Grati-Tuesday 18th April 2023

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18 April 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I hope everyone has had an awesome start to their week!
We have quite a few messages this week.
I was also lucky enough to make a few presentations lately.  One for a laundry bag I made for a work colleague and then mail that was redirected from a ship.  A few of my photos should be making their way to some of our volunteers shortly. LOL
Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!
Hi Jacqui D,
I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you so very much for my laundry bag. I received it today (it arrived earlier but I have been away). You absolutely made my day and the design is perfect.
I am so grateful and think it is wonderful that you dedicate your time to making these beautiful bags for us service men and women.
It will certainly brighten up my sleeping space on the ship! My husband and children are very envious!
Thank you again.
Warm regards,

G’day Jan-Maree B,


I received the blanket in the last few days, and the lollies not to long prior to that. Thank you thank you thank you! I am currently penning a letter to Pennie T which I’ll make sure to scan and send to you as well. I am feeling very blessed; I am very lucky indeed. I teared up opening the blanket. All the things in the world that make me happy – and more.


Can’t wait to catch up for a coffee when I’m back home. 


Yours Aye,

Good Afternoon Jan-Maree,


Just a quick email to inform you that I presented the quilt to a veteran recently in an aged care facility during a short ceremony followed by a morning tea. As requested, please find attached a few photos of the occasion.


The feedback from the visit was very positive and he was extremely appreciative of the efforts of the Aussie hero Quilt volunteers to create and personalise such a superb quilt to mark his RAAF WWII Service.  


Kind Regards,

Recipient hiding cheekily behind his quilt made by Bobbie S and her mystery group, quilted by Philomena, badge by Inge and arranged by Bridget.



Dear Jan-Maree B,

  We had the privilege to be presented our Aussie Hero quilt by Pete and Talia. I cannot thank you and your team of sewing angels enough. 
We went to Simpson Barracks where Pete took us to the Officers mess. What a wonderful experience we had. Pete was so welcoming, friendly and a font of knowledge. He is a great ambassador for AHQ. Talia from the Navy was an amazing and inspiring woman. 
 Please pass on our heartfelt gratitude to all involved in the process of making our son’s quilt. Thank you for all you do. It’s appreciated.


FWQ – Top by Lynn from donated blocks, quilted by Philomena, embroideries by Kerri B and arranged by Bridget


Hi Cheryl F,


Thanks for the Laundry bag, it looks great. Thank you for taking the time to make it for me, it is a nice surprise to see the end product when we open the packages you all send from Aussie Hero Quilts.


Your work is very much appreciated by all the personnel that receive quilts and laundry bags and I hope you continue to make them. I hope you continue to travel and enjoy your retirement. Thanks again.




Good Afternoon Helen W,

I am writing to let you know that I was fortunate enough to be given one of your wonderful laundry bags – thank you so much for taking the time to sew it. Your generosity and care for our soldiers is inspiring. I can personally tell you that the items that you and the team offered to serving men and women are in use and they are always commented on.


Please know that your work is appreciated by so many far and wide.


Stay safe and thanks again for the support.





Hi Colleen S,


Thank you so much for the amazing quilt you have made, I think you met the brief perfectly. I have already sent photos to my son and he absolutely loves it, I can’t wait to get home so I can give it to him.


I would also like to thank you for your 12 years of Reserve Service and all the other work you do for the Community and Defence members as a whole, I don’t think people like yourself get the recognition you deserve for all your hard work in support people that might be struggling.


I’m glad you enjoyed making the quilt and will continue to work with Aussie hero quilts, it means a lot to deployed personnel when we get quilts/laundry bags.




Good Morning Beryl S,


I just received the quilt you made for me and wanted to say thank you very much.


It is beautiful and can see you have put a lot of effort into making it perfect.


I am extremely impressed and is very happy with my quilt.


Kind Regards,


G’day Greg Y,

Thank you and to Jenni S who made the quilt and the rest of the
Aussie Hero team who help make this happen! I have received the quilt safe and sound. And I absolutely love the quilt, its awesome and you guys have really done well to put the surfing and ocean theme on it!
Kind regards and many thanks,
Hi Cheryl F,
I would like to thank you for the laundry bag that you made for me. I am deeply grateful that you and many others have done the same. It was a god send as well since the one I brought from home broke as well hahaha. Myself and many others thank you for the kind gestures that you have done for us.
Dear Penny T,
I am writing this letter to pass on my sincerest appreciation for the beautiful quilt you produces.  The incredible workmanship in your quilting; capturing what’s important to me in my life, the wonderful colour selections and the thought you put into the overall design all contributes to making it an incredibly special memento.
I hope you truly appreciated the significant impact you have on the lives of our servicewomen and men, and their families. While I have been fortunate enough to have served my country for 42 years, and have received many accolades along the way, your quilt will hold a very special place in my heart.
Yours sincerely
Halo halo, Kirsten O
I was on HMAS Choules for one sea posting. I am now on land for respite of maybe a 6 month.
I have been waiting to text email you for quite sometime now.
I remember when my post package came in. I was thrilled and I was like wow I have a package, who knows me wow.
I went to pick it up from the Personnel office and then I just opened it and was like 🤩 wow, I am the most luckiest person right now in the entire world. My quilt came in time too when were were ready to set out to sea.
My mates were saying wow they wished their quilts were as colourful as mine.
I wanted to share a few things about me and I hope you have a better understanding about me and why I decided to begin this journey in 2019 in Defence as a mum, as a person in the community and as someone who respects people because I am always continuously learning from people daily. To be a better me and work to the best of my abilities.
I am Indian Born. My parents are from two different cultural backgrounds to an Iranian/ Armenian/Português/South African heritage. I feel I am totally Indian. I love the spices I can eat Hot yes and also sometimes take a break from it too.
I have 3 children. Two boys and one girl. My girl is a reflection of me. Always happy, caring, kind helpful confident and strong. She is an athlete just like me in track and field events.
I used to compete in athletic events track and field, when I was in India for my state events. However when I left India and began my maritime career I had left that at the back of my mind and one day would be able to do this once again.
Which was last December when I enrolled into the Masters athletics here in Sydney to compete for a cause.
Both my daughter and me decided to do the little athletics this season. It was fun.
I feel you are an amazing person through your words in your letter. There is a connection of strong women here.
Thank you for making me my treasured gift.
Kind Regards

Hey Bel P,

Best.Laundry bag.ever!!

I’m still just so happy and excited about it, you are an absolute gem! 

Have a great weekend

(I was very lucky to present the laundry bag in person to a fellow work colleague.  I was most surprised when I got the details after having picked it from the request list. LOL Although I had to wait a little while to give it to her as she had time off to have a bub!)  

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!











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