Grati-Tuesday 22nd Aug 2023

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22 August 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

A wide variety of letters this week, as always, they are all heartfelt and carry wonderful sentiment. 

Even a beautiful letter and photo’s from some of the volunteers getting together to discuss the possibilities and the AHQ weekend!!!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!

Hi Deborah K,

Yesterday we were presented with our laundry bags.
Mine was from you. It is a pure piece of art and I can see the many many hours of care in making it. I absolutely love it – thank you and the fact that you have included my Assistance Dog, Poppy just makes it even more meaningful to me. Thank you so very very much, it is greatly appreciated and will be well treasured.
I hope you like the pics of Poppy with it.
Thank you

To Bobbie S and theMystery BOMers,
I would like to especially Thank You and your fantastic team of talented Quilters for making my Quilt.
It was a complete surprise to me, even though I don’t feel worthy of such an honour. I will treasure my quilt.
Thank you to your team you mentioned in the letter – as you are the co-ordinator of the Mystery BOMers, Alison and Joan, as well as The Garage Girls. This talent has not gone unrecognised by me.
My sincere thanks does not seem adequate – but I say Thank You to everyone one of your talented team.
Kind regards


Dear Anne H,
Thank you for the time you have taken to produce a laundry bag for myself, this is gratefully appreciated and well received, it was well above my expectations and I love it.  
I would like to thank you and all the other volunteers from’Aussie Hero Quilts’, who so graciously give up their time to lift the morale of those who have served and are still serving at home and overseas. It is with great pleasure that I can report on the increase in morale on receiving the laundry bags and quilts.
I enjoyed reading your letter, especially your families past connection to the military. I  have been serving now for over 33 years, I first joined up from a small town in outback Queensland, initially only for six years, but have thoroughly enjoyed my career and will stay now for
a couple more years. I have had postings all over Australia and overseas. 
As shown by the Diggers who sort welfare for their mates during the 1914 -1918 Great War, the team and I acknowledge the outstanding work that continues to be undertaken by the Aussie Hero Quilts team. It is these gestures that continue to keep the’Aussie Diggers’ tradition alive and lift our spirits.
Thanking you for your support.


Hi Ruth S,
Thank you so much for my laundry bag I really appreciate it.  I think the work you and other volunteers do at Aussie Heroes is an amazing contribution and really makes us feel supported. In fact it actually brought a tear to my eye to receive it. 
You just can’t put into words how much it means. I’ve included a photo of the laundry bag and a photo of the whole team with our bags. I’m in the back row furtherest on the left. 
Thanks again and I hope you are well.


Good Afternoon Melissa L! 
Let me start by saying how much I love the Laundry Bag that you created for me! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect since I gave such a strange request, but you’ve really nailed it. Twilight is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine – I think it reminds me of simpler times and I know it line by line at this point. 
It’s great to hear that you were able to have a tour of HMAS Sydney, I love it when people are able to have a look at the way that we live on board as it’s such a unique experience. 
I’m one of eight children… I know, crazy right. My parents were both in the Army when I was younger, so we did a tonne of moving around from house to house and school to school. A bit tough at the time but now I find that I’m easily adaptable into different circumstances, so I suppose it was helpful in the long run. Before Defence, I went to uni and did two out of four years of a degree before deciding that it ultimately wasn’t for me. I joined the Navy three years ago and HMAS Sydney is my first sea posting, so this is my first experience with Aussie Heroes.
 I am so glad that it was you who made my bag since I was also Team Jacob, like calls to like. 
Thank you again and good luck with everything! 


Hi Melissa L,


Firstly I wanted to say you absolutely made my day with the laundry bag!!


Noodles is my nickname, as in “Hokkien Noodles” so I was thrilled to see the material you used.


My family and I have been in the N.T. for the last 10 years. My wife works and my 5 year old son is in his first year of school and loves BMX racing.


Thank you again for the work you do for Aussie Hero. I certainly do appreciate your fantastic laundry bag! (My wife and colleagues defiantly found it funny)


I hope this email finds you well.


Kind regards,  


Good morning Bridget R,


Thank you so much for making me my own Laundry bag with chickens and a Rottweiler on it.


I showed the bag to my own Rottweiler (Malcolm) and he loved it.


Thanks again!



       Dear Sue N,

 Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the beautiful quilt you have made for me. I absolutely love it!! It resides on my bed, providing my room with some much needed colour and gives me a sense of home. 

Sometimes I(and maybe others) lose faith in human kindness but people like you who selflessly give to people you don’t even know is inspiring and shows there is still so much kindness out there. Thank you. 

My man used to make cards and knit jackets and other clothing. Anything made by someone is something I cherish and reminds me of her. A little about me: I joined the army in 2013  to Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and will be back in Sydney when I return from this deployment. I am 28 years old and have a 5 year old dog named Mindy.(Doberman/Dingo). 

Thank you so much


Hi Jan-Maree,
On Saturday last, we managed to get the eight of us together again. This was no mean feat as everyone has an active diary. In addition to making tops, quilts or blocks for Aussie Heroes, we also work, have grandparent duties and train with emergency services.  We started with breakfast and coffee and went straight into show and tell, even dunking a quilt in the coffee while we were at it! Bindy O took first place for quantity in her prolific making of AHQ quilts. We are in awe of her clever interpretations of the Request List. The lively conversation ranged widely. It has been nice to come together informally and have a bit of fun, so it will probably be a regular ongoing activity every two months. There was some discussion on what we wanted to attend during the AHQ weekend. We are looking forward to it and went away intending to sign up for the ones we like, as it is already August! 
We parted ways, sending some to a fabulous batik sale down south which was sure to include great fabrics for our Aussie Hero quilts. 

Kind regards,

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!








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