Grati-Tuesday 17th January 2023

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17 January 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Hope you are having an awesome week so far!
Finally used my sewing room for the first time on Sunday. Unfortunately it wasn’t for my AHQ request as I am waiting for some fabric to arrive but for a friend’s baby girl so that’s pretty awesome anyway!


Have a few thank you’s this week, so grab a nice cool beverage, sit back, relax and savour these beautiful messages! 

Good Afternoon Jenni S!

I received the quilt and laundry bag you made for me. I would just like to let you know how much I appreciated it and how perfect it was for my needs on the submarine. I wanted to thank you immediately but misplaced the letter you sent me until now.

I shared the snacks amongst the crew and they were devoured and enjoyed by all.

I hope you are well : )

Kind regards,


Good afternoon Sheena B


You definitely did the Star Wars justice! It is absolutely brilliant! Thank You!


Thank you also for your lovely letter. It is nice to hear stories from people other than those I work or live with! My parents in law also spend a lot of time travelling. They emigrated here from the UK and have been around the country a few times. Just picking up an leaving whenever they feel like it!


I am from western Sydney originally. Mum and Dad still live in that area. I have three brothers. One is an electrician, one is a registered nurse and practicing paramedic, and the other is an engineering Officer in the Air Force.

I currently live in Sydney with my wife, 18 month old son, and two staffies. Rolo is 18ish (and I think partly fossilised), and Maggie is nearly three. The contrast between the two is amazing. One hardly moves from her bed, or her patch of sun, and the other is never exhausted, no matter how far we run her!

 I joined the RAN in 2008 as a logistics specialist, and have been posted to positions in Sydney and Cairns. I have been fortunate in the job to have visited about thirty countries, including some most people will never get to see. South America is the only continent I haven’t been to, just thinking! Hawaii and Canada are amazing if you get the chance. Singapore and Japan were a lot of fun. Africa and the Middle East were eye opening. But there is nothing like seeing the Centrepoint Tower and the (Sydney Harbour) Bridge after a nine month trip!


I think the most rewarding thing Ive done was (on my 30th birthday and everything!) helping clean up a primary school in Ormoc in the Philippines after the monster Typhoon Haiyan (spelling might be a bit off…). At the time it was the most powerful storm ever recorded. 300km/h+ winds. I saw steel road sign poles, like the ones we use for STOP and Give Way signs, not bent over, but snapped at ground level. Such was the power of the wind. Along the road to the school, someone had painted on the side of a house ‘We might be homeless but we are not hopeless. Bang on Ormoc’. I thought that was brilliant.


Anyway, thank you again for your work and your letter. It is greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards

Hi Noelene W,

Firstly, a big BIG thank you for my excellent laundry bag. It is going to be very well travelled in the next 12 months.

Also, thank you so much for the wonderful letter. You and your husband have had a very exciting life together for 55 years and I wish you many more together.

Your family’s military service was also fascinating.

I’m technically in the Navy but at the moment I’m posted to a joint unit run by the Army.  We provide the media and public information for any of our exercises and deployments, which means I travel a lot.  This year I’ve been to Malaysia, Darwin, PNG, Townsville and twice to Solomon Islands.

I’m home for December but on standby if something happens in January.  Probably not bushfires so my guess is if we have anything happening it will be a cyclone!

Fingers crossed we don’t have any more flooding.  I was on Flood Assist in Queensland earlier in the year and it’s very sad for the people who get impacted.  Anyway, I hope this finds you bot well and looking forward to a great Christmas

Thanks again.

Dear Jan-Maree

It was my privilege and honour to receive this beautiful quilt made by Bridget R and Kerri B on behalf of WO2 H’s request.

I was truly humbled by this unique gift and can’t thank you enough, it will be proudly cherished and looked after, It is with special items like this that serving the last 34 years in the ADF make the hardships of service and sacrifice worth the effort.

Again thank you for your service and for the support to our serving members past and present for all your efforts.

Kind Regards

This is a thank you for a FWQ.

To Jan-Maree

This is a long overdue thank you for the beautiful Aussie Hero Quilt made by wonderful volunteers who had so much input into making the quilt in memory of my son.

Your decision to establish Aussie Hero Quilts is full credit to you for everything you have done and continue to do to support Defence members and their families.  It is very much appreciated.

“This fellow received his quilt whilst he was on HMAS Newcastle in 2013… way back when…. he is now on holidays and sent this photo saying that the quilt goes everywhere with him. Unfortunately, I cannot check the records and see who made his quilt as I lost a lot of records pre-2016 when my house burned down but maybe the volunteer who made it will recognise it.”


Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!
🌟 🌟 🌟




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