Adelaide and back

Written by AHQ

28 March 2018

Well what a weekend.   Last Thursday I headed off to Adelaide.  Earlier in the week I had put a post on my Facebook page, asking if anyone would be able to give me a lift to the airport. It costs over $100 to catch a taxi to the airport from my home and with my arthritis, two heavy suitcases and a laptop bag I can’t manage the train. 

I really had not expected anyone to be able to help me out but Tanya in Brisbane offered the services of her lovely husband, currently posted to Sydney, and one of our recipients, Ben, came to my rescue.  What a blessing! 

Once in Adelaide, I was collected by Ellen, mother to another recipient of ours and a self-confessed Aussie Heroes Groupie.  Ellen was kind enough to allow me to stay for the night and we arranged a dinner at a local restaurant for quilters.  We were also joined by Amanda and her lovely daughter Hayley.  Amanda’s husband, Paul, received a quilt way back in about 2012.  We even had one of our recipients join us… Rob.  He and Lyn’s husband, Jeff, were the two brave fellows who dared to join us. 

Rob was kind enough to buy Easter Eggs for all of us and also gave me several tea towels to be used in laundry bags. He also brought along his quilt, made by Gail, and his laundry bag made by Robyn Bs.  He held them up to talk to us and tell them how much it meant to receive them and found his emotions would not let him speak as he wanted to.  Turns out he did not have to say much to show us how much it meant to receive his quilt and laundry bag.  

That lovely smile says it all really doesn’t it. 

 The quilters enjoyed catching up with those they knew and meeting others for the first time. 
It was a really pleasant evening and then it was time to head off and pack the bags again. On Saturday morning Sandra picked me up and we drove the three hours north to Orroroo.   I had to buy a hostess gift for Ellen and the first place Sandra took me to in Orroroo was a FABULOUS shop called The Store on Second Street.  They had all sorts of wonderful things there… at country prices too.  I eventually chose a scarf for Ellen but I almost chose ……….. 

I was heading to Orroroo to be one of the guest speakers for the Rural Round Up. Over 300 quilters come into town for the day.  Fabric stores set up stalls and of course there were quilts on Display. 

Four of us were accommodated at Nanna’s House. I was lucky enough to share the house with two other guest speakers, Rachel Denneny, Lessa Siegele and Lessa’s friend Helen.  The house actually used to be the Parnell family’s Nanna’s house and then when she died her family decided to honour her by turning it into a gorgeous guest house.  There were beautiful touches in each room like these gorgeous coathangers. 

It is the little things that make the difference….

On each of our beds was a lovely basket of goodies to make us feel welcome. 

Later that night the guest speakers were invited in to the Blacksmiths Chatter  a function centre run by the Parnell family.  We had a delicious meal and enjoyed a performance by Stephen Parnell, a world renowned percussionist.  

How lucky for us!  As you can see the food was pretty special too!!!

 It was a short walk home at the end of the meal but boy was it dark… thank goodness we had torches on our phones!!! 

The next morning we headed out to the school gym so see the set up for the day. This is Rita A. She had been working very hard, with the help of some others,  and had created a wonderful Aussie Hero Display. 

Great job to Rita and the team. 

I just had to take a photo of these beautiful flowers……

I did not take nearly enough photos but here are some….

I was the first guest speaker and this is the view that greeted me!  A full house pretty much!
I am told there were lots of wet eyes after my speech and quite a few people came up to me to ask questions or to tell me they wanted to get involved.  I would say the day was a success from and Aussie Hero point of view, but it was definitely a success for the Orroroo ladies. What a fabulous job they did. 

That night we had another fabulous dinner, this time the guest speakers and some of the organising committee … and at another fabulous restaurant… Maggie’s Rendezvous.  Seriously, for a little town with a population of 700, they have some terrific businesses in town!   Again, the food was delicious. 

I could not resist taking a photo or two around Nanna’s. This gorgeous big cart was in the back yard… I could not help but think it would make a great decoration in my new backyard… but was not sure it would fit on the aircraft……

You can’t beat these beautiful old houses full of character. 

Sunday morning saw a quick visit to the markets for breakfast pizza and a couple of purchases… sorry can’t share, the recipients are yet to receive them, although I did buy some of Fay’s delicious biscuits to take back to Ellen and they were YUM!!!
It was a fabulous weekend so a huge thanks to the lovely ladies from the Orroroo Patchword Group for inviting me to come and be their guest. 

Their next big event will be in October next year.  Hopefully they will give me details closer to time so that I can share it and you can go if you are interested. 

Huge thanks to Ben for taking me to and from the airport.  Thanks to Rob for being such a lovely gentleman and for showing the quilters how much it means to receive a quilt and bag whilst deployed. Big thanks to Ellen for being my hostess in Adelaide.  You are a gem. And finally, thank you to Sandra for taking me to and from Adelaide, from chatting with me for three solid hours there and back ( I think I met my match LOL) and for showing me around her gorgeous little town. Seriously think about stopping in there, rather than driving through if you are in the area.  I just loved it. 

Till next time……. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx 

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