Grati-Tuesday 9th August 2022

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9 August 2022


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic start to their week. 
Unfortunately we didn’t break our record from last week but as long as we receive a few its better than nothing! LOL
So now its time to grab a cuppa, sit back, 
relax and enjoy the gratitude letters below. 
Dear Jan-Maree B,

      What an amazing organisation you have established and for such marvellous reasons.
Until your wonderful Hero Quilt was brought into my room and presented to me by my Peer Advisor from Open Arms North QLD, I had no idea such an organisation existed and for the very reasons that it is active and so productive.  Amazing and thank you.
To me, that very much epitomises the true meaning of the word ANZAC.  My wife and I shifted across The Ditch (New Zealand) in October 2007 some 15 years ago. Unfortunately my wife passed away some time ago and I have stayed here to be near family.
Thank you so very much for what you have done since the birth of such wonderful ideas, it is not only a beautiful gift, but the design and putting together of such lovely articles. 
A most grateful receiver of one of those top class Quilts.

Hi Anne H,


I had totally forgotten about my laundry bag request. As soon as I opened the package I couldn’t stop smiling I absolutely love, love it and I will protect it at all costs from all of my junior dog handlers! Thank you so much.


At my rank I no longer have my own dog I supervise and train junior members of the dog section so this is a fantastic reminder to me when of where I have come from and why I love my job so much. I love all of the purple and it is so rare to see purple poppies so I am so thankful that you had some material available. I was a little unsure about putting the crest on the bag but it looks like it was meant to be and I do love blue.


When I was deployed to East Timor the hero quilts weren’t being sent to the location at the time so I am very happy to be able to get one of the laundry bags, the quality is amazing. When I had a military working dog I had a Belgian Malinois and have one at home as a pet too, but I did grow up with German Shepherds.


There is a RAAF Base at Woomera or I should say it’s an open town where Air Force members live and work, we get a lot of tourists as we have a rocket park, museum and cinema from when Woomera was the place to be. We now test war material (rockets, missiles and tracking technology) but only 2% of the land is owned by Defence, so my team travel around and check on the compliance of the people that share the land with us (Exploration, mining, farming, indigenous communities) and certain times of the year they have to leave their home for short periods while we carry out tests. The detention centre is no longer used and will soon be demolished.


In my spare times I enjoy reading books, watching movies, going to the gym and building lego. I live by myself with my dog and cat. In 2023 I will be moving to Queensland so I’ll hopefully enjoy some warmer weather although in summer in can reach 40 degrees.


Kind regards,



Hi Jacqui D,
Thank you so much for the laundry bag and quilt you made for me. They are both amazing. I could not have imagined a better outcome if I designed them myself.
The quilt is something I will treasure for many years. 



Hi Toni F!

Thank you very much for the beautiful creation of my Dobby bag! I love it, brought a massive smile to my face when I opened it. Our ship has been really thankful for the work you guys put in to make these amazing bags and quilts. So again thank you!

Hope this has added some new fun prints to your ever growing fabric collection and I hope your garden is doing well after all this crazy weather!

Thanks you for volunteering your time to make such lovely things for us all, they really do bring joy to the ship!
Best wishes to you and your family.

G’day Amy K,

 Thank you so very much for the beautifully created quilt and laundry bag. My daughter will absolutely love them, as do I.

Thank you for the letter also.

I am about to head home, and your parcel just arrived in time!

I really appreciate the work you did on the quilt, my mum dabbles in quilt making when she’s not slaving away at work, so I know how much effort goes into them, and how long they take to create. It’s a really nice comfort to have it here amongst the white sheets. Everyone who receives a hero quilt is always so happy and thankful.

So, thank you again



Hello AHQ, 


I just wanted to let you know that my husband received his laundry bag recently, and was absolutely blown away by it. He has had a tough couple of years and the laundry bag arrived at a time when he really needed a bit of a boost. He was brought to tears by the gift, which was a total surprise to him. He has written a thank you card to the volunteer (Ruth S) who sewed it for him.


Thank you to you and all the volunteers at AHQ.






Dear Cath H,


What an absolute pleasure it was to receive the quilt you hand made for me with love, care and all the beautiful prayers! I am completely honored and humbled to be a recipient. When I got my quilt, I was lucky enough to have the Minister for Defence Personnel present it to me at one of our morning teas.  While everyone was still eating and chatting away I went and sat down at my desk and read your letter, and it brought tears to my eyes, happy ones of course!  Mainly from the line where you said I don’t believe things happen by coincidence, and that people cross our paths for a reason!  I totally believe that!


I volunteer on the weekends with OrangeSky, they have laundry and shower vans and go out to popular locations where homeless people are and we wash their clothes for them so they have clear fresh clothes weekly.  Or a hot shower especially in the middle of winter never goes astray. The friends we help out are always so nice and appreciative of the small gesture we can off but can make such a difference in their life.


And every Christmas for the past 5 years I have volunteered on Christmas day to feed the homeless and disadvantaged in the Newcastle community. We feed over 2000 mouths in a 3 hour period. Every person that comes gets a hot lunch and a gift and all of it has been donated and supplied for free. We are so lucky to be able to give back to some less fortunate and I take a lot of pleasure in being able to do so.


Why did I choose flamingos? I love them, they are weird looking and pink and are so majestic at the same time, much like me, weird looking, brightly coloured and majestic haha… l also have a few flamingo tattoos and I was also once on Triple J radio talking about flamingos as the Wednesday expert on them – I’m obviously not but I know quite a lot about them! My favourite is that they mate for life. My sister loves to quilt too, for my 30th birthday she made me a flamingo quilt, it has a black flamingo on it cuz it reminded her of me, I’m the black sheep of the family! 


I love the outdoors too – whenever I get the chance I love to hike and be out in the fresh air! Nothing works better to clear the mind and refresh the body. My favourite place to hike is Gibraltar falls which is about a 45 min drive from where I live. 


The quilt is the perfect little warm hug from home for me, I live alone and only being here the past year and have Covid lock downs and a busy career haven’t made lots of friends, but I like my own company so it’s not the worst thing! 


The quilt is quite superb, I have it draped over my occasion chair in my lounge room so whenever anyone comes over they always comment on it. 

Love and best wishes


Dear Belinda P

I absolutely love them, you have done a great job. I just got off duty to a nice surprise on my desk in the office. We are in maintenance so working in an office on base at the moment. Thank you so much for taking the time to design and make such a beautiful gift, I will be forever grateful 

I read your letter, its so great that you’re serving and also doing the quilts. How good your daughter has joined. My wife has also just finished her category training and started this week at HMAS Waterhen, a late career change for her but she is enjoying it so far.


(Note from volunteer – When I got to the last sentence about her wife having just finished her category training I decided to call the recipient because I realised that her wife was in the same division at RAN Recruit School and doing the same job as my daughter.  If that wasn’t enough of a coincidence my husband has just posted into HMAS Waterhen as well.  Needless to say we are organising a catch up! What a small small world it is!)



Keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  
Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!


🌟 🌟 🌟



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