The Churndash block is a traditional block with a name that doesn’t seem to
describe it! …as is the case with many traditional patchwork blocks.

This month, I am looking for blocks that have BLACK BACKGROUNDS because these
are SO useful in making the Aussie Heroes’ quilts.

Here’s a selection of black background fabrics that I thought would make interesting blocks.
Please use a strong dark black with a white or grey printed pattern on it.

Please use gender neutral prints eg. no florals.

The black should be more dominant than the white print on it.
Black tone-on-tone patterns are good.
Grey prints on black are good.
Plain black is also good.

The Churndash should be made from white background fabric with a black or grey 
printed design on it.  
The printed patterns on both the black and the white backgrounds can be abstract, geometric, stripes, spots, actual shapes etc.  Please only use plain white if you don’t have any other options.
100% cotton fabrics 
1/4 inch seam allowance
Let’s get started on this lovely block.
cut one strip 4 1/2 inch x 16 inch
cut four squares 6 x 6 inch 
cut one square 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch
cut one strip 2 inch x 16 inch
cut four squares 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch
Join the long white and black strips together and press the seam either open or to one side.  I pressed mine open.
Cut off a little to straighten the fabric and then cut four pieces, as shown, 3 1/2 inch wide
On the wrong side of the four white squares, draw a line from corner to corner and then draw another line parallel to the first line 1/2 inch from it
Place a white square on one of the four black squares, with right sides together, and pin in the corner so that the second diagonal line (the shorter one) is closest to the outside corner
Stitch along both lines and then cut through the middle of the two lines of stitching and put the off-cut corners aside for sending with your BOM’s
Press the seam allowance onto the white fabric and the result will be a complete square, then make three more squares in the same way
Lay out the block as shown, making three rows
Stitch together, the 3 sections of the first row.  
Repeat for the other two rows.
Join the three rows together.
Press the seam allowances in the directions shown above, as this allows the seam allowances to “lock together” as the rows are joined to each other.  See below.
Press the block flat from the front.
And here it is…
and 4 off-cut corners 
that will be sewn by Violet in the Coffs Harbour Sewing Team to make 
little blocks and joiners/sashing.
DO NOT trim the blocks, even if they are a little uneven as ALL blocks are trimmed back to make them the right size needed for each Aussie Hero’s quilt.
PDF Version of the block can be found HERE
Please send your finished blocks and off-cut corners to
Sandy Corry
9 Wendouree Court
North Boambee Valley   NSW   2450
Include your email address and I’ll email when your blocks arrive or 
watch for the Wednesday Happy Mail showing all the blocks that
have arrived in the previous week.
again and again and again
for being a part of Jan-Maree’s Bomb Squad and
for making the blocks, that make the quilts 
for our deployed Aussie Heroes,
showing them how much we respect them and that we are grateful for all 
they are doing for us.
Until next time,