Grati-Tuesday 4th April 2023

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4 April 2023


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Welcome to the first post for April.  
I hope you are having an awesome week so far and are looking forward to a nice break over Easter!
We have a few entries and photos this week so grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and savour these beautiful messages! 

Good morning Greg,


I have received my quilt….and it is awesome!


What an amazing job your volunteers do – my quilter (Sue N) ‘hit the brief’ perfectly and every time I look at the quilt, it brings a smile to my face!


Very much appreciated!


Kind regards,


Hi Colleen S!


Apologies for my tardy reply but I just got back and had to track you down to say thank you!


First of all, thank you so much for my quilt I love it so much. There is a story why I asked for the RAEME and Sigs blanket. While I was overseas I befriended a Kiwi, whom became my best mate over there and helped me through some shit days and I him. I intend to go visit him in New Zealand in September and gift him the blanket for his little daughter. 


I think what you do is pretty special and it sure meant a lot to me to know that someone whom understands the job, takes the time and effort to made unique blankets and bags.


Hope you have a great rest of the year!


Kind Regards,

Hello Toni F,


I hope this finds you well!


I can tell you that yes, the laundry bag did bring a big smile to my face, as it did all the other chaplains who received one on the day. Thank you so much!


The design was beautiful and the bush (I don’t know if it was bottlebrush or wattle…?) that you chose was actually the same bush that my late father asked to have at his funeral (not big on flowers and loved the Aussie bush). It was a very intimate touch, thank you.


It is a very significant and special gesture that you and your team at AHQ offer, so much so that when our course instructor was sharing his experience of receiving a laundry bag while he was deployed some years ago, he had tears in his eyes and spoke of it as a deep comfort while away from family!


My girls loved the bag (I have three, aged 8, 4 and 1) especially the koala.


Thanks you again so much Toni for taking your time to create something so beautiful and intimate for a complete stranger, me, it is dearly appreciated!


Yours sincerely,


Dear Jan-Maree B,


I am the recipient of a beautiful Aussie Hero Quilt commemorating my late partner’s service in the RAN. He was proud to serve in the Navy and would have been absolutely delighted with this quilt. Please pass on my thanks to the four ladies, Lynn F, Dorothy C, Philomena and Kerri B who worked together in creating this wonderful piece.


Your are doing a great job.


Thank you.


Hey there Sue N,
Thank you so much for the awesome quilt. It is exactly what I was after and even better than I can imagine. It really shows the connection for the whole deployment and blends all aspects together. The work you do at Aussie Heroes is very much appreciated, especially as all my friends are jealous now due to my quilt.
I really hope that your family are as well as yourself. I have included a TSE patch, to include you in our work. We wear this patch on our right shoulder (Australian Flag on the left) to represent we are part of the Transit Security Element for the Op Resolute. Thank you so much for all that you do.
Kind Regards


 Hi Deirdre B-L, 
Last night I was presented with the Quilt you so beautifully made. May I offer my sincere appreciation for the effort and thought you have put into it. Would you also pass on my thanks to Keryn M for her beautiful work on the Engineer Badge.
You mentioned that you had no idea of colours of Footy Teams, the squares are perfect as when called up my team was Black & White. Also the Symbol for the 1Fd Squadron is “Tunnel Rats”, much prefer the wombat.
Since returning from Vietnam we were married in 1967 and have 3 married sons and 7 grandchildren, 5 boys and 2 girls ranging in ages from 26 to 15.
When discharged from the Army I went back to work in the Banking Industry until 1990 when we purchased a Newsagency Business. Now retired and in January completed my 17th year as a committee member for our local RSL Sub Branch.  
Your quilt is accepted with great gratitude and pride that somebody like yourself would take the time to do it for me.
Much appreciated and also to Keryn.
Best wishes



Recently Marg B and Fran T represented Jan-Maree, attending the ADF Chaplaincy College in Canberra to present the latest new intake of chaplains and MSWOs (Maritime Spiritual Welfare Officers) with a personalised laundry bag each. On these occasions the recipients receive an overview about the service that Aussie Hero Quilts provides and their laundry bag becomes a permanent reminder which will hopefully encourage them to get in touch when they come across a serving member who might need one of our quilts or bags.


Good Morning Kathy W,


First of all thank you very much for the quilt and laundry bag, it was waiting for me when I got back from a golfing holiday in Thailand.  To say I was blown away by the design is something of and understatement, the elements you incorporated into the design were fantastic, so much colour in the design, it is now proudly hanging up in the display room.


I was fortunate to serve for just shy of 24 years, although I’m not sure if I would like to join today’s Air Force, there have been so many changes, some of which baffle me!


I follow two golf teams, Ripper of course, but I also follow Majestics, as I am a big fan of Ian Poulter.  It will be good when they finally start producing merchandise, as I would love to get my hands on a couple of hats, ( I collect them), but that day will come, and who knows LIV may be back next year.

The sooner they sort out the politics the better, it reminds me so much of the cricket and rugby league, and look where that is now.


Thank you very much for the ball marker, whilst you didn’t know it, I am an avid ball marker collector, and due to my recent golf forays, my collection has increased, I did have a ball marker and pitch repairer from the Australian Open at the Lakes in 2018, which I can’t locate at the moment, I lost one of my favourite ball markers on a trip to Thailand, I got it for playing in the Defence National Championships, it will never be able to be replaced, but these things happen.


If you have never been to Thailand, it’s something to put on your bucket list, the courses are so well maintained and the caddies are an excellent addition to your game, they are so good at giving advice, but most importantly the experienced ones are so good at reading the greens. With my caddies assistance I managed to score 39 points on Black Mountain Golf Course, which we played the day after a big Asian tournament, so you can imagine how the course looked and played, the greens were running at 11.5 on the stimp.


Once again thanks very much for the quilts and laundry bag, and who knows, I may yet come down to Adelaide, and perhaps we can have a game of golf at the Grange if I do.



Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  


Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!








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