Grati Tuesday April 12th 2022

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12 April 2022

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you are having a great week so far! 
I love this time of the week. The gratitude letters show us all how what we do makes so much difference. 
Grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the gratitude letters below. 
The Invictus games team received their LBs we made them last night. This has been a hard secret to keep!! I’m told they all loved them. A huge thanks to all the volunteers that put so much work in.
Best wishes to the team, we hope you have a fabulous time at The Hague
Dear Bridget R,
Thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag. Being a quilting widow myself, I know just how much work goes into these.
I’ve been deployed before but either prior to Jan-Maree starting Aussie Hero Quilts or on short trips where it wasn’t really appropriate for one of those 13300 quilts, that is impressive. I know those that have received them here have been very impressed and extremely thankful of the thoughts and efforts from the sewing ladies. It’s very easy to become narrow visioned; we see the support from our families, but it is through Aussie Hero’s that we see the wider community support.
I am married with 3 girls: 29, 25 and 22.
My eldest is in the ACT with her daughter. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see them as much as my wife and I would like. She will be getting married soon so we will all get together then.
My middle daughter in in Nth QLD with her son. My grandson there saw a picture of your quilt- looks like I’ll have to fight him for it.
My youngest daughter is also in QLD but further south. She was able to transfer with her work. Her partner was in the Army also; I’d have thought that after all the experiences with my service she’d have known better or maybe she just knows no different. They had known each other through school so I suppose they can have a pass there.
So, with the kids in their own homes and me over here it has left my wife as a real “empty nester” though she does have 2 dogs to keep her company. She also works as a public servant with the Defence; so they are very understanding of partners being deployed.
Again, thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag. the thoughts and efforts that you and Ann W have put into this are so very appreciated.
Kind Regards..
Hi Sonia J,
Thank you for the lovely laundry bags you have made for us all.
We do really appreciate the support you and the team provide us and rest assured, the laundry bag came in handy. 
Thanks again.

Good morning Sue N,


I hope this email finds you well


I just wanted to thank you so much for the care package you put together for me, the designs are absolutely gorgeous!!


Kind regards,


Good evening Jan-Maree and Clarissa L.
Wanted to reach out to say thank you for the amazing Aussie Hero gift!! I was deployed recently on Op Covid-19 Aged Care assist, and received my laundry bag on my way home.
I had an option of a few bags to choose from – but my heart just melted when I saw the doggy-themed one! 
I joined the RAAF in July 2020 from the South African Airforce – where I have served since 1995.
Both of us were blessed to be able to transfer to the RAAF as laterals. 
We have two teenage daughters, who are doing an amazing job in adjusting to their new lives in Australia. I am still getting used to the Victorian weather – as it is much colder here compared to what we were used to.
All of our family are still in RSA, but they were fully supportive of our move here. 
We were even lucky enough to have our pets join us on our immigration journey. We brought our two rescue cats with us.
Well, that’s me in a nutshell.  I was so surprised to receive a gift whilst on deployment. What a beautiful gesture! Please know how much your efforts are valued and appreciated.
I will treasure the laundry bag forever.
Best wishes!
Good Morning,
I have received my Quilt safe and sound I love it and it’s perfect.
Thank you so much.
Kindest regards
Hi Heather ,
Thank you very much for my Laundry bag!! Before receiving it I was just using a plastic bag to hold my washing so this is a big step up. I really like the Australian animals on it, and the patterns. I was born in England, but lived in Australia for most of my life in QLD. I joined the army at 17 and recently turned 20. I’m writing from Malaysia right now, I’m on Rifle Company Butterworth.  
I Hope your 2022 has been going well

Thank you again!






Good Afternoon, 


Would like to extend a personal thanks to all at Aussie Hero Quilts and Helen C, the patchwork artist. 
I was fortunate enough to receive an Aussie Hero Laundry Bag, whilst deployed as a reservist (army) to the NSW floods this year. Having previously operated with the Navy, couldn’t help but notice the great laundry bags they all had, now I finally found out where they all came from and even better, have one to match!
A great initiative and effort by all involved and greatly appreciated. 

All the best  




My quilt arrived  and I love it. 


Thanks again. The quilts you guys make are great and I really appreciate it. It will be something I can keep forever and pass down to my children.



Hello Lyn K,

I was lucky enough to receive the gorgeous quilt and laundry bag that you made me. Thank you so much it is stunning and will be amazing to have on my bed on board the ship. The colours are so bright and really stand out, I have many comments on how pretty the colours were.

Thank you for your letter, it was nice getting to know you and where my quilt was made and who made it.

I am originally from SA, my family still currently live in there, with my brother following in my footsteps and recently joining the Navy.

I am currently located in NSW and have been in the Navy almost 6 years. I live  with my partner and crazy Labrador puppy, and have recently posted off HMAS Adelaide and now on HMAS Diamantina as the Medic.

Hope you have been keeping well, we are very wet here in Sydney.

Thanks again for the amazing quilt and for everything you do. We all really appreciate the little bit of home that these quilts give us.

Warmest Regards,



Dear Angela T,

I am writing to say a big thank you for the beautiful laundry bag that you sewed that my husband received. 
My husband is in the army and was working on the Covid operation for the past two years. It was a very difficult time for us, as he was tied up with that for most of the time and I was working from home with two small children. We are based in NSW with no family around so it was a juggle. Your beautiful gift was a highlight in some very difficult times for us and it gave us great comfort to know that there are people out there who really appreciate the work my husband was doing. 
On behalf of myself and my husband, we wanted to say a huge thank you for such a beautiful and thoughtful gesture.
I hope this email finds you and your family safe and well. 
Kind regards,
Thats it for another week. 
Hope you have a good week
🌟 🌟 🌟


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