Grati-Tuesday 22 Nov 16

Written by AHQ

22 November 2016

Hi all, 
What a week!  Two awesome group photos in one week!  Happy Dance!

This photo is from the guys and girls on Operation Highroad with thanks. 

If you made one of these quilts can you please let me know 
so I can mark it off as received.

And another great photo!
Good Morning Jan – Maree,

I managed to get a few of us together the other day we had free and took a photo of our quilts.

Firstly I would like to extend the thanks to you for organising such a fantastic program! The work and organisation that goes into this to make it all happen is second to none.

Please pass this photo and thank you on to all the ladies that take time out of their days to make these amazing quilts.

Everyone is so very happy with how they have turned out, they brought smiles to all our faces.

Once again thank you for all the tireless work, it is very much appreciated. 

Again if you made any of these please let me know.
Dear Julie-Ann,
Thank you very much for your wonderful gift! The laundry bag looks amazing and I love the detail you’ve incorporated into it, not to mention the selfless effort that ensued. Thank you very dearly, you brightened my day as the weather is starting to close in and the rain is on it’s way.

We will be here for Christmas and head back to an Aussie summer which I’m much looking forward to. I’ll visit family and friends when I’m back and go camping and spend time at the beach before heading back to work.

Thank you again and say a big hello and thank you to your family. May you all stay safe and well, and I have the utmost respect for your role as carer for your husband. My grandma passed away with MS last year and I know how difficult it can be. Your selflessness is a blessing.

Thanks again,
Much love,

Good Morning Jan-Maree Ball

First I would like to thank you from myself and the crew of HMAS Sheean for the exceptional gift we received after our 2016 mission.
It was so nice to know that there where people out there thinking of all the past and present service members.
Reading your letter brought a happy tear to my eye, and I’m a grown man so this does not happen often.
Sorry I did not responded sooner as I received your gift yesterday as I flew to Victoria a day after we arrived home for a 5 week course.
Once again from the bottom of my heart I thank you very much and I will cherish it for years to come.

Kind Regards

Hello Su,

I have sent this to both emails as your signature is different to your email on the letter you sent. I hope this email finds you well. I am very sorry for the late reply, I’m sure you thought I was just rude or had forgotten. This isn’t the case and I apologize we have just been busy. Currently we are still deployed in Iraq, but should be home for Christmas.

I have been in the army since November 2006 and yesterday was my 10 year anniversary in the military. My wife and I met whilst I have been enlisted and now we are 9 years on and married for five. This is currently our third deployment, my first two were in Afghanistan over the years. On previous trips I never took the opportunity for the Aussie Heroes Quilts or anything.  Now however we have a beautiful baby girl, she is ten months old. The reason I thought this time it would be a good idea is for her. Something she could keep to know that it was from me, and obviously you, while I was deployed and away from her in her first year and why I couldn’t be there and missed so much.

I picked the jungle book theme purely because she likes monkeys. All animals really, she loves all of ours. I also read and watched The Jungle Book as a child which I enjoyed. I think the quilt turned out fantastic, thank you so much. As I said I am still away and it would be longer for her to receive it if I posted it home than if I was to take it myself. So unfortunately she hasn’t seen it yet. I did send a photo to my wife and she thought it looked great, I know my daughter will love it.

Again thank you for your work, it’s something my daughter will have for years to come.

Kind regards,


I received my quilt today. It is excellent, thank you.  A great Porky Seven treat.



Just dropping you a quick email to say thanks for the recently acquired quilt that I received and that you have generously and obviously put a lot of time into making these.

These gestures by people like yourself back in Australia don’t go unnoticed and are appreciated.

I am currently on my first deployment as a Reservist and it is for 7 months in duration. I have only ever been a Reservist and have done so for the past 18 years. I have been a ‘Military Working Dog Handler’ since 2002 and prior to that was in the Army Reserve (Infantry) for around 4 years. 

In Australia I work as a Dog Handler in the prisons system in Queensland and have also done this for around 21 years.

I am married and have 3 kids back in Australia, I have two 9 year old twins (boy / girl) as well as a 12 year old stepson.

Hoping the festive season keeps you and your family safe and thanks again for your generous support. 



Hi Cath H,
Thanks very much for the laundry bag – it’s perfect. Thanks to your mum for great bird selection. And thanks for the great little package of goodies. I’ll definitely be breaking out the beetroot relish at the next bbq – I was just thinking this week that the rolls could use a little something extra.
I’m a Defence civilian based in Canberra, so life on RS has taken some getting used to, and getting surprises in the mail is a huge highlight.
You’re right though, it will be freezing by then, but I should just get back in time for Australia day, when the shorts will be very handy.

See you soon!

Till next time….. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. kiwikid

    Wonderful photos and letters.

  2. Jo

    Hi. Yep, the one behind the Aust. Flag with the Ducati emblem sideways is mine. Any chance I can get a copy of the photo for my blog please…


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