Happy Mail 19th March

Written by AHQ

19 March 2014

Hi Everyone, lots of lovely happy mail today…. Some from last week and the ones that have arrived this week.

So many things on last week that I didn’t get a chance to photograph and upload onto the blog. So here are all the goodies.

 These 15 wonkies are from Katrina R, they are certainly going to make a lovely quilt, just need to add some lovely sashings and borders.
These 3 striking ones are from S Askill
Tina N has sent in these lovely ones, loving the red it’s very striking.
Tina N also had a go at the March BOM’s and these look very effective as well.
Carolyn M has sent in these two BOM’s. 
Coral W did these for lovely bright sets.
Julie Ann has sent in the next bunch
K Barling has sent in these next sets… great Australian fabric in these.
These are from Liz J, great job.
Dorothy has sent in 9 sets of the top 3 and 12 sets of the bottom 3 fabrics.  Great Job Dorothy.
I want to thank those who have sent in BOM’s so far they are looking great.
Anyone interested in putting some BOM’s together I still have 2 BOM packs left… And have put together another one.  If you are interested please send an email to JM.
PACK 4 –
 I have added some fabric to these lovely parachuting fabric wonky crosses
These great Aussie Applique blocks just need some extra blocks and sashings
This is a cool pack of flouro wonky blocks.  This will make up into a lovely quilt top and I have some plain black fabric that will work great with this that I can include in the pack.
Keep up the good work everyone.
Happy Stitching

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