Grati-Tuesday 2 August 16

Written by AHQ

2 August 2016

Just a short post tonight….. I am still finding it hard to find time to write about all things that I want to share with you all but hopefully things are settling down and that will improve soon.  
Here are a few lovely messages received this week. Enjoy!

Dear Sue P
I received a quilt from you through Aussie Hero Quilts on the 12th of July 2016. I really appreciate the effort you have gone to make and send this wonderful quilt to me.

I joined the RAAF in July 2014 and never thought I’d be here on my 2 year anniversary on the job. The first 3 months of being in the RAAF was my basic recruit training where I was taught how to walk, talk and everything in between. This is when I left home in Melbourne to go to Wagga Wagga NSW. Following those first 3 months I then spent a bit over a year at RAAFSTT which is the School of Technical Training. This was also at Wagga and it was basically like a big trade school that taught nothing but aviation trades. I completed the classroom and workshop side of my apprenticeship at Wagga on decommissioned aircraft used as training aids. I will complete the rest of my apprenticeship on the Hornets. Following the completion of my course at Wagga I was posted to Williamtown. After coming back to work after Christmas stand down earlier this year I was offered a spot to come on this trip I’m on now and I jumped at it!

Being here is different to being at home.  During the night it cools down a little but the humidity really kicks in making it uncomfortable. During the day it’s uncomfortable with the sun bearing down on us. There isn’t a whole lot to do with our spare time here, we do have a gym and a pool but that’s about it. That doesn’t really matter though because we usually have enough to do at work. Time has gone fast so far and I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks already!

We sleep in air conditioned tents that get quite cold in the middle of the night and I often sleep under a blanket to stay warm. The air con has failed a couple of times which makes trying to sleep somewhat of a challenge. The food here is good and is mostly American themed due to their high presence here on base. It’s amazing the amount of food some of them stack on their plate. They really know how to eat! 

The Americans often comment on our shorts asking us where they can get a set because they are not allowed to wear them. It must be uncomfortable for some of the guys working out in the sun fully clothed.

When I got my quilt in the mail everyone commented on how nice and well made it was. I’d be very proud to be able to produce a product like you did. I love showing it off and everyone back home is looking forward to seeing it too.

I’ve attached a picture of me holding my quilt out the front of one of our accommodation tents.
I hope this email finds you safely.

Thanks again for a lovely quilt and box of assorted sweets, biscuits, tea and coffee.


Hi Sue!
I just want to say THANK YOU so much for my laundry bag & quilt!
They are fantastic! I could not have pictured them any better! 

It’s people like you that make deployment much easier. It’s nice to know that people back home are always thinking of us!

Dear Julie Ann,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful personalised laundry bag that arrived for me at Headquarters Resolute Support Afghanistan today.  I love it and very much appreciate everything you and your wonderful sewing colleges do for all of us deployed.  I cannot begin to express how knowing we have your support makes the time away so much easier.

It sounds as if you are very busy as a full time carer and grandmother.  It’s a wonderful thing you are doing for your husband and family.  To be able to find time to sew for us overseas is remarkable.  Thank you so much once again.

Kind Regards

Hello Rita,

I received my quilt today, amazing thank you. 
I have been admiring the work you and others have been doing from the the quilts that have come through our area and the laundry bags I see when I do my washing. The boys and girls tend to proudly display them at work for a while before taking them to their room.

It has been warm 40+ degrees here most days since the end of May and the humidity has been high.

Australia can have such fierce weather conditions. Growing up I remember thinking that if it is not flooding or bushfires it is drought and the poor old animals suffer a lot as a result as well as us humans.

I will proudly show my Unit when I get back the wonderful work you do in supporting us while we are on deployment. 

Thank you again

Dear Rita C,

Thank you very much the wonderful laundry bag and assorted goodies. The laundry bag stands out amongst the rabble in the laundry and will certainly impress my eldest son who is a massive spiderman fan. It is clear to me that you enjoy your sewing and are very good at it. I really appreciated the fact that you took the time to write to me and enjoyed reading your letter and learning about your family. This is the first letter I’ve received that wasn’t a bill in as long as I can remember (since I was a kid) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m in the third month of my deployment at the moment and am enjoying the challenges that deployments offer. I could describe this location by three words, sand, rocks and sweat! My team is living and working in camp style accommodation and we spend a significant portion of the day together (14-16 hours per day). We are generally found making jokes and teasing each other to keep morale high and make the most of the situation. I can safely say that it would be extremely difficult to be away from family and living in fairly austere conditions without the support and hard work of the team around me.

Thanks again for your very kind gesture – it really did make my day!



Dear Jean,
Apologies as I have left it until my last day on deployment to thank you for my fantastic laundry bag.  I have been immensely proud of my bag every time I have left it on a washing machine for all to see! 
We had US airforce, Danish and British personnel on the deployment and I hope they all got to see my new bag!
Once again thanks so much and I will use it at home with pride.

I cannot thank you enough for my absolutely beautiful laundry bag.
It’s almost too lovely to be putting my smelly uniform in !
It’s lovely having a part of your life in the design.  I hope to go to Paris soon too, maybe as a holiday to celebrate coming home.
Thanks for everything you do with the quilting.
Hello to your puppy as well.
Kind regards,     

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Sandra Askill

    Always nice to hear from those who receive Aissie Hero Quilts (and laundry bags)
    Sandy A.


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