Weekly Dispatches 26 June

Written by AHQ

26 June 2015

Hi all
Hope you have all had a great week. Hope you enjoy the quilts and laundry bags we have to show this week.

 802 quilts and 1061 laundry bags for 2015. 

4384 quilts and  6508 laundry bags in total.

Barbara B made the first two quilts and laundry bag…

Amy R

Made by Queanbeyan CWA with donated fabric from Berrima Patchwork.  

Bev – front 

and back

Chris W 

Clermont Patchwork and Quilters.


 These are two of the quilt tops that has been sent in. I try very hard to keep track of who made what but I can’t pin a name on them when they go to the quilters and so it makes it very hard to keep records.  If you recognise your top please let me know.    
Elise and her Mum 🙂

Heather B and Cheryl C-  Front

And back

Heather B and Marj T – front 

and back

Heather B 


and back

I think this is rather special.  Ingrid is a recipient from the past and her husband is now deployed.  She made this quilt for a member who is now deployed where she once served. Talk about completing the circle.  🙂

Jen L sent this top to me and Cath M quilted it. 

I made this one…. had fun with it too

Another of mine
Looks like Jo H had some fun as well.

Queanbeyan CWA group made this one.


Judy S 

Julie Ann made this quilt top and Stephanie T quilted it.

 I made this one and Debbie quilted if for me.
Top of the next two made by Lynn and quilted by Debbie

Lynn S 

Maggie L 
Marilyn S made this laundry bag – we wondered if her recipient is old enough to have used one of these…  

Marj W

This is another donated quilt top, this time quilted by Lisa N 


Robyn B 

Rowena M 

Ruth B  – front 

and back

Sandy C

Top by Lynn and quilted by Stephanie T (I think – it can be hard to keep track of the quilters too)

Sharon Mc C

Stephanie T

Sue G – and what better way to display a bunch of laundry bags than a clothes line! 

Sue N 

A lovely quilt top by Pam D, finished off by Queanbeyan CWA.  

A lovely donated quilt top also quilted by the Queanbeyan CWA.

Wanda (and quality control agent)

 What a great bunch of quilts and laundry bags.  

Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend.

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

Jan-Maree xxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Beautiful stuff, Well done everyone.


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