of a quilt being quilted!  This was my view for most of today – that is when I wasn’t layering quilts!  Cynthia, Andrea and Del came over today and we got busy really quickly.  We had ten quilts to layer – DONE!
Ten quilts to quilt – DONE!!!   YAY!!!
 These seven quilts are trimmed and waiting to be bound – I hate the trimming!  Luckily Cynthia did these! 
 This ten has been quilted and they are waiting to trimmed and bound.  
And this quilt is finished – bound and all!
We also had time to look at the BOMs that have been coming in.  There is another week to go before your BOMs need to be in the mail.  I can’t believe how many I have received.
These came from Sue!  I am going to team these with squares and a border.  I think it will make a great masculine quilt.  
These came from lots of people, including Andrea who came to help out today.  Andrea arranged these and I think this is going to be a great cheery quilt.  No sashing, just a border.
And these are what we have left.  We decided that this just needs a few more to be big enough, again without sashing I think.  my sister in law just emailed me to say that she has put ten nine patches in the mail today so they are going to fill this out nicely.   They are blue and cream apparently so I think the blue and the brown will go together nicely!  Can’t wait to see them!
 Who knows, maybe there are more in the mail too!  
What was in the mail today was this lovely parcel from Rachael Davies from www.gidgishop.com/.  I noticed that she had some really cool Aussie Animal Tea towels in her shop which I thought would be wonderful in the centre of some Aussie Hero quilts.  I sent her an email and asked if  she would be kind enough to donate one or two for the cause.  I received a lovely email back saying she would like to send one of each design and keep up the fantastic work supporting the soldiers.  Nice huh!
And are these styling or what!  For you overseas readers the animals are L-R starting with the back row- Tasmanian Devil, Wombat and Emu, and front row, the long extinct Tasmanian Tiger and an Echidna.
I think I am going to hang on to these and make these quilts myself!
And just before I go……..
I don’t normally cover anything in Aussie Heroes other than things to do with the project but, as the soldiers we are sewing for are currently serving in Afghanistan, I thought I would this time.  I have just finished reading a fascinating and inspirational book about a woman who managed to support her family and her community in Kabul, Afghanistan, by learning a craft and starting a small home business that grew and flourished in almost impossible circumstances.  It is called “The Dressmaker of Khair Khana” and if you want to know more about it you can check it out here – I don’t want to duplicate too much of what I say on Cherry Red at the risk of boring you.
Remember – one week to go till you need to post your BOMs.  Three weeks tomorrow till you can start posting your quilts and laundry bags off to the free address – Remember parcels need to be less than 2KG!
Till next time……happy stitching!