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Written by ahq_admin

25 February 2017

Finally, I have some news on the home front and as so many of you ask me often how the house is going and have we started the re-build yet etc I thought I should give you an update.
My husband and I have decided to go with our own builder.  Fortunately we have had work done in the past by a terrific local builder who we feel really comfortable choosing to do this job for us for a number of reasons. 
Plans have been drawn up and we are getting ready to go to Council with them.   Today we sat down with a consultant and chose the exterior colours which we are really happy with.
We visited our block today and it was strange to see it now overgrown with weeds but with luck, this time next year, we will be coming home to a new home through a cheery poppy red front door. 

I will share more as plans proceed but for now, thank you again for caring enough to ask how we are going and for cheering us along.  As so many of you often say to us, it is the little things that count and it means the world to me.


Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Janine C

    It all takes such a long time but the day will come when all this is in the past. Thank you for the update.

  2. barbara woods

    so glad you are moving forward. you must do a house tour when you finish and keep us up on what's going on till then. Following a star but I need her when!!!!

  3. cahirasnana

    Good news Jan-Maree. Love your red door idea.

  4. Unknown

    Good to hear, I think you are doing a wonderful job in the recovery process Jan-Maee xoxoxo Terese Millhouse

  5. flossypatchedbritches

    Thanks for the update, Jan-Maree. Progress is always progress. The pace is not important. Good luck with your Council. Oh! and a red front is a must !

  6. Maria

    Pleased to read you have some house plans going to council.. good luck with the build… Love that front door….

  7. Unknown

    Glad to hear your progress, you are doing a wonderful job in the recovery process Jan-Maree xoxo

  8. Sue Niven

    I wish you all the best.


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