Grati-Tuesday 3 May

Written by AHQ

3 May 2016

Hi All
some lovely messages tonight! 

Jan-Maree and Joy

The quilt and laundry bag arrived on ANZAC day, thank you very much for these and the goodies as well.

The designs for both are excellent, I am bit reluctant to use them as they are very nice.

I have attached a photo of myself with these items.



Hello Joan and Robin,

Thank you for my laundry bag.
The Captain America laundry bag is great.
With my Ironman quilt, I have a whole Marvel superhero theme going on.
Thank you for the work you do through Aussie Hero Quilts.
Hope everything is going well.


Hi Lisa,

I have spoken with Jan-Maree to inform her that my Quilt has arrived and I just wanted to email you to thank you.

I love the Quilt and love the work that you all do!

It’s very much appreciated and thank you for all your efforts, time and the great work you do.

Once again, thank you! It is great receiving these care packages and your time and efforts are truly appreciated in providing these for us. Words can’t describe how grateful I and others are for these gifts!

Once again, thank you for your time and efforts in arranging these gifts for us. We really appreciate the efforts and support from all Australians back at home.


Hi Maree, Nick, Bec, Matt and Tahlia,

I recently received my Aussie Hero Quilt, laundry bag and letter from you. It has been a little delayed getting through to me (your letter is dated 17 Oct 2015).

I just wanted to send you a quick reply to let you know that it has finally arrived and to say thank you for the time and effort that you put into making these quilts. I, like all of the boys over here, am extremely appreciative of the support that you and the other volunteers provide to deployed service members. Its nice to know that the sacrifices we make are appreciated by everyone back home.

I have been in the Army for 8 years now and this is my 2nd deployment overseas, after serving in Afghanistan a couple of years ago. 

I grew up on the NSW central coast and have been into surfing most of my life. I like the design of the quilt and it definitely adds some much needed colour to my room. My dad was really into surfing and I used to watch some of the older surfing videos with him growing up so I do recognise the tiki man. Most kids these days wouldn’t recognise it at all.

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

Thanks again.


Thanks so much for the quilt and bag (and minties and tea)

Exceptionally happy with them both

In fact, when I received my email from Jan, I had an enormous smile on my face

As based on others that had received theirs, I couldn’t wait to receive and see mine

Have I mentioned that they are AWESOME

I have been watching Doctor Who since I was in my teens
I didn’t know if you had any idea of who or what he was?
I was actually interested to see what design you came up with
Don’t think I have mentioned that they are AWESOME
Jan, could you also pass out to all the others that have made quilts and bags, that they have been AWESOME
The amount of work that has been put into making them is incredible
We are all truly thankful for them
They are a morale booster, for not only ourselves, but for the enitre ship
Thank you all


G’day Lynn,

I am writing to thank you for the Hero Quilt that you made
for me, which I received yesterday.

I thought I’d tell you a bit more about myself, though from
the quilt you made for me it would appear that you already have a pretty good
idea. I was born in Darwin and lived there until I joined the Air Force. Since then I have lived all 

around Australia whilst completing my
training. I am based in Katherine (3 hours south of Darwin), so I have somehow
found my way back to the Territory. In my spare time I enjoy doing anything
outdoors, from camping and fishing to scuba diving (although there’s not all
that much around here).

I really do appreciate the time, effort and skill that has gone

into making this quilt for me, it is obvious how much thought you put into
making it; and it is a nice reminder of the great people out there supporting

I know what you do is not well known in the community at
large but I know within defence a lot of people talk about the quits and
laundry bags they received whilst deployed. I for one will be telling everyone
I speak to know about the great work you and AHQ do.

Once again thank you.

Kind Regards,


From Butterworth

Gday Jeanne,

I am the lucky holder of the laundry
bag that you created, the one with the Aussie flags alll over. The bag itself
is much appreciated for its practicality, but more importantly for what it
means. Compared to most of the trips we have on in recent times its not bad,
only three months. However when we get back we will spend a lot more time away
at various stages over the next couple of years. But no matter where you go
around the world there's still no experience like walking through the gates and
hearing the accent, we certainly are blessed. 

