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21 February 2012

Cynthia and I had a big day today.  We hid ourselves away in the back room at my home which is supposed to be the boys’ hang out room, except they never use it, and which is where the Gumnuts and Aussie Hero donations are stored.  My hubby was kind enough to set up two folding tables for us on the weekend so we had lots of room to work.

This is the shelving unit that I use to store all my scraps as well as those that have been donated to the Gumnuts.  I am going to say that of course I wouldn’t need a unit anywhere near so big if I didn’t have the donated scraps as well…………of course I wouldn’t……….really.  Oh well, let’s move on.  You will see a better shot of it in the next picture.  The most important things to notice in this picture are the new tidy piles of fabric.

 We spent the whole day sorting through fabrics – some were cut into backing lengths, some were put aside as big enough for a backing if something is added to it, some were put aside for laundry bags and smaller bits were cut into 6 1/2 inch strips.

We didn’t get it all done but we made good headway.  Now when we have a quilt that needs a top we can just go to the pile of 40 or so backings and choose the most suitable.  You can also see the lengths of donated Nutex Fabric neatly rolled and ready to be cut.

Tomorrow we have another work day…….just you wait and see…….

Interesting blog fact – would you believe that this little blog with its 51 followers is being read by people in ten countries!  Australia of course and America is not surprising but just today visitors from Germany, Russia, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Slovenia, Austria and Brazil!  I think that is kind of nice considering this blog is all about doing something to say thank you to our Aussie soldiers.  I guess the notion of saying thank you to those who serve us is one that resonates around the world!  You have got to be happy with that!  And to our international visitors…welcome and thank you for visiting – hope you will come back!

Till next time……..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    This is so lovely and organised. I am very glad that your followers come from all over, the people who work for peace mean so much all over the world. I think we really want the same thing.

  2. Maria

    Looks like you are very orgnised for a big sewing day.


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