Happy Mail 1 March 17

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1 March 2017

Today I was the guest speaker for the Geroge’s River Church Senior’s Group.  Bev F came along to give me a hand.  What a lovely friendly group they were too.  After their meeting they share a delicious lunch which we were invited to join in with. They filled plates to overflowing for Bev and I and could not have looked after us better.  After I shared the Aussie Heroes story with them, they surprised me with a cheque for $100.  That will certainly buy some backing fabric which we always need. 

I reckon that qualifies as happy mail!
I have received a bucket-load of mail (literally) this week but it is waiting til Friday when my normal group comes to help me.  It is so much quicker taking photos with all their help.  All the photos will be up next week. 

Look how gorgeous these red, white and black blocks are that are coming in.  These quilts are going to be striking! 

Anne McD

Barb McC

Jean C

Judy D 

Liz J

Marlene L

The gold and green blocks have been flying in, they are so awesome.   Thank you!

Jan A

Milton Quilters

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xxx

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