Your service as an nurse is also
greatly greatly appreciated as it definately takes a certain kind of person to
do that job. I had experience with the ER side side of your professon last
year as tomorrow will mark 12 months to the day since I had multiple bypass
surgery, and it is due to their dedication that I will be celebrating
by running 5 km up Mt Penang in the morning.

All the best to you and yours loved


Dear Joan and Robin. 

I have just picked up the gorgeous laundry bag covered in international flags.
It has headed off with it's first load of washing to the lovely people that do that for me over here.
I feel almost guilty that I don't have to wash my uniform myself !
I just wanted to let you know how lovely the bags are.
I think I have ordered a quilt too.
I will try and get a photo to you as soon as I can.
Thanks once again !!!!

Dear Joan

My sincerest thanks for the wonderful gift you have given me. 

The laundry bag is not only useful but will long serve as a reminder of the

wonderful people at home who put their time and effort into supporting us while
we leave our family and friends at home. It’s these small gestures that makes
the distance more manageable, knowing there are people at home who are thinking
of us and enriching our lives with their generosity of spirit.

I want you to know there is always a torrent of excitement
when everyone knows that a gift from Aussie Hero quilts and Laundry bags
arrives. It’s like watching a favourite TV show and you just can’t wait to see
what the next chapter brings.

I picked up the rather meager mail bag today and our lovely
postie, a young female Corporal apologized to me because she didn’t recall
seeing anything for me. Imagine my delight when I not only found a parcel with
my name on it, I instantly recognized it was from “ Aussies”

I almost felt bad for the others. I was quite selfish and
hid my parcel on my bunk waiting for the moment I could relish opening it! 

The afternoon flew by because I was so busy but the anticipation built rapidly.

Let me say that I am delighted with your work and choice of
material. Nothing makes an Aussie more proud than to show off the things that
make us uniquely Australian. I once overheard a friendly foreigner being
confused over why we get excited over things like a laundry bag. He could never
be an Aussie because he didn’t understand. To me it signifies the spirit of
giving and always reinforces the suitableness in the way we care.

Tomorrow I will share your work with the others. I know they
are looking forward to seeing the bag as much as I have.

Thank you Joan, so much, for your time, effort and support.
I will cherish this always. Bless you and your family.


The following for a quilt made by Norma and quilted by Abbie's Long Arm Quilting in QLD 
and a laundry bag made by the WPH ladis.

I have officially received my Aussie hero quilt, and have to tell you that I'm exceptionally happy with what I've got!
 The end result exceeded my expectations and I have to say it's better than what I asked
for! The personalised laundry bag is great too! It just so happens to be
hanging filled with smelly socks etc as I write this email!

A big, heartfelt thank you to you and the rest of the Aussie Hero Quilt team from myself and 
I'm sure everyone else loves their quilts too!  THANKS! 

Good Morning Jackie

Hope you are well. It was so lovely to receive the quilt. I can't express in
words that how nice and beautiful it is. One of the best quilt I have seen. I
love it . Thank you so much for making it for me. I really appreciate it .
Congratulations on the new grandchildren . Take care and thank you so much. :-)

Hey Jacqui, 

To start with I'd just like to say a BIG thankyou for
the quilt! It is absolutely stunning and everyone I show it to is quite
impressed with the amount of work that you have put in! I couldn't ask for a
better quilt, you have outdone yourself ! I was able to read the message
straight away. When we do our training before we join the fleet as
communicators we get morse code and flag recognition hammered into us for 6
months straight so they both become like a 2nd and 3rd language after a while.

I showed the Signals Yeoman and to be honest I think
he was a little envious of the fact that I had the quilt and he didn't ! He
inspected the flags, the ship, the ensign and, just like the rest of ships
crew, was thoroughly impressed with the amount of effort that had been put in
to the design and the execution. I think its the best one on the ship by a
country mile!

