Grati-Tuesday 19 March 2024

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19 March 2024


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Another week of great messages and photos. 

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!

Good Morning Ruth S,

I would like to say a huge thank you for the amazing laundry bag that you have put together for me. I am extremely appreciative of the effort that you put in for my laundry bag even though you are a very staunch Power supporter. I understand that this could have been one of the more difficult projects just based on the fact that I am a Pies supporter…ha…ha

We are all mad Collingwood/Pies supporters in our house, as I have been since I was very young, something that I inherited.



I have completed 26 years in the Airforce and as we know it is not just an individual but a family commitment when a member is part of defence. We have 4 kids still at home who keep us extremely busy but they are all good kids. These little mementos and gifts always serve as reminder of our time in defence but also the support that we have in the ADF.



Thank you again for the time and effort that you put in to making these bags. I know that when we are away, they always stand out and sometimes are a good conversation starter in the laundries. I know everyone that has received one is extremely grateful.


I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect gift.



Kind regards,



Hilary P recently met her recipient and his wife at the Blacktown Workers club. She gave him his quilt and pointed out the embroideries of his three Services. He joined the Navy as a very young man and then moved to the Army. He was heavily involved in teaching for most of his career. He finally moved on to the Airforce where he finished his career. After this he was a Pastor at the Childrens Hospital at Westmead and at a Psychiatric Centre. He was also involved with the St Matthews Parish in Windsor and Richmond. His Airforce base was at Richmond also. He was very appreciative of the quilt and a few passersby also complimented our efforts. I think he is rather unique, having served in all three services. We had a chatty lunch, some interesting stories about family life. He was most appreciative, it makes it all worthwhile to see such gratitude.

CHAP Ricky was able to present this recipient with his quilt recently. As luck would have it, the quilt was made by Fran T, Chaplain Ricky’s wife!  We were told that the recipient was blown away by the quilt and the love and thoughts of the people who helped to make it happen.

Quilt by Fran T, embroideries by Inge C

Hello Ellen N

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt that you made for me. I love it!!!

 The letter that you sent was wonderful to read.

Unlike your family, I am the first to serve this country and do so with pride. Opening the package was a real treat and put a huge smile on my face. The rest of my team were likewise touched by the time and effort and also the real thought put into making our wonderful gifts.


Thank you again for all the care and time you put into it


Kirsten (Bindy) O,


I have received your quilt and I’m very happy with your intricate work.


Just reading over your letter, we have probably spent close to the same time in Service, perhaps even crossed each other’s paths. I joined as a soldier in 1997 and after ten years crossed the fence to RMC and started my officer career. I feel like I’ve got a lot more to offer before I transition myself though. I really hope your transition was what you thought it should be a reflection of your outstanding Service in the ADF!


You seem to have achieved a lot in your time, the Defence Abuse role sounds like it would have been fairly taxing. It may not be the same, but I’ve had to look into a few cases myself which was emotionally draining, and I did end up asking for a check-up with a psychologist. Might I add it takes a lot for a guy to ask for help, but to be fair I also don’t know why that is the case…..


My family and I live just outside Canberra, but I’m unaccompanied in Albury normally. My family are probably not far from you actually, with my wife works as a teacher and my kids go to the same school as well (6y/o and 10y/o).


I’ve managed to show them all the quilt and they all love it. I’m so glad to have done it this time as my last deployment I didn’t get the opportunity. Thank you very much for your effort and thank you for your Service!     

Thanks and Regards, 




Hello Lois S,


I would like to thank you so much for my amazing Quilt. It will be used every night I’m at sea. As someone who sometimes spends more time at sea then at home with my wife, I would like to thank you both for your service as I know how hard it is to be a partner to a service member.  I’m also glad that you liked the movies Cars as it’s a favourite in our household and always reminds me of home. 

Good Afternoon Lynn K
I am so sorry it has been so delayed. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for my laundry bag. I adore it and it is so unique and well made I am such a huge fan. I absolutely love it and thank you for your time!

Kindest Regards

(The thank you for Lynn came through Bel P who works with the recipient and she noted that the laundry bag arrived in the nick of time just before he left for his deployment to sea. They found out it was at the Naval post office at HMAS Albatross on Friday morning and he was leaving on the Sunday.  He raced to pick it up so he could pack it with his gear!)

Good Evening Lyn R,


I hope you have been well!


I was delighted to receive my Aussie Hero Quilt from yourself last week!


It sounds like we have a lot in common. I most definitely want to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. I visited a day elephant sanctuary called Mason in Indonesia on my holidays and I loved it! But I would love to experience something like you have – sounds magical.


I visited Tasmania last year on my ship on a port visit. I liked it – I would like to go again for a personal holiday! I was posted to HMAS Sydney for 13months – a guided missile destroyer. It was an awesome experience, and our deployments did really make me value my job and the impact we have. A highlight was providing emergent medical assistant to an injured mariner.


Living on a ship was a very different lifestyle – so it is good to be ashore to have a good life / work balance. I am currently working as an Aide-De-Camp (essentially a special military personal assistant). The exposure to the senior leadership group in Defence is phenomenal – it has and will continue to be a very busy year.


Prior to joining Defence; I grew up in Far North Queensland and relocated to Brisbane to conduct my undergraduate studies at Queensland University of Technology. In my final year of my studies I was sponsored by Defence and commissioned as a Maritime Logistics Officer in the RAN. Since joining I have been posted to various locations including south east NSW coast, Melbourne, Sydney and now Canberra. I love outside activities, hiking, exercise, playing field hockey. I also am a self-acclaimed foodie – and coffee connoisseur one could say also!


I love that you love coffee – I agree that it is a nice social outing and definitely how I have gained my coffee obsession. I think a coffee quilt would have been loved by the many coffee lovers out there. I appreciate your time you have donated as a volunteer to AHQ – I can see how the organisation provides great joy to many Defence personnel. I actually am the one who organised / was the POC for my ship on Sydney to receive the quilts on our deployment through Jan-Maree. I was delighted that most personnel received there’s during port visits. I wish I could sew! You are very talented – I love my quilt!


I definitely recommend Far North QLD for the July / August period as it is a lot warmer – but Darwin sounds good!


I hope you are enjoying yourself (sewing, having a good cappuccino and reading) at your fishing shack! Sounds delightful!


Thank you again dearly for my quilt – when I go back to sea I will use the quilt. For the moment I will use it on my lounge – especially for the upcoming Canberra winters which I am nervous about being a QLD’er!


Best wishes.


G’day Bel P,


Thanks once again for the gifts and laundry bag. I happened to receive it post mission and therefore was a welcome surprise after a very long day.


Since then, it has been a little hectic with new aircraft and visits so whilst I received your parcel early Feb it has taken me until now to make the time to say thank you.


I skyped the kids on the weekend and the bag was a certified hit. Absolutely superb craftsmanship. Thanks for being part of our deployment memories and bringing a spark to the kids and my lives.

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesdays would be so totally boring without them!

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