21 August 2023 Request List

Written by AHQ

21 August 2023

G’day all,

Well, I thought you might be sick of me telling you how good the weekend in Canberra is going to be so how about you hear it from someone else.

Last year was my first AHQ weekend and I’m still talking about what fun it was. After making the quilts and laundry bags for a year and half, and seeing the weekend cancelled twice during that time because of COVID, I finally got to put faces to the names I’d seen on the blogspot against their quilts.  Old friends caught up and new friends were made over the weekend. Lots of fun and interesting visits and activities were organised to keep everyone busy and the Dinner on the Saturday night was amazing. The quilts on display really added to the atmosphere and the MC and auction kept everyone in stitches. If you’re thinking about going along this year, don’t hesitate – it’s sure to be a blast!



This beautiful quilt made by Ellen and Joan will be one of our raffle prizes this year.  You will have to make sure you grab some tickets.

Priority Requests

Big thanks to those who have taken on some of our priority requests in recent weeks. Much appreciated. This week requests number 1 to 2 inclusive are quilts and bags for members serving on overseas deployments. These recipients will all be deployed for Christmas so I would love to get all their quilts underway as soon as possible. If you can help out, please send an email.

Here is the request list for this week. Happy hunting. I hope you can find something that tickles your fancy.


The post by date for all Requests on this list is 25 September 2023 please, or earlier if you can manage this.  If you cannot make that date, please let me know. Do reach out if you have any timing issues and we’ll resolve one way or the other. In fact, if you are going to be late posting it please let me know BEFORE you post it.  Also, if this time frame is too tight for you, there are options, just email me to discuss, thank you.

Request Information

When selecting a request, remember, you do not have to include everything they have asked for. Footy quilts do not need to have the logo or even the team’s name. Using the team colours is all that is required. Simple is perfectly acceptable.  A number of these requests have given you favourite colours as well as footy teams or other hobbies and interests. It is fine to make a quilt using their favourite colours and include only one of their interests.  It is fine to keep it simple.

If there is more than one request on this list that you would be happy to do I suggest that you send me a list of requests and tell me how many you want to be allocated….i.e. one of the following please….There are always a few requests that everyone wants to do (and I can never pick them) so if the first one you ask for is taken then I can allocate another from your list if I have a list.

Any queries you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact via the AHQ email as per usual with any queries and we will assist you from there.  We may not know the answer, but it will be our pleasure to research and get back to you.

A reminder, when you are ready to post the quilt or laundry bag you’ve created, please use the PMKeyS number given to you in any correspondence with the admin team.  This helps the volunteer admin team keep a track of what’s been sent etc.  The PMKeyS number is included in the address details we supply for your recipient e.g.  the 7-digit number in bold below.

CPL Wanda Quilt 8765432

TG 3456



Sydney NSW 2890

Also, please use the Aussie Heroes PO Box address on your parcel in the event the parcel is Returned to Sender –  the PO Box is a safe place in the event of  any mishaps with postage.

Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags)

PO Box 248

Cherrybrook NSW 2126

Don’t forget to take a photo of your completed quilt or laundry bag to email to AHQ with the name and PMKeyS of the recipient and we can include in the Weekly Dispatches blog and add to the tally of quilts and laundry bags sent off to the troops.  I personally love viewing the photos of those projects dispatched – so inspiring.

If you are using a AHQ supplied prepaid satchel please kindly use the AHQ address for the return address– also for your own packaging – if a parcel is Returned to Sender it is likely we can expedite its journey to the recipient from Sydney.

Please also please hold on to the Tracking number (the pink sticker that you should remove before posting – we’ve experienced mail delays lately (haven’t we all?) and having the Tracking number is very reassuring to keep an eye on the parcel’s progress in arriving at its destination.

Don’t forget, if you look at today’s Request List and need help choosing, please feel free to get in touch to discuss, we will be ready to reply and offer guidance by email. Our goal is to help you find a request that you will be comfortable with doing. If you need a crest etc we may be able to post embroideries / printed fabric images or email some of these to you.

Helpful info may be gleaned here from Information For Those That Sew

I look forward to seeing the photos of completed quilts and LBs when they are ready to post off.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE copy the ENTIRE line if you wish to nominate for a quilt or laundry bag.

For example….

Marvel Theme. Ironman M LB 1

This is really important to make sure that neither you nor I copy the wrong number which could lead to me giving you the wrong details for specific request. If you find it hard to copy and paste, please copy or write the line out as above as:

Marvel Theme. Ironman   M   LB   1

Decoding The Columns:

The first column is the theme or preferences requested.

The second column indicates the gender of the recipient:

F = female

M = male

The third column is as follows:

B = both quilt and laundry bag (feel free to nominate to JUST do the laundry bag if you wish)

Q = just a quilt

LB = just a laundry bag

The fourth column is the number of the request.

