Announcing a New Special Project

Written by AHQ

21 May 2022


G’day folks.

I think that every quilt and laundry bag we do is special, and each has the capacity impact our recipients in ways that we might never expect which is part of the value of what we do. That said, every now and then we have the opportunity to support a special mission or to be involved with a special project and this is one of those times. 

In the coming months a team of ADF members will be taking part in just such a special project. I can’t tell you any more than that at the moment as I do not want them to know that we are supporting them but I need to let you know that it is coming up so you have the chance to put your hand up to make one of their quilts or laundry bags. 

The items we make will commemorate their involvement. 

If you choose to make one of these quilts or bags I will be able to share more information with you via email but you will have to keep it to yourself and will not be able to share pics of your quilt or laundry bag on your social media pages until the mission is complete.

The laundry bags and quilts will both have a number of special embroidered patches to include, each of which will be sent to you. Laundry bags will need the recipient’s initials included. 

Each quilt or laundry bag is to have a predominantly ANZAC/poppy theme but there will be room for some Aussie flavour as well, and maybe a couple of other details which I can’t share here. . 

Quilts and laundry bags will need to be posted to me as I have been asked to present them in person.  Laundry bags must arrive no later than 13 June and quilts must be with me no later than 18 July. 

You will receive pre-paid satchels to post your bags and quilts so there will be no cost of postage. 

These requests will be listed on Monday’s Request list so I hope you will get on board and get involved with this special project.  I am just so delighted that we have the opportunity to be involved with this special project and I hope you will be too. I am looking forward to sharing more information with you when I can. 




Till next time… keep spreading the word, and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx


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