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23 November 2021

Hello Friends,

A week out from December and anyone in Sydney would think we were fast approaching winter again! I’m not complaining though, the grass hasn’t looked greener, and it’s nice and warm inside.

Hope you all having a wonderful week so far, wherever you are reading from. For now, enjoy the read x


G’day Amy,

I want to thank yourself, your husband and your children for the support in creating the blanket and the lovely letter. It is absolutely amazing the details you have put into it and I honestly could not be happier with it. I have unashamedly bragging about mine.

I’m glad you all could learn about a new pastime and do it as a family. That’s something I am missing is being away from my three children, and teaching them about the many different aspects to life. As well as the water, whilst there is plenty of sand here, there is very little water. Noodling is a great hobby to get into, though care is best taken with the kids as sometimes it can be dangerous as you never 100% sure what’s under the surface, or what will latch onto your hand, which is in itself part of the excitement.

Thank you for incorporating the real tree pattern as well. As I am sure you have guessed, I am also an avid hunter and am looking forward to getting up into the hills when I return. The woodland pattern you have chosen is very similar to the camouflage that I grew up in and one that I am very comfortable in. As such, it is very much a welcoming and heartening sight in the room.

Thank you again for your time, effort and your support through Aussie Hero Quilts, it is very much a morale boost to our personnel when they receive one and lights up everyone’s day.

Take Care,

Kind Regards.


Good Afternoon Helen,

I currently serve in the RAN. I enlisted in 2018. It’s the best move I have ever made besides marrying my wife.

I received your laundry bag yesterday whilst getting briefing before getting deployed to COVID Assist. I have been reading your note and it’s very moving.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the work that has been put into making these items.

Stay safe and take care of yourself.

Yours sincerely.


Dear Heather,

While I would rather write a letter, unfortunately our inbound and outbound mail at the moment, is sporadic at best.

Thank you for the excellent laundry bag. I very much appreciate the time and effort you have put into it, and it is always good to receive a package whilst deployed.

This is my second deployment, to the Middle East, having deployed here in 2017, and so far it has been very good. Whilst we are locked down on base, the amenities are excellent. Makes it a bit easier missing birthdays, and being deployed over the Christmas and New Year Period.

I think it is a bit less stressful being over here at the moment with the COVID lockdowns getting people a bit down back in Australia. My wife is not really enjoying lockdown in NSW, with our two daughters, aged four and two, having planned to escape to Victoria to see family. Cannot really avoid it unfortunately.

I have been working closely with New Zealanders, Canadians, Fijians, Columbians and Americans, and the diversity of the culture and experiences is interesting. The Multinational Force and and Observers is a very worthwhile mission, supporting peace, and a great deployment opportunity.

Really good to see your strong connection to ADF, and how you have supported deployed members.

Stay well – hopefully lockdown will end soon. Cannot thank you enough for efforts supporting us overseas.



Good Morning,

I was excited and humbled to present my first Aussie Hero Quilt as an Ambassador to a family friend recently. The recipient WO1, was RSM to my partner when he was CO at the Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering which lead to our families becoming life long friends. The quilt was in remembrance of his Dad, a Vietnam Veteran PTE who died recently after a long battle with cancer.

I had the pleasure of spending time with his dad, when they came to visit from his farm in Western Australia. He had a personality that lit up the room, his enthusiasm for life was infectious and once you met him, you never forgot him. He was widely known in his community, as a ‘dapper’ dresser and as a veteran of the Battle of Long Tan where he was injured in combat.

The quilt was a lovely recognition of the impact he had on all of us who knew him, and also those special traits we see coming through his son and children. I feel very lucky to have presented such a stunning quilt, to the family and send my thanks to those who have crafted this piece and all the others that recognise the sacrifice of our Vietnam Veterans.

Best wishes.


Dear Beverley,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful quilt you have sewn.

Your work with Hero Quilts should not go unnoticed. I am appreciative of all the work that has gone into making this quilt.

Kind Regards.



I received my wonderful quilt and laundry bag (sorry mail is a bit slow), and I loved them!

Thank you so much. I appreciate all the hard work and time that you spend doing this for us, and really want you to know how much moral and happiness it brings to the whole group when someone’s arrives.


Via Facebook:

Kevin, a Military Support Officer delivered my late Husband Rod’s quilt this morning on your behalf.

Please know how much this is appreciated by my family and I. A huge heartfelt thank you to you and your amazing group.

A special thank you to Lynn F, Philomena and Kerri B who created such a beautiful quilt that will be treasured forever.


Dear Hilary,

I am a Private of the Australian Army Infantry Corps. Firstly, I chose my laundry bag. It’s the one with the bright red and white elephants on it. I’m glad I was able to get one with so much character.

A little about me; I am 23 years old and joining the Army had always been my dream since I was 14. I enlisted this year, and finished basic training at Kapooka in time to march in the ANZAC Day Parade. I was lucky enough to see my Mum and Dad when I marched out of Kapooka which was the first platoon to start doing that again since COVID-19. I haven’t seen them since. It is now more than 4 months later, I have marched out of NSW and been sent straight to COVID Assist as my first deployment. I anticipate it will be a good experience.

