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16 March 2016

Hi All
Just a short post tonight as you may have read I am in Canberra for a couple of days. 

Last night my husband and I met for drinks with someone who came home from the Middle East on Australia Day. I won’t say too much about him as he is going to drop in to Poppy’s at the Australian War Memorial tomorrow morning for a cuppa and I do not want to spoil the surprise.  Photos tomorrow night … if someone reminds me… please.

Today I spent some time catching up with some recipients.

The first person I met up with is recently home from his deployment to South Sudan.  I wish I could be sure I am adequately passing on his enthusiasm for the support that Aussie Heroes provided to his team whilst he was in South Sudan. Often those deployed with the UN to Peacekeeping missions feel as though they are forgotten.  By us sending them quilts and laundry bags we let them know that they are remembered and that what they are doing is appreciated. 

Next I met up with a very special couple.  I made Gus a quilt whilst he was deployed in South Sudan in 2012 and he has since been back on deployment, last time to Kandahar.   At that time his then girlfriend, Cas, also deployed to Kabul and I made her laundry bag but Su J made her quilt.  Your saw the quilt recently as the cover photo on our Facebook page.  Since returning from deployment they have gotten engaged, married and now have the apple of their eye, little Will.  Cas sent me a photo of wonderful Will on her quilt and that was recently the AHQ cover photo!  Today was a lovely chance to catch up and meet Will.  Is he cute or what!

Of course I had to give him a gift and I had been wracking my brains what that should be. A quilter will usually make a baby quilt but no time, absolutely NO time so had to find something I could do and decided on a Christmas Laundry bag… everyone needs a Santa sack right?  

 The red, white and blue quilt is Dad’s!

After lunch with Cas and Gus I was off to meet the next chaplain deploying to the Headquarters of the Middle East Joint Task Force. I was able to tell her all about the Wounded Warrior Quilts and all the rest of the things that Aussie Hero Quilts does.  It was a very productive meeting… and I know exactly what she would like for her quilt!  Just so happens I delivered her laundry bag personally….. nothing explains what we do better than showing someone and it also helps to have someone tell you exactly what a recipient would like…..  one look at her laundry bag and she said “someone has been talking…..”   Hee Hee Not who she thought it was though and I never reveal my sources! 

Don’t forget if you are around tomorrow and want to say hello to myself or some of our quilters please drop by Poppy’s around 11am.   And quilters if you have not yet decided if you are coming or not….. you might like to know that two recipients will be joining for part of the time and I think you will want to meet these ones!  That is all I am going to say!

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xxx

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  1. Jacqui D

    Cute baby, we have a Will in our family too….just as cute but a little older, try 19 ;o) Sounds like your having fun…go Jan Maree!!


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