Please let the Admin crew know if you have any other questions….Just email co*******@au**************.au

Looking forward to seeing what you want to make this week. Happy stitching!



P.P.S.  Don’t forget to check out AHQ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Rising Sun badge and RASIGS Badge focused with satellite dishes, tied in to Solomon Islands with their country. (We can provide the badges) M Q 1
Soccer, Blue with the Australian Flag and replica of Headquarters Middle East patch  (It has tri-service colours in stripes with a kangaroo silhouette in the middle – easy to applique and we can send you a pic to work from) M Q 2
Newcastle Knights, Beach, Tooheys New,  Cricket Boxing. Please include RAN Communications Rate Badge. (we can provide image of Rate badge on fabric) M Q 3
Red, white and blue, labradors, poppies and inspirational quotes. F Q 4
Anime Theme – Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Fairy Tale, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. M B 5
Brisbane Broncos (NRL) or Birds M Q 6
Deadpool (Marvel comic character) Vs Masterchief (Halo video game character) M B 7
A mixture of the followiing please – Disney Pixar Logo,  Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Lightyear, Up, Big Hero 6, Moana,   M Q 8
Boatswain symbol, or Australian white ensign with my nick name at the bottom (we can provide a white ensign and the Boatswain symbol can be printed if not appliqued) M B 91-
TV Show – Stranger things F Q 11
Anime Theme – Gundam, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Attack on Titan. M LB 12
Bag – St Kilda Football Quilt – Melbourne Storm M Q 13
English Staffy theme please. RAN Crest on the bottom of the quilt, with my Service Number and nickname on it. (we can supply the crest with text) M Q 14
Motorbikes, skateboards, waterfalls, space themed F Q 15
Star Wars , NFL (USA National Football League) M Q 16
Green/Black, North QLD Cowboys (rugby league team), Lord of the Rings M B 17
Night Sky theme with Crescent moon and/or Mountains and Waterfall Theme M Q 18
Holden Commodore, Essendon AFL, Melbourne Storm NRL – Red/Black/Purple M Q 19
RAAF Crest, 34 SQN crest with text 34SQN aircraft BBJ (737 Boeing Business Jet) FALCON 7X (we supply Crests and text and a silhouette of the aircraft for applique or a photo to piece in) M Q 20
AFL(Carlton Blues) / Navy theme RAN crest (We can provide the RAN crest) M Q 21
RAAF Crest, 34 SQN crest,  with text 34SQN RAAF Flying/Aircraft, theme. aircraft BBJ (737 Boeing Business Jet) FALCON 7X Dark blue or khaki colour (we supply Crest and text plus silhouettes of aircraft or printed pictures to include) M Q 22
Dungeons & Dragons (game), Jedi Academy, Warhammer 40000 M Q 23
Snow skiing, running & Siamese cats.  Text MLO Sydney on quilt somewhere. F Q 24
Call of Duty Zombies, Black with Gold and a small panel with name (we can provide the name panel) M Q 25
Star Wars the clone wars (Cartoon TV Show) M Q 26
Purple, Car Engine parts, 4wding (79 Series), Spearfishing (have  images for ideas for car engine parts) M LB 27
Flag Alpha and woud like name on bag ( have had name embroidered on to a patch to be sewn on) NOTE – Flag alpha is an international signal flag that means used to signal that the vessel has a diver down and other vessels should keep well clear at slow speed.  The flag is blue and white and easy to applique M Q 28
Red, Fast and the Furious (movies) cars M LB 29
Red and Blue, Capybara (large rodent), Melbourne Demons M LB 30
Navy Blue, Motor Bikes, Kite Surfing, 4WD M LB 31
Black and Silver, Spartans and Samurai M LB 32
Yellow, Ice Spice (Female rapper/singer) M LB 33
Tennis, Triathlon or Racing cars would like first name on bag, (have had this embroidered on to a patch to be sewn on) M LB 34
Navy crest Port Adelaide AFL supporter (we can provide the crest) M Q 35
RAN crest, HMAS Stalwart crests, Nautical Themed and my Title: “MEO” We can provide the crests) M Q 36
Navy Themed RAN Crest HMAS Armidale crest, side number 83 HMAS Stalwart crest, side number 304  Blue/White (we can provide Navy crest and ship crests) M Q 37
Classic Doctor Who M B 38
Anime themed – naruto, dragon ball z and demon slayer M Q 39