I tell you what, my face lit up like a kid at
Christmas when I received your parcel. Your kind words in your card and the
support you showed in what you wrote really warmed my heart. The card alone was
nice enough, and to get such an amazing quilt along with it  just made me
feel even more special... and there's some times when you're out here that you
need that, so thankyou. I cant imagine how long it took you to make that quilt
and the amount of your own time you gave up to make it but it is beautiful and
I really appreciate all the research that you put into it too ! All the flags
are correct, Darwin looks amazing with her side number 04, the ensign looks
crisp and the Navy logo with the operation name is just the icing on the cake !

I honestly can't thank you enough!

P.S. Tim-Tams are worth their weight in gold on board
! I plan to have at least half for myself and maybe use the other half to pull
a few favours here and there when I'm in a tight spot on board! haha

Warmest regards,

Jo H-S and Ian,

“I need to thank you from the
bottom of my heart for your warm wishes and kind sentiment expressed in your
Port Power hero quilt / laundry bag combo and the beautifully elegant letter
penned to accompany them. As you can imagine, being this far from home, friends
and family is difficult and any contact is welcomed with great joy and
happiness. Your package finds me arriving back to my room after passing through
immigration on our way back from a mission last night and before heading back
into work this afternoon for planning of tomorrow's mission.

I saw the signatures when I opened up the quilt and immediately felt you should

know what it is we do. Our job is
mostly to take control of the skies and direct the allied forces around the
airspace to complete their individual missions. Having the Power senior
leadership team sign the quilt means a little something extra to me with us
essentially being the leadership team of the air war overhead this conflict.

I want to thank you again for your gift. My family have been Port Adelaide

supporters for generations and this quilt is already the envy of my sister and

father back home (I sent them pictures straight after opening it of

course) and I'm sure my kids will love it when I take it back to

Australia for them following deployment.”


To Trevor and Sandy

I have received my new Washing Bag and I
absolutely love it! Your efforts and love is so very evident in your work, I am
truly grateful for the time and effort you put into it (a few of the boys are
very jealous, makes me put a smile on my face, as i hope it will for you). The
volunteer work Aussie Hero Quilts do, does not go unnoticed by us serving
members while on deployment. It brings a little bit of joy to us all knowing
that people from our country really care about what we are doing up here, and
we Thank You for that.

Your story of Trevor and yourself really hit
home as my Mother is also the primary carer for my brother who had an accident
4 years ago. They write to me continually as well as send 'care packages' for a
bit of a morale booster. We are from XXXXX, we are lucky enough to
live right on the beach in a beautiful part of the world.

Look forward to hearing back from you,

Hi Sandy,

I received your laundry bag today, thank you very much indeed.
I can honestly say, this laundry bag will get
well used over my six month deployment in the Middle East.

I am a 29 year old RAAF member. We are preparing for a long hot summer and
gifts from home are always the best!

Hope you and Trevor are doing well in the
beautiful Barossa Valley. I have been there many times and must say, I love it!
I'm a wine lover and I envy the access you must have to some wonderful cellar
doors. I also am an avid cyclist and have watch the Tour Down Under pass
through the lovely regions of the Barossa before and it's just great!

Thank you once again for your hard work and
dedication and wish you and Trevor a happy an prosperous 2016.

Kind regards,

Dear Sandy, today I received 3 lovely laundry bags that you made for our serving members over in
the Middle East. I'm pretty sure I have written to you before, but wish to again thank you for all your efforts 
in supporting our members deployed on Operations. 

It always fills our hearts with warmth to know people back in Australia think of us and care for us. 
I will pass on your wonderful laundry bags and encourage the members to write you back. 
Thanks again for you magnificent efforts! 

Hi Sue,

I am just about to clock up 15 years in the Navy. I have partner at home whom I miss very much. I
have a dog and I also have 2 very spoilt cats.

I have just received the gifts that you made and wanted to
thank you very much! and wish you a very happy Mothers Day.



Till next time .............................keep spreading the word and happy stitching
Jan-Maree  xx

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