Block of the Month – May 2016

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2 May 2016

Diamond Set Checkerboard

Colours are BLACK, WHITE and TEAL
The fabrics can be plain, tone-on-tone prints or printed fabrics with other colours.  However, the black should be obviously black, the teal mainly teal and the white mainly white.

This interesting block is simplified by a tricky way of adding the final half square triangles.

The blocks will be about 12.5 inch square from cut edge to cut edge.  Please don’t be concerned if your blocks are not the exact size as I’ve allowed a little extra so the wonderful volunteers who join the blocks to make quilt tops, have a little extra for trimming back to a uniform exact size. 

Cut 2 strips of white fabric 2 1/8 inch wide by about 10 inch long
Cut 2 strips of teal fabric 2 1/8 inch wide by about 10 inch long
Join together as shown above and press all seams to one side
Cut 4 pieces  2 1/8 inch wide as shown above

Join 2 pieces as shown above.  The seams should “lock” together because they are pressed in opposite directions.  For extra accuracy pin each seam to make sure they meet neatly and also to make sure the seams lie flat.

Repeat and then join the 2 pieces together creating the checkerboard part of the block as shown.

Press all seams to one side.

Cut 2 black squares 8 3/8 x 8 3/8 inch        
Cut diagonally in half.  
*  This diagonal cut is on the bias of the fabric and so it can be a little “stretchey”.  When positioning the triangle on the checkerboard block (next step), keep it flat while pinning and sewing and then it will behave nicely for you  🙂

Lay the block out ready for construction

Lay the first black triangle on one side of the checkerboard so that point of the triangle meets up with the centre seam AND the cut edges of both pieces lay together.  Pin and sew together.

Repeat this process for the second triangle on the OPPOSITE  side of the checkerboard.

Press the seam allowances into the black triangles.

Place the third triangle over the checkerboard with right sides together, and with the point of the triangle meeting the centre seam of the checkerboard.  The cut edges should lay together.  Pin and sew the whole length of the black triangle. 

Repeat the above process for the fourth triangle.  The excess corners of the first and second triangles can be trimmed but it is not necessary.  Finally, press the seam allowances of the last 2 triangles into the black triangles.

THANK YOU for your participation in the Block of the Month project

Please send completed blocks to
Caroline Gunn
PO Box 3079
St Mary’s South   NSW   2760

A note to those making the quilt tops…
These blocks should be 12.5 x 12.5 inch with seams.
Trim blocks back to 12 x 12 inch resulting in 11.5 x 11.5 inch blocks when sewn together.
28 blocks will create a quilt 46 x 80.5 inches – allowing for quilt to reduce with quilting.
This month, there is only one possible layout but isn’t it a beautiful quilt!

Happy quilting in the merry month of May.  
Until next time, Sandy.

PDF can be found HERE

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