Grati Tuesday May 3rd 2022

Written by AHQ

3 May 2022


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you are having a great week so far! 
I love this time of the week. The gratitude letters show us all how what we do makes so much difference. 
Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the gratitude letters below. 
Dear Lyn,
I received my gorgeous quilt a couple of weeks ago – thank you so very much!  It was absolutely a highlight, the crest is perfect and the pictures of the Ship in Nuku’alofa Wharf look excellent.  I’ve attached a photo of me a moment after opening it up – I couldn’t stand still, I was so excited about it.  Thank you also for the delicious treats, but what was really a bonus was the postcard of your home and your letter!  The postcard went straight up next to the photos of friends and family in my cabin.  It is so thoughtful of you and all the Aussie Hero Quilt team to do what you do, it does mean a lot to me that you have put in time and effort to create a beautiful piece of art for someone you don’t know.  Thank you.
Thank you again so much for your time and kind efforts with my fantastic quilt.  You really brought sunshine to the week and something cosy to the cabin!

Dear Philomena,


My name is Katherine and I was the lucky and blessed recipient of the beautiful quilt that you created for my 40th Federation Star Presentation. 


I am now half way through my 41st year in the Air Force albeit now as a reservist. But I am still committed and proud to continue to work. I am very proud of my Federation Star and was so honoured that CAF presented it to me. And the surprise I got when your quilt was presented to me by my best friend! I did not realise that my lovely bosses at DP-AF organised this on my behalf so I am so chuffed and proud to have received it. I plan to get a piece of dowling so that I can hang it on my office wall where I can look at it each day and just remember all the good times I have had serving these past 40 years!


Tomorrow being ANZAC Day, I am planning to march with a flight of current serving ladies from RAAF Amberley and we will be marching behind the WRAAF ladies to support them. This is now an annual tradition that I commenced back in 2012/13 where we started off with only a handful of ladies. Now it’s grown to over 45 and I am so proud of this! It will be a wonderful day as we have not had a parade since 2019 so it’s going to be a good one!


Thank you once again, I will always treasure and be grateful for this beautiful quilt that you made for me.


Take care


Hi Cath.H
Just wanted to say a quick & massive thank you to you for the Laundry Bag – absolutely love it.
Thank you so much. Look forward to replying to your beautiful letter.
Dear Betty.V,
Hello, coming up to Anzac Day I would like to sincerely thank Betty
and all other volunteers who make these amazing quilts. I’ve have mine since
my tour in Iraq in 2015 and still use it to this day.

Love how we get these messages years later to let us know that the quilts
and bags are still being put to good use.

Kind regards.


Dear Pennie.T,
Hope you’re well.
My name is Rowena and my partner works in the Navy.
We are due to be married at the end of year. My husband is always away due to Navy duties.
Both myself and my husband really appreciate the work that you’ve have put into making this beautiful quilt. 
As the quilt has been made for me, I would like you know how much I appreciate it. I really love the quilt & it’s my first time to own a quilt.

I love the colour pattern & dancing theme. I love dancing too! My first dancing lessons were ballet and modern jazz & 


 hula dances when I was 5 years old.

I see that you also love dancing and you’re a PRO! I love all types of dancing.
I will take care of this quilt and only use it on special occasions and keep forever.
Thank you for putting the effort and time because I am sure you’ll be busy with nursing in the current climate.
I hope you stay safe!
Kind regards.



Hi Monika.M,


I just wanted to drop you an email to pass on my thanks for the beautiful ‘doby bag’ (laundry bag in Navy slang!). It is exactly what I need when at sea, and the bright colours definitely provide a beautiful focal point for my otherwise boring cabin!


Thankyou again for the work that you do – it really does mean a lot to know that there are members of the Australian public who put their energy and time into producing works of art just to show their support for service members. We are all very grateful for the work that you and the Aussie Hero Quilts team do.


Best wishes to you and your family, and very many thanks for your beautiful work.


Yours Aye.




Thats it for another week. 
Hope you have a good week
🌟 🌟 🌟


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