I think it’s very kind and thoughtful what you and Aussie Hero Quilts do, I actually did need a big laundry bag like this. It helps a lot. Thank you very much. It sounds like you are living a fantastically full life. Stay safe.

Thanks again.


Hi Jenny,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you as I am extremely lucky recipient of your awesome Star Wars / Marvel quilt.

Currently serving members like myself truly ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ as those who came before us set a standard that we try to aspire to live up to everyday. It is truly humbling to receive such an amazing gift from someone who understands the nature of military service.

On behalf of all my comrades in the ADF, I wanted to say thank you for reaching a century in sewing laundry bags, you are the Don Bradman of Laundry Bag sewing. What an absolutely fantastic achievement. The bag itself is perfect, flawless even I would say, very lucky to have such a cool pattern on mine as well.

Although, I have served on operations overseas before, the last 18 months of my service have been taken up with domestic operations including Bushfires in 2020 and at the moment I am assisting with operations with the COVID response in NSW.

I hope this difficult time for everyone in Australia, that you and your loved ones are safe, happy and healthy.

I will truly treasure your amazing gift as a symbol of support for what my comrades and I are lucky to do on behalf of great Australians like you.

Warm Regards!


From the Facebook Page:

Thank you very much for the quilt and laundry bag.

Please thank all who have given their time to make these.


Dear Noelene,

Thank you so much for the laundry bag and card.

It’s been a bit of a tough period – my wife is alone in lockdown in NSW, pregnant and looking after our daughter, and so I was feeling down and bit useless this week. It was so wonderful to receive your package, and I was so excited to open it and then see the contents.

The bag looks amazing. Other than the brief description, I didn’t have a particular item in mind, but what you designed and made could not have been more perfect. I love it so much. I’m scared to put my washing in it.

I’m so touched and grateful for your kindness and generosity. It is perfectly representative of my deployment and will be a wonderful reminder of the experience in the future and it will make my shipmates a little envious I’m sure.

I am a former Warfare Officer and now Legal Officer deployed as the Deputy Legal Adviser to the Combined Maritime Forces and provide legal advice to command on Maritime Security Operations including Counter Terrorism, Narcotics, Weapons Smuggling and Piracy.

It is hard being away from my family but it is a very rewarding experience and an honour to be able to serve my country in this way. Thank you so much again for the wonderful gift – it will be cherished.



Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for the laundry bag and quilt. They are amazing.

You put a lot of effort into making them and you are very talented.

Appreciate everything you sent.



G’day Ellen,

First of all, thank you for the laundry bag, such a wonderful and kind gesture, it’s little things like this that definitely put a smile on my face especially at times of leaving our families.

My great great grandfather served in the Boer War Light Horse, I’m pretty sure, my cousin was a grunt and got to SGT, but that’s all that’s served in my family.

I, myself, enlisted in 2009 and became a Combat Engineer. I am posted and have remained at 3CER in Queensland for my whole career (guess it’s a good thing, or bad which ever way I look at it).

I have been on 2 exercise PUK PUKs in 2014, 2015 and mtt in 2017 to train them in search for their Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting which took place in 2018. I was a Section Commander for 3 years and am now a Plant Operator. I deployed as part of Operation Debbie Assist in 2017. The floods at the start of 2019, and now currently in NSW to help with COVID. At this stage with a return date nearing the end of year.

I have never physically deployed overseas, which at some point I hate (that’s half the reason I joined the Military) but I feel I have been able to give so much more and feels rewarding helping our own country and people when they have needed it most.

I am married and have been with my wife for 8 years. We have a gorgeous yet sassy 3 year old and I have a 15 year old daughter who lives in NSW.

Well that’s some info about me, thank you again for what you have done and continue to do.

Kindest Regards


Dear Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know I have received the quilt. Thank you so much.

He is in quarantine at the moment but will be home very soon, and I can’t wait for him to come home and see his quilt.

I know that he will be chuffed.

I will ask him to send a reply to the lovely lady who made this for him.

I am very grateful for all that you do.



Dear Lorraine,

I was sitting through a brief before being attached to assist in Operation COVID Assist to help out as a ‘Contact Tracer’ today when the Padre came out holding a fantastic hand stitched laundry bag with a depiction of a team of parachutists descending from the Heavens. He used your handiwork as the example for the fantastic work you guys and girls at Aussie Hero Quilts do.

Well being a paratrooper myself and casual parachute enthusiast, I have on many occasions been privileged enough to soar through the clouds and descend from on high. It is truly one of the most memorable experiences one can have in life. So suffice to say your design really resonated with me, such that I had to fight off many of my colleagues to ensure I secured it for myself. What a beautiful piece.

I brought it home and my daughter loved it, prompting many questions.

While my contribution to our nation is probably not in the same league as those that have gone before me. I do very much appreciate the time and effort you have gone into making such a piece and they make us all feel very special. I will love and cherish it.

Very appreciative.


Dear Bridget,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt that you made me. I was absolutely blown away by your fantastic design that showcases my favourite footy team, the Dockers. Receiving it was the highlight of my week.

