APRIL BOM BLOCK – The Australia Block

Written by ahq_admin

2 April 2015

Hi Everyone

This month we are going to re-visit a block we have done every year and that is the The Australia Block.

The dimensions are a little different as we are going to use them with the signature blocks that we are asking visitors to AQC to sign with a message for a ADF member.

It is always a successful and looked really great when made up into quilts, with the added signature blocks they are going to be wonderful.

Here is one I prepared earlier.

We do have our usual requests ……. Please Please NO PINKS, NO PURPLES, NO FLORALS (Except Australian Wildflowers). 

Please use two different fabrics……a plain fabric (solid or tone-on-tone is OK) and an Aussie fabric or fabric that represents Australian life. (ie: thongs, beaches). You can use them in any order… Background plain and Australia patterned or the other way Background patterned and Australia plain it’s your choice.
First you need to cut yourself a 9″ square in your background fabric. No photo of that  I think you can work that out. This is an applique block and I ask that you machine sew it to your fabric with either a close buttonhole stitch or a small zigzag. You need to get yourself a fusible product. JM and I use Visoflex because that is what our stores sell. 

There is a comprehensive tutorial on applique on the blog so if you are a beginner or want some more tips head to The Kangaroo Applique Lesson on the blog. Listed under the Tutorial Listings on the blog and scroll down.

The template that you need for this month’s block is also on the blog so head to the Tutorial Listings. Scroll down until you see the template, then download.  It should look like this.

When I trace the pattern I give tasmainia a tropical holiday and tuck it into the Gulf of Carpentaria as that saves paper.

Trim roughly 1/4in around the edges of the marked line, then fuse to the wrong side of the fabric you have chosen for your Australia, with a hot, dry iron.  Cut your map of Australia/Tasmania out on the marked lines with sharp scissors.

Remove the paper backing and centre the map onto your chosen background fabric.

The final step is to applique the map down using your chosen machine stitch.
Choose a toning coloured thread or a contrast, just make sure you choose something that will give the map a definate edge. I suggest you don’t match the thread to the background.

When you have completed your applique and ironed your block flat, please trim to 8 1/2in square. If you don’t have a rotary cutter, please leave the trimming to us to ensure accuracy.

That’s it you’re done.  Post your finished blocks to me at
Caroline Gunn PO BOX 3079, ST MARYS SOUTH  NSW  2760

Happy Stitching


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  1. Jo

    Will try and do 1or 2


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