Yes, she is but I am saving the best to last. 
Don’t you dare skip to the end.  
You need to read your way down there!
Before I forget – don’t forget our next Penrith Sewing Day is coming up this 
Sunday the 16th  at Penrith Patchwork from 10 to 3pm.  
Space is limited so please contact me if you are able to join us.  This month we will be making blocks and if we get time, constructing a quilt top or two.  All materials supplied.
Hope to see you there.

A lovely thank you came in for a laundry bag that I sewed at the last Penrith Sewing Day and I had to laugh as I did cop a bit of flack for choosing this fabric!

Many thanks for my personalised laundry bag โ€“ it makes such a difference searching through the tons of other bags at the collection point! I can instantly recognise mine (there are truly no  others like it) and will be a great souvenir to take home at the end of the tour.
Hope youโ€™re well, thanks again for your time and thoughts

As I said I laughed when I saw the picture as I had copped flack for choosing this particular fabric and told him I was relieved that it went to someone with a sense of humour and his reply was 

“I figured it was meant as a laugh and certainly had one! “

What a good sport!

This thank you was sent to Caroline  

I am just writing to thank you for your kind gesture in making a laundry bag for me to use during my deployment on OP SLIPPER.
I am very grateful for your efforts and find it encouraging to know that people at home in Australia are thinking of us and wishing us well.
I am still only seven weeks into my six and a half month deployment and so I will get a great deal of use from your work.
I hope you are well and again you have my many thanks for your support and your work. 
NOTE: Caroline will be sending him a quilt!

A special young lady received this thank you message.

Dear Ruby!
Thank you so much for your wonderful gift to XXXX! I kept it a secret that you were sending it to him and when he received it he couldn’t stop raving about it (he kept talking about a patch or something on the back referring to him as an Aussie hero haha, I think he especially liked that part). One of his other friends also received a quilt and so of course the other guys in the section were very jealous! I think its so amazing that at 9 years old you have such a generous heart, and I hope you know how much doing something like this can boost our soldiers morale. Just to know someone other than his family is proud and appreciates what he is doing seemed to really touch XXXX!  XXXX is very busy at the moment but he will write to you when he has a chance but until then I just really wanted to let you know how special your gift was to both of us!
Thank you again,

And this is a good one!

Now, do you remember that first Marg made this laundry bag?

Then she made these four.

And here is the response…

Hi Marg,
The bags arrived yesterday and you should be receiving three emails from three boys (P, T and B).  I will pass on your email address this morning.  

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you – they look fantastic!!
They were very excited, so we got a photo for you of all four of us with the bags. Brendan got the upside down one, because he had the highest rank.
I haven’t got the photo yet, but will send it to you over the weekend.
I have put aside the other bag for my brother, and I think I’ll give it to him as an extra Christmas present (From Marg and Me). So you can expect an email from him in the New Year.
Thanks again Marg – you are wonderful! I’ll email you the photo shortly. 

I just had to wonder one thing – how do they tell them apart!  LOL! SO I asked….

It is quite easy…
Mine has different yellow fabric to the others.
T’s and P’s have a different band at the top. And B’s eagle is upside down!

Love it! And no Marg is not taking orders! or requests!
Right Marg?

Another thank you for herself.

Caroline, I have literally just received my quilt in the mail and I thought I would send a quick email of thanks to you. Mail is always very well received for those of us on operational deployments and it is extra special when someone like yourself has taken time to send something over. The service that you and the other quilters provide cannot be underestimated. It is nice to receive a letter or card from a stranger offering support, but it is overwhelming to receive a hand made gift as well.

Please pass on my thanks to Maria for her part in producing my quilt. I love the Aussie flag, and the sharks on the laundry bag are great (I am a very keen fisherman). Keep up the good work and be assured your efforts are very much appreciated. 

As I told you in my last post, our lovely Postmistress from Egypt, Chelle, is home and, as promised is getting on with learning to quilt.  Yesterday she brought her new sewing machine and attended a Spotlight Quilting Day!  

She also bought the obligatory rotary cutter, ruler and cutting board AND made her first nine patch block off the tutorial last night!

Way to go Chelle.

Plenty of advice and support on Aussie Heroes for you when you need it Chelle. 

Don’t forget the Penrith Sewing Day!

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!