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21 August 2018

A few lovely messages tonight… hope you enjoy reading them

To the Nanango quilters and Jan-Maree Ball

Upon my return from XXXX and back to our main operating base, I was thrilled to receive a car package from the Aussie Hero Quilters.

“But I didn’t order a quilt?!?” I exclaimed to my team who watched on with excitement as I opened the gift.

Inside the white box was the best quilt ever produced (haha, well… I may be a little biased).

If I had ordered one, I would have asked it to look exactly like this: lots of colourful geometric patterns to brighten my day – with an underside that is more demure for when I want a calm look to my bedspread.

At the moment, the quilt adorns my office space, but when I go home, I’ve decided to keep it in my car as an on-hand picnic rug. 

Thanks again, it’s a beautiful piece that is wonderfully made. 

All the best, 

Dear Janis,
I received my quilt and washing bag this afternoon that you so very kindly made for me.
I honestly can’t thank you enough for the thought and work that you have put into making them. I think this is quite remarkable considering the limited information you ladies and gents were provided about us.
I am very excited and also a little apprehensive about being part of the Invictus team, as it’s my first games and my first competition in an international arena.
I’m glad that you will be watching from home and cheering us all on as we compete against some of the world’s best.
Thanks again for what you have made for me, it will be deeply cherished for the rest of my life.
Kindest regards,

Hi Sue,
I just want to write a quick thankyou for the package. I really appreciate you taking the time to create these awesome keep sakes. It really is an amazing idea and everyone here is always excited and grateful to receive them. It will be something I will keep forever and will always remind me of my time here.
Thank you

Australian Defence Force – Middle East Region.

I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful care package that I received from you.

Australian Defence Force personnel deployed to the Middle East region deeply appreciate the gifts that you and others have sent.

It is humbling to know that so many Australians have taken the time to think about deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen, and Defence civilians on days that are so special to us.

Your generous gift brought some joy from Australia, at a time when we all find it difficult to be away from home and family.

Thanks again for your thoughts and generosity of spirit.

Your gifts are being shared across our teams as this letter goes out to you.

Warmest Regards,


Dear Janis,

Thank you so much for your efforts in making my quilt and laundry bag. Your design exceeded all of my expectations. All of my friends and fellow soldiers loved it and are all hoping that theirs will be as great as mine turned out to be. You truly went above and beyond! The Treats you sent along with them were a nice surprise too. It’s safe to say they didn’t last very long.

I am an Australian Soldier, however my Task Group consists of both Australian and New Zealand Defence Force members which is the reason for my request for both national flags on my quilt, representing the ANZAC spirit that we continue to carry on today.

You did a wonderful job in replicating both of my Pets. So much so I find myself smiling and having a giggle to myself every time I look at my bed now. 

It’s a very generous and lovely thing you all do through Aussie Hero Quilts. The work and time you put in to your creations is appreciated more than you know by all of us. Keep on doing what you’re doing. You have a real talent and your work still continues to put a smile on my face every day.

I hope all is well for you and your growing family and wish you all the best for the rest of 2018.

Many Thanks

Hello Debbie,

I was one of the lucky ones to receive some of your handy work in the mail recently! Thankyou so very very much! 🙂
The quilt and laundry bag are fantastic!

I particularly love the quilt, I can tell you have gone to extra effort to get it done; the irish themed background with the aussie paratroopers are a great mix!

My deployment is going well though, I still have a couple of months to go. I previously spent time in Iraq last time I was over this way. I have been in the Army for 10 years now and am based in Sydney back home. 

I’m looking forward to getting back home and spending time with the fianceé to plan our wedding, be sure to know that you have lifted her spirits as with mine and we are both very appreciative for the work you do :).

Thankyou once again, the work you do is truly amazing and I mean that.

This thank you is one of the Invictus Bags.

Dear Sue

Thank you so much for the quilt and laundry bag.  They are fantastic.

When I got home last night, my kids started to wrap themselves in the quilt and were asking why I had got an extra “Santa sack”.  So – now they know what a laundry bag is.

I had a friend who at about the same time received a laundry bag from your organisation and I always wanted one (from memory – he got one with cricketing on the bag). The bag you have made will be much appreciated and will be put to good use.

Once again thank you for the items – they are fantastic.  The effort and support you have put into the bag and quilt is amazing.

Kind regards

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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