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4 August 2013

Greeting all at the end of a lovely sunny Sunday here in Sydney.  I have a few request messages to share with you but before that a few bits and pieces.

In a Bind……so to speak!

First up, I have several quilts that need binding if anyone can spare the time to help out.  the binding is cut and just needs to be joined and pressed and added to the quilts. They can be done by hand or machine  – whatever you are most comfortable with.   I would prefer to hear from people in Sydney and preferably people who would be prepared to come and collect and drop off.  The time it takes me to deliver and collect quilts for binding would probably be more than if I stayed at home and did the binding myself.  Even one or two people would make a difference.

Next up a reminder of our upcoming sewing days.

August 11 – Sewing Day at Penrith Patchwork.  
BYO sewing machine and lunch.  All materials will be provided.

August 19 – Laundry Bag Making at Hobbysew Kings Park
BYO Lunch and sewing machine. 
IMPORTANT places are limited to around 20 and are filling up.  You need to register as if it were a class. 

Also SOME materials will be provided but if you have fabric that is suitable for a laundry bag please bring it along.  If you are a not sure what you need to bring then please check the Laundry Bag Tutorial here

August 22 – Sewing Day at My Home
BYO Lunch and sewing machine.  All materials provided and if you need to know where to come please email me or PM me on Facebook. 

There have been a few noteworthy requests to share this week.  Sometimes it is hard to share some of the messages because by the time I remove all the personal parts there is not enough left to do the original but the following message justice.  Here are some that withstood my pruning though.

I am very happy to say that I received one of your laundry bags just the other day, it was just what I needed so thank you very much.  It is such a lovely cause and we all appreciate it very much.  I would like to look at ordering one of your quilts as winter is fast approaching here in just a few months.  How do I go about doing this please.

I was wondering if requests for blankets can be taken.  My partner is currently on his second deployment and I know he would appreciate and cherish such a gift.  Is this possible. Thanks again and regards it is fantastic work you do.

And after I sent off my standard reply about what info I need and what they can and can’t expect I received info regarding personal preferences and postal address etc and then this

He will truly appreciate it and it will give him a boost I’m sure.  I can’t thank you enough for what you all do.  You should be very proud.
Thank you again.

And then a little more after I sought clarification on some details

Thank you for all the hard work you do.  He was deployed earlier in the year and has commented many time on the beautiful quilts that he saw made for the troops over there.  He would be so touched if he got one made for him.

Seems to me he is overdue for one, don’t you think?

And finally, short and sweet.

Hi, your quilts look amazing.  My husband is currently deployed in Afganistan.  Would it be possible to request a quilt for him?

And finally the Cherry on top of this post.  Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to have two sets of visitors.  First Lynn came with her husband.  This is Lynn that I collaborate with a lot for quilt tops and we had not met until yesterday so that was a lovely treat.  The second visitors were a lovely young recipient and her husband.  I had really wanted to have the two of them as the same time as Lynn actually made the quilt top for this young lady and it was just a special opportunity to bring the two of them together briefly.

Happy smiles all around.

Till next time………………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Janine C

    Fantastic quilt – purple rules!


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