I am very busy at the moment helping evacuees get out of the Middle East. It is important and rewarding work and it is fantastic to know that volunteers from Aussie Hero Quilts such as you, are in your way supporting what we do over here in the Middle East.

I have a labradoodle that is 10 years old and I look forward to seeing her when I return to Australia. My daughter just started her first year of a Nursing degree and absolutely loves it. She was offered pre-med studies but has decided to stay with nursing with plans to eventually become a nurse practitioner, but that requires a lot of advanced clinical experience that she would need to get under her belt first.

Thank you once again for your amazing quilt. I absolutely love it and will cherish it for many years to come.


Afternoon Sue,

Just emailing to say thanks for the awesome laundry bag and quilt. They are amazing.

Can’t thank you enough.

I’ve also sent you a card in the mail.



Hello Chris,

I have recently received the laundry bag crafted by you. I have been deployed to NSW for the last month and was given very little notice to move. I forgot to bring a lot of things, and in that list was a laundry bag. When it was offered to me by the Army Padre I was most pleased to accept it and happily surprised to find your note inside.

I am in the Air Force and have participated in many operations throughout the years including the Middle East. This operation supporting NSW Police for COVID Assist in the middle of the red zones is a difficult experience with an entire range of unexpected requirements and challenges for our Tri Service force of 500 personnel. A large percentage of the force are very junior and are undertaking their duties professionally and efficiently and assisting to get the outbreak under control. They are assisting in compliance checks, vaccination centre marshalling, packing of food hampers and delivery of these to various areas. The force started in Sydney and we are now dispatching teams all across the state.

I live in NSW with my wife, but we have lived in Northern Territory and NSW over the years with various postings. Right at this moment, I would much prefer to be at home having a quiet Sunday brunch instead of plugging away here in our headquarters, but I know that the operation is critical to assist NSW in controlling the situation. I do not have an end date yet for this deployment but expecting many more weeks to go.

I hope that you and your family stay safe throughout this pandemic and thank you for your service in the creation of the laundry bag. I will continue to use this and each time I do so, will fondly recall the note you sent with it.



Hello Clarissa,

I received my quilt.

Thank you very much for making this for me. It is truly excellent. I have not used it yet and I’m almost reluctant to do so, in fear of ruining it, but I guess it would be a waste not to.

A little about myself; Originally from South Australia with the Army, have spent most of my time in Queensland and New South Wales. We are currently in NSW, and enjoy the lifestyle it provides.

I am a Draughtsman working with a small team of Engineers here to implement infrastructure, refurbishment and maintenance projects throughout the Middle East. It has been both personally and professionally rewarding seeing the results of our work.

I find myself married to a wonderful woman and mother and have two beautiful boys, 5 and 3, that keep mum very busy.

The family are all safe in SA with my wife’s parents at the moment and will stay there till the end of the year now. They were lucky and managed to get out of NSW two days prior to the lockdowns. It was organised that they would go for a visit during the mid-year school holidays and were umming and ahhing whether to bring it forward or not (she did end up bringing forward) as more COVID cases started appearing.

Our son is now enrolled at school and started making new friends, whilst our little one is attending a few play groups and is really enjoying himself there.

Once again, thank you for the effort and time you take to do the quilts and laundry bags, not just for me, but for everyone. They are wonderful and we appreciate it.




I would like to thank you for the wonderful laundry bag you made for me. I love it!

I can assure you that the bag will gets lots of use for it’s lifetime.

Many many thanks


G’day Jan-Maree, Lynn and Wendy,

On behalf of Brigadier, thank you, each of you, following the receipt of his individual Aussie Hero Quilt.

I apologise for the email, however, we are seeking to reduce physical mail due to COVID-19.

On a side note, the boss was thrilled with his quilt, it is fair to say it made his week!

Kind Regards.


Dear Jan-Maree,

I was both surprised and delighted to receive a quilt from Aussie Heroes. What made it special was the fact that people I know took the time to tailor it for me.

Thank you.

Despite the fact you are dealing with adversity, I am surprised with your energy and zest to continue this work.

I will certainly cherish this quilt.

Currently the community is challenged by charging strategic circumstances, IGADF and the situation in the Middle East. I draw strength from the fact we have your support.

Yours Sincerely.


Dear Lyn & Wendy,

I read your letter and impressed that amongst your busy family lives you still have time and energy to quilt.

I will certainly cherish your gift.

Yours Sincerely.


Hi Pennie (and AHQ Team),

I recently received the laundry bag that you made for me in the mail. It is amazing. I often scroll through the photos of laundry bags and quilts that have been made by people like you and I have to admit I did see it there. I sent a screen grab to my wife with the message, I hope this is mine, so I was ecstatic when I opened the envelope and saw it was mine!

I would like to thank you for creating this wonderful object and will remember our shared connections every time I use it.

Thank you once again for the laundry bag. It is now a treasured possession.


Dear Sue,

I really appreciate your quilt. I am a Sailor from NSW. I’ve been in the Navy for 21 years. I have a wife and a dog.

Thank you.


That’s all this week friends, see you again next week..

Until then, Happy Stitching!

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