Grati-Tuesday – 12th December 2023

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12 December 2023


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Not long now before a visit from the big man himself!!! 

In the mean time, here are a few presents from our wonderful and grateful recipients!!!

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy some well deserved gratitude!


Clare D,

 I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quilt. It is beautiful! In reality I cried on opening it. It brought back memories of good friends, times and experiences I had whilst in both the PAF and in the RAAF Specialist Reserve afterwards. I feel honoured to have received such an item. 
My mother started patchwork later in her life so I have some appreciation of the time and effort you put into the making of this item.
Thank you for giving up your time and the effort you put in, to make this for me.


Good morning Sue N,


My partner is also serving and absolutely raves about the quilts so I am looking forward to showing her the pattern tonight.  We move to Canberra at the end of the year both for a posting but also to move closer to my our relatives.


Warmest Regards


Good afternoon Ellen N,


Thank you so much for my lovely quilt! I’m truly awed by the skill of all of the Aussie Quilters. My ship’s company have been receiving their laundry bags and quilts over the last few months and it’s been lovely seeing all of the creations – as well as all of the pleased reactions of those that receive them! Thank you so much for taking the time to create such joy!


I grew up in Derby in the Kimberley in WA. Have you managed to make it up there yet? It’s quite the journey but the scenery in northern WA is awe-inspiring!


Thank you again.



Kind regards,



Hello Wendy V, 
Thank you for the laundry bag, I love it especially the dog on it, brought a smile to my face. Thank you again for your lovely letter.
I am currently on deployment on HMAS Toowoomba. We have been gone since mid September and I’m keen to be back in Fremantle, WA to see my Girlfriend and mates. 
I’m from South Coast NSW. I went to university to study then joined the Navy. I moved to Fremantle for the Navy which is where my ship is based at HMAS Stirling. This is where all the submarines are. 
I do enjoy my job even though it can be tough at times. 
Thanks again for the laundry bag 🙂 it made my day. 


Bridget R,


I can’t express enough gratitude for what I received today!


After finishing my duty on the ship in the morning I was a little deflated and low energy; then I found my amazing Miami Heat quilt packaged ready to rip open like an early Christmas present.

I’ve had a quilt made before from a previous deployment but this quilt that you’ve designed and manufactured is on another level, I was showing it around our office with a mighty fat smile on my face haha.


Wishing you a great completion of your 2023, as we all enter the Christmas festive period!


Thank you so much for the most amazing Quilt!


Dear Jan-Maree,

It has been difficult to find the right words to express my thanks to
yourself and Bev U for the very generous presentation of the quilt I recently received.

Even a cursory glance shows the painstaking detail and excellence of the finished product. Only many hours of devoted work, and obviously skill, can produce this end result.

Recalling service memories that changed my life in both positive and
negative ways is sometimes a little painful.  That you both are a reflection of the community of this country, and understanding the motivation and love behind this wonderful gesture, cements in my mind that I would go through it all again in a heartbeat.

You are both so, so deserving of my respect.


Hello Ellen N, 
I have received a laundry bag that you made! I wish to say a big thank you, since I use it every day at home. Earlier in the year, the ship that I’m posted to, HMAS Canberra, sailed to Manilla, Philippines and your laundry bag (or dobie bag as they are called in the Navy) travelled there too.  It is such a lovely gesture and made my day when I received it. Certainly makes a big metal ship feel a little more homely. 
Thank you very much for what you do and all the best with your travels, 

Hi Ann S,

I’ve been in the Army for 6 years based in SA and were currently part of rifle company Butterworth in Malaysia for the last 3 months.

I would just like to say thankyou for the laundry bag it’s come in very handy whilst being over here and I’m sure it will get lots of use over the coming years.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, hope you can all get together this year.

Kind regards,


Good morning Ruth S, 
I just want to take the time to thank you for the wonderful laundry bag. I’m truly touched by your efforts and will cherish the bag for the rest of my service. I am an electronics technician and we have a reputation for being coffee lovers so your bag is perfect. You made my day thank you again and happy holidays to yourself and three grandchildren. 


Good morning Bridget R, 
I recently received the Laundry Bag that you crafted for Aussie Hero Quilts. 
I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing design. I sincerely love it and know that it will greatly help me with my washing!
A little about myself, I am onboard HMAS Diamantina and I live with my partner and we both enjoy competing in triathlon. 


Below is a photo of a very happy recipient with his newly presented quilt!!!

Quilt by Rhonda S

Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!

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