Aussie Stars for Wounded Warriors

Written by AHQ

29 June 2015

Before tonight’s post a small amount of business.  

Last Thursday night’s post covered a lot of information about the Administration of Aussie Heroes.  I know it does not sound very exciting and you may think, if you have been sewing for us for a while, that you don’t need to read it but can I please prevail upon you to read it.  

I do a lot of the ADMIN for Aussie Heroes as a one woman band so have listed some things that you could do that would really make my job easier. Please take the time to read the post to see if there is anything you might be able to do to help me out just by doing things in a slightly different way or at a different time.  Your co-operation would really be appreciated.  You can check it out here.

Aussie Stars

I am not sure that everyone knows that we have been providing quilts called Wounded Warrior Quilts since April 2012. These quilts are currently held in the hospital in Kabul and are taken by the Medevac Nurse when she accompanies one of our injured troops to the hospital in Germany.  

We now have a new deployment in Iraq so it is important that we offer the same support to those troops as well.    I like to always have a few quilts on hand that can be used for this purpose so the time has come to make some more.   

Instead of having a normal block of the month this month I thought we would make some Aussie Stars.  These stars, depending on how many we get, will be used to make up some quilts suitable to be used for Wounded Warrior Quilts.   All our Wounded Warrior Quilts must have a distinctly Australian flavour.

These stars are really easy to make and are designed to be trimmed to size.  The tutorial for the stars can be found here.

Please note, it is more likely that the recipients of these quilts will be male than female so let’s make all these blocks at least gender neutral  if not masculine.  Please no pink.

It would be great if your blocks could feature some Australian fabric but you can also make blocks in Aussie colours – I am thinking rusts, ochres and olive greens for uniformity. Th colour placement of blocks does not have to be exactly as the ones pictured.  That is just an example.

As I would like to get these quilts made up as soon as possible please post the blocks to me rather than to Caroline as we do with normal Blocks of the Month. My postal address is 

Aussie Heroes
PO Box 248
Cherrybrook  NSW 2890

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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