Happy Mail 3 July

Written by AHQ

3 July 2013

Greetings all!  Well I don’t know about you but I have had a great day so far!  Managed to get a quilt layered and pinned and ready for quilting this morning and then I headed out for a cuppa with the newly returned Chaplain from HMAS Toowoomba.  After discovering that the Chaplain from HMAS ANZAC did not receive his quilt whilst at sea and had to wait SEVERAL months while the quilt completed stop overs at every port between Dubai and Sydney I decided not to take the same risk with this quilt.  Of course it also helps that this Chaplain was going to be spending some time in Sydney at the conclusion of his deployment.  So today was the day to hand over his quilt.  

As with many quilts this quilt was very much a joint effort.  The disappearing nine patch blocks were sewn by the ladies at our sewing day in Penrith in May (if memory serves me correctly.   Then I sent them down to Ruth in Victoria and she put a quilt top together adding the hour glass blocks in the medallion surrounded by the polka dots.

Finally the quilt top came back to me and I quilted the whole quilt before adding my rendition of the Navy Chaplain’s crest.  Apologies to the Army and Air Force Chaplains but I really do think this is the loveliest of all the three services.

What else do you put on the back for a Sydney-sider but Sydney fabric

The rod pocket went on last with thanks to Michele from VIC for the HMAS Toowoomba embroideries, this one on the rod pocket and 

this one which sits just above the label.

I hope you don’t mind me going into so much detail about the quilt but I did want to give credit to all those involved and for that you needed photos.

And yes, the chaplain liked his quilt.

Lots of yummy happy mail came in this week.  These blocks are from Dorothy.     I love the red and blue theme of these blocks and I am going to see if they can be kept together and maybe even turned into a Wounded Warrior Quilt.  If anyone feels inspired to give it a go please let me know.  

These gorgeous colourful blogs come from our very own Dag, Harold from Murwillumbah, one of our very special Old Bags and the Dag group.  Love these too and might have to see what we can do with these to turn them into a special cheery quilt.

I wish I had had time to iron these blocks from Karen B.  The rich earthy colours are just lovely and the photo just does not do justice to them.

Kirsty sent in this quilt top – another photo that just doesn’t bring out the best.  This is going to be one much loved quilt when I get it finished.

Kitty has out done herself and sent in three quilt tops.  I just love this arrangement of these blocks – so striking.  Might have to copy this one Kitty.  Hope you don’t mind.

Gorgeous Autumn colours in this one.

And this is another great block – this might end up being a BOM one month.

More yummy BOM blocks from Liz J – these are turning out to be one of my favourite BOMs.

Millie sent in some really happy mail!  A whole completed quilt!  My kind of happy mail! 
And a scrap quilt at that.  Love it!  Thanks Millie.

And no this is not a second quilt – this is the back of the one above!  

Further thanks to Millie for this motorbike laundry bag!

 Finally Liz J has sent in three more red, white and black blocks.  I don’t think anyone else is planning to send any more.  We have enough now and my plan is that these will be put together during the next sewing day.

I have had quite a number of people tell me that they like being part of the joint quilts like the one above so I am going to do another one.  This will be slightly different though.  It will be for a girl, will also be using the star blocks and will only involve two colours.  BUT because this female is on my list in advance of her deployment I dare not give away any more details on the blog or the Facebook page for fear of her seeing it and guessing it is for her.  So, I need 15 volunteers to make one star each.  You need to email me or PM me on Facebook with your email address.  Feel free to check with me first to see what the colours are to make sure that you have what you need in your stash.  I will share photos of the blocks with members of the 15 via email but the rest of the Aussie Hero Friends will have to wait till the quilt has been sent on its way or possibly even received.
Let me know if you want to be part of the fun.  And don’t worry if you don’t have what is needed for a girl’s quilt I am planning to do one for a fellow’s quilt too soon.

Just before I leave you for tonight, a quick reminder for the next Sewing Days.  
Next Wednesday the 10th at my home 10am to 3pm
BYO sewing machine and lunch, a volunteer to bring some morning/afternoon tea would be great
I will provide all the materials etc. and I am sure we will have a few laughs.
Email me or PM me for the address.  


Sunday the 14th of July at Penrith Patchwork
10am to 3pm
BYO sewing machine and lunch.  I will provide the materials – no idea what we will be doing yet as it will depend on what needs doing – could be laundry bags, could be sewing blocks together, who knows.

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    What a joy that was! to be able to hand in the quilt in person. Well done everyone, Love those blocks too. Great job.

  2. Jeann of Melton

    The Chaplain's quilt looks fabulous. Good choice of colour and a great design


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