Happy Mail 9 October

Written by AHQ

9 October 2013

G’day all.  What a glorious day it was today for our Navy to march through the streets of Sydney. Once again I would have loved to have been in there but time did not permit.  I have taped it on TV and intend to watch it tonight when the dust settles on my day.

This week is a very important week as this is the last week that we can post things to Tarin Kot. As the base closes the facilities reduce and of course that includes the postal services.  You will have to forgive the brevity of today’s blog post for this reason.  I  have a few extras to send and want to make sure I get as many done as possible.

I have Caroline and a special guest coming over tonight to help me pack quilts and laundry bags to send to those in TK.  Caroline you might remember is Deputy Nut – my off-sider here in Sydney. She has been fairly silent for a few months as she has been busy putting her business on the market but she is still around and helping to pack for posting is really useful.  My special guest tonight is one of the chaplains we sent a quilt to last year.   He has been a big help to me, always happy to answer a question or give some advice and now that he is in Sydney I have offered him dinner. I did promise that he would not have to pack boxes but he is a willing volunteer,  Might be something to do with still appreciating his own quilt.  😀

So, a quick look at the Happy Mail and then back to work for me.

Janine sent down these BOM blocks  – great colours.

Sue N (SA) sent over two more quilt tops. Doesn’t the addition of a Southern Cross just make these two something special!

Don’t forget you have to register if you want to get a ticket for the dinner.  You need to email Angela an*********@op******.au if you would like to reserve a ticket.  Sales commence on Monday the 21st of October to give us time to nut out the final details and to finalize the prices.  Seriously if you enjoy your involvement with Aussie Heroes and can get to Brisbane you want to reserve a ticket.  This is going to be a special night.

Also just to let you the response to the Raffle Quilt has been so huge and wonderful that we will have two quilts!  Maybe two to Raffle on the night or maybe one for later?  Any suggestions as to what to do with the second quilt, let me know.  I am currently undecided.

That’s it for me right now.  Time to get some prep done for tonight’s packing session (read that as Oh MY GOODNESS, I have to tidy up a bit as well as get those labels sewn on those quilts!!!)

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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