Dragonball super, Lord of the rings, Jedi from starwars M B 40
Killer Whales, Blue, Clouds F Q 41
MILWAUKEE BUCKS basketball team theme, green. M LB 42
Underwater Wreck Diver Theme with surname printed on it somewhere. M Q 43
The Punisher (Marvel Comic character) M LB 44
Tiger and Leopard Print M Q 45
Kraken (from Pirates of the Caribbean) /Sea Monster themed M B 46
Disney, Spirited Away and Pixar themed with embroidered female name M Q 47
Tennis, Triathlon or Racing cars would like first name on bag, have had this embroidered on to a patch to be sewn on. M Q 48
Shrek, Cars, and Giraffe with surname embroidered M LB 49
Collage of Vintage military Pin – up girls/Poster Art &/Or Military Pop Art (Aircrew themed with Aircraft) F LB 50
RAAF Crest, RAAF Flying KC30A, BBJ, Falcon 7x, Cherry Blossoms, Pineapples, Cute baby pigs (we can provide the crest and either silhouettes of aircraft or photos to include) F LB 51
Socceroos M LB 52
TV Show, Paw Patrol, Character Skye, Pink M LB 53
Theme –  Mountains/Alpine Colours – Black/Grey M LB 54
Australian flag and 3RAR parawings (We can provide the parawings) M Q 55
Dragons, more vibrant colours on darker background M LB 57
Surprise Me HMAS Stalwart Crest, RAN crest M LB 58
Animated movie “Surf’s Up” character Tank Evans (who is a surfing Emperor penguin) M Q 59
ADF tri service Emblem MFO emblem Australian Flag, UN flag F LB 60
Blue/Purple/Red, Comics, Travelling, Camping and Beers F LB 61
Blue/Pink, flowers, medical, dragons, fairies, stars F LB 62
Poppies F Q 63
Fishing/Blue M Q 64
Blue, Rugby Union, Exeter Chiefs (UK Rugby Union Team), NSW Waratahs. M LB 65
Navy Themed with HMA Ships Kanimbla (LPA), Ballarat, Wewak, Adelaide and Canberra (LHDs) (we can print crest for you) M LB 66
Green, Skiing, Shetland Sheepdogs, Cheese, Lord of the Rings M LB 67
Collingwood Magpies AFL team F LB 68
Bright Fluro Colors, Outdoors, Camping, Nautical, 4WDing M LB 69
Blue/white ocean waves, flowers, beaches, water animals (dolpins, whales, turtles etc) F LB 70
Different blue colours, turtles, ocean F LB 71
Purple/mint green – animals (any animals) – flowers F LB 72
Blue/white- Canterbury Bulldogs, cricket, outdoors M LB 73
Blue, white, maroon, yellow, state of origin, QLD/NSW, Aboriginal DotWork F LB 74
Turtles / Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) M LB 75
Slaves to Darkness (Age of Sigmar,Warhammer) M LB 76
Royal Australian Navy 1960 – 1990 HMAS Melbourne HMAS Albatross 816 Squadron 805 Squadron 724 Squadron F Q 77
Blue, Soccer, Surf, Mountains. M LB 78
Ocean, Moana themed MAUI!! M LB 79
Pink/Coral/Mustard/Yellow F LB 80
Toy Story F LB 81
South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL M LB 82
Stoker (Marine Technician) & Beer themed, Purple and Black as primary colours M LB 83
Pirates Of The Caribbean Themed M LB 84
Adelaide Crows themed (AFL) M LB 85
Black/White – Star Wars Themed M LB 86
Black/White –  Big wheels – White Nissan Patrol M LB 87
Sydney Roosters NRL Team M LB 88
Parramatta Eels NRL team M LB 89
Crossing the line, Neptune, Golden Shellback Turtles, Black Bears, M LB 90
South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL M LB 91
Rising Sun, RAAF crest Operation Okra Sep 2014 – Jan 2015 Army/RAAF theme Loves US sports and the USA M Q 92
RAAF Crest , flying theme, C130H, C-27J, Boeing Business Jet and Falcon 7X. Preference is for mostly shades of Dark Blues and Greys with White highlights.  (we can provide the crest and aircraft silhouettes for applique or photos to include ) M Q 93
Mixed patchwork style with a variety of plain pastel colours F Q 94
RAAF Crest – RAAF Flying Theme – Falcon 7X themed  (we can provide the crest and  and aircraft silhouettes for applique) M Q 95
RAAF Crest with 34SQN text, Sunflowers, Stars, Blue, 34SQN aircraft (B737-BBJ & DAF7X) (we can provide the crest & text  and aircraft silhouettes for applique or photos to include) F Q 96
Blue mountain bikes, Ducati’s- favourite bike being a scrambler Star wars He is a Paramedic by Trade and worked for Queensland Ambulance Service. M Q 97
Green/Blue Puzzles, baking Cats/Dogs F Q 98
Blue Cycling, LEGO, Travel Black cat M Q 99
Blue Rugby Dog M Q 100

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