The December 2020 edition of quality read HMAS Glenelg’s “Glenelg Gossip” is dedicated to the Aussie Hero Quilts volunteers, who last  year graciously dedicated some of their time to craft some high quality quilts and laundry bags for the crew. They were so well received and are proudly on display throughout the vessel that they wanted to write some words of thank you to their creators. 

Please click here to read  the warm and heartfelt messages of gratitude for quilts and laundry bags created by Ruth Scholl, Sally Roberts, Ellen Newman, Sarah, Pennie Turrell, Carolyn Morrow, Anne Horner, the WPH ladies aka The Garage Girls, Lyn Rootes, Bev Coates, Jenny Peters, Lisa Newell, Ann Sheehan, Bev Uys, Kathleen McGinnity and Lynn Field. 

Despite the past weeks being our traditional Holiday Season, Glenelg has been at sea supporting the protection of Australia’s resources by patrolling our economic zone. This no doubt has been a difficult time for some to be away from their families, making customisation of their own space onboard even more important.

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