz J sent these in – lovely and fresh with an aviation twist.

 Louise sent me these three quilt tops 

Love the wombat.  I think he is a very under appreciated little fellow so it is nice to see him pop up!


Judith gave me these next two quilt tops.  Can’t you just imagine a farm boy loving this quilt?

Cows in the squares and sheep shearing in the border.  Perfect!

And this is so simple but very striking!

As well as the Challenge Block I put a call out to anyone who was interested to make some crazy patch blocks for a fellow who said he wanted an 80’s inspired quilt.  I am hoping to be able to show you the end result next week.  I have finally received the required number of blocks and am planning on putting it together  as soon as I finish the current quilt top i am working on.  In the mean time I sent the fellow an email just to give him a brief update and told him that his quilt is a work in progress and it would take a little longer than some of the others but it would be coming soon-ish.
I thought you would like to see his response.  Especially those of you that contributed blocks.  

You have gone to so much effort for me – I cant thank you enough! I am SO excited to see this quilt!! 
Thanks HEAPS!!! 

Don’t know about you but that put a smile on my face.  Pat yourselves on the back you crazy patchers!

What follows are a few of the requests I have received of late.  I do not normally post these, I usually have enough to post, but when I can I like to share as much as I can of what goes on behind the scenes.  So for a Happy Mail extra tonight enjoy the read…

Just a quick email to say a massive thank you, most of my guys on the list I gave you have either received their laundry bags or quilts. 
I’ve got both of mine now (quilt by Peggy and Laundry bag by Angela) and they are fantastic!!!
Am I able to add one more person? He saw my quilt and was jealous haha, just doesn’t have your email so I was just going to put his name forward. 

What the above person didn’t know is that the person to whom she was refering as not having my email managed to find it and had already sent me the following email.

I would like to request a hero quilt, I have served for 25 years and this is my third deployment there is 4 months left on my deployment.
Thank you for organising this for the soldiers, sailors and airmen that are have been deployed. Too often the Australian public forget, ignore or resent the sacrifices we make to ensure our society is safe. We have all chosen this life and to forego the normal luxuries of society to serve our country.  The skill and dedication that is required to make a hero quilt shows the member that they are thought of and honoured for their duty.
Thank you again for your efforts and those of the public who make the quilts. 

G’Day Jan-Maree, I am currently serving with XXXXX in AFG.  Whilst in XXXXX’s office, I happened to comment on the quilt that is hanging with pride of place for everyone to see and he mentioned your name and all that you do for deployed servicemen and women.  So on that note, I would like to request and would be honoured to receive a quilt made by your merry band of ladies. 
I thank you in advance and in anticipation 

This fellow wrote to tell me of his group of RAAFies in TK and to ask if they could please be included in the list for a quilt.  I wrote back and explained what I required and also slipped in that I am ex-RAAF myself.
Here is part of his response.

Firstly, from one proud RAAFie to another, XXX(the name of their group) very much value and are grateful for your efforts.   Its the efforts of ventures like yours that make us feel less further away from home and for that we are most appreciative.
We are here till the middle of the year so there is plenty of time so anytime you can fit us in between now and June would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you, 
Kind Regards, 

And this fellow is one of my “laundry bag distributors”.  If you have sent off laundry bags in the last few months chances are one of your boxes have had his name on it.  This email was to let me know that he is heading home soon and we need to stop sending to him for obvious reasons.  This is part of what he said.

I have really enjoyed our short association with Aussie Hero Quilters and yourself and find it difficult to express the gratitude we feel towards you and your teams efforts and considerations towards us. I have been thinking of something to say to express my thoughts and thanks. The best I can do is a saying that means something to me, ‘it is not who I am inside, but, what I do that defines me’. For me this means, you and your quilters have taken action that counts, your team has defined themselves to us; as people with good hearts, can be relied upon in tough times, and are Australians. For that, thank you. Please stay well, stay safe and thank you again.

Hi Jan-Maree,
I have heard about Aussie Hero quilts and I would love to get one if I could. One of the guys I work with received one the other week and it is amazing.  I know a few other people who have them and they all love them.  Could you also tell me about making the quilts. I do a lot of sewing but have never made a quilt before and I was thinking that when I get home it be nice to return the favour and make a quilt that I could send over to someone.

And finally, a thank you message for Tess which was sent to me to pass on.
The subject line of this email read 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

G’day Tess, I just received your blanket in the post. I had to write you an email to thank you so much for your dedication, time and effort to make this for me.  Its amazing to think that there are kind hearted people out there like yourself that take the time to make something so lovely for other people. 
Your package has really made my day.. wait no my whole week.  My mother in law was very handy on the sewing machine and I know she would have appreciated the quality of your work.

 I enjoy my job and I get satisfaction knowing I am doing my part for the mission and my country.
Your generosity is very well received and a few of my colleagues have also received blankets from your talented team in Australia.  They have become a very sought after item, so please know that every quilt or laundry bag is putting smiles on the faces of the people who get them.

Kindest Regards and warm wishes to you and your family.  

Well that is it for tonight

Till next time…….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!