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23 September 2012

This is another one of those All Sorts posts.  
From TV programs to photos to a heart warming story that I could not read out loud without getting emotional!  Enjoy!

Gail, one of our Aussie Hero Friends, sent me some programming information for a couple of TV shows that  she thought some of you, (including me) might be interested in.  


One of the most isolated and barren landscapes on the planet, Afghanistan is a strange place for an empire or superpower to invade. But for three of the greatest powers the world has seen, it became an unlikely target, an enduring obsession and an unwinnable war. After the British invasion in the 19th century, Afghanistan was dubbed the ‘Graveyard of Empires’. Yet two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the US-led coalition today, again invaded in the 20th and 21st centuries.
 Wednesday 26, September 2012 – 21:30:00 SBS ONE
 Duration: 60 min

Episode 2 will probably be on the following week.

And for the night owls, this program, which was filmed in 2009:

 The last place you might expect to find a chaplain is dodging bullets in Afghanistan. This film follows two British Royal Marine chaplains as they travel around ‘their parish’ bringing faith to the frontline.

Friday 28, September 2012 – 01:25:00 ABC1 (This is 1.25 a.m. on Friday morning!!!)
 Duration: 50 min

We received a great photo of one of Caroline’s quilts with its new Aussie Hero owner.
Who can tell me what that symbol stands for on the Aussie Sign please?

Another Aussie Hero sent a thank you photo to Jill

and one for Melissa.

A thank you for Liz

Firstly my apologies in the delay sending this email, I should have
sent it much earlier. I’d like to thank you guys for the excellent
quilt and laundry bag you sent me. It’s a great feeling to know that,
as soldiers, our work is appreciated by folks back home.  I’m a man of
few words so I’ll cut it here. Again – thank you very much. You guys
are great.

And another thank you…for a laundry bag I made…

Jan-Maree and ladies, I would very much like to pass on my thanks to you all. This week our Padre called in to see me and he passed me a laundry bag that had kindly been made by yourselves. In my opinion keepsakes such as this are true treasures of our experiences in the Middle Eastas they come from people that clearly care for Defence personnel overseas away from home.
I will truly treasure this item.
Thank you very much.

Kleenex Warning!

Now here is a special story.  Someone, who prefers not to be named, received this email from a relative who ……..well you can read if for yourself……

Oh how you are making me very proud.     XXXXX sent me pictures of the things that you have been doing for soldiers and sailors.  You are doing an absolutely fantastic job.  All of the ladies who are contributing should know that this is a fantastic idea, and one that actually has been going around for a little while in one form or another.  It is something that we guys treasure immensly.  Yes I know its been 40 old years since I served but let me tell you I still treasure the laundry bag that your mother made for me many, many years ago and, yes,  I still have it.  I am thinking that you need to have it as a reminder of the good work you are doing and how appreciative these guys will be.

When I was in the Navy I went to your parents on leave to meet your sister when she was born.  Oh this was to be the trip of a lifetime as it took 3 planes and not ones like we have today.  I was so thrilled when I finally got to see your mum at the airport, well dirt landing strip with a mesh fence around it.  Oh the joys of country towns.

Upon my arrival I was so excited to meet my 1st baby niece that I held her ever so proudly up in the air and shook her to laugh.  Well the laughter was all on me when she $%#@ her nappy with runny,  smelly yellow $%#@!!   Oh no!  All down my naval whites!!   I was going to be in so much trouble when I returned to ship over the marks on my uniform.   

Your poor mother, as proud as she was of housework she was proud of washing and no stains were aloud in her laundry as you were well aware, so my dear dear sister scrubbed and scrubbed with good old sunlight soap and hung my whites out in the sun, then rubbed and rubbed with lemon and yep, she got them out. 

Well in my white uniform she did but not my white duffle bag, which also doubled
as my laundry bag, so the genius and crafty woman that she is she set about making me a new one.  

This was not easy to do as where in a small country town do you find thick good quality white fabric?  Of course the hospital had good sheets didn’t they, so your mum got in contact with the matron and she said that it was alright to look through the ones that needed mending and she could help herself to any of those ones. 

The good old treddle machine worked overtime and made me a new duffle/laundry bag for me
to take back with me.  It turned out perfect and I returned to ship with it and no one was ever the wiser.  After joking with my friends about it and seeing that it was better quality they wanted some, so I wrote to your mum and asked for another 3 of them.  

2 months later 4 of us had hospital sheet duffle/laundry bags.

So I do know first hand that your mother would be very proud of you today if she was still alive, and I am  so very proud of you that I told everyone about it at the RSL up here yesterday.  I was a little teary when XXXXX sent me the photo’s of you and your quilt and laundry bags and I know that these guys and dolls will be forever greatfull and be forever thankfull that you and women like you are doing such a selfless and heart warming gesture.   Not only will these be a reminder to them that yes the everyday civilian does care, but they will become a family heirloom, a story for grandchildren to talk about how granddad or grandma got this sent
to them by a caring stranger as a thank you.

Keep up the good work and when we are next on our caravaning travels I shall drop in with my proud laundry bag for you to get inspired by.

OK it is safe to put the Kleenex away now

If anyone is sending BOM blocks can you please let me know.  I will start sorting them out this week if no more are on the way.  If your parcel has arrived since the last happy mail I have emailed you.  

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Maria

    I have posted some blocks, quilt tops and laundry bags…
    Will make a few more blocks and get them in the post by WED.

  2. Anonymous

    The symbol on the australia at the top is the Lazy E. I assume the man is an Engineer

  3. Beeshebags

    Sorry I haven't commented on tonights post until now, but I've been sewing my fingers off, trying out the correct size Jelly Roll Race quilts….can you hear the fanfare??? I think Sharina B and I have finally got it right….they'll be 72" long and about 43.5" wide (that's the closest we could get) I have two 'failed' tops to brag about, but they will still be utilised….will have a tutorial on my blog for how to make them the right size, once I do one more test run.

    Back to the actual post….thanks Anonymous for explaining the symbol….never would've guessed it!

    All these wonderful stories/messages are slowly wearing away at my hard heart JM….but then you knew I couldn't stay tearless forever hey?


  4. Sue Niven

    What a beautiful story, I loved it.


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