A perfect day for sewing!

Written by AHQ

25 January 2012

Lots and lots of constant rain- the perfect day to sit inside and listening to it while sewing!  Lovely!
 Two of my Gumnut buddies came over today and we got plenty done.  Sharon worked on laundry bags 
 and Del cut up the rolls of 6 1/2″ strips that Sue from the Injune Creek Patchwork Group sent down and arranged them into groups of 11 for quilts.  
 Snickers supervised of course!
 And I cut more laundry bags and linings for laundry bags that I had cut out earlier.  These laundry bags are all partially sewn thanks to Andrea who did some sewing recently at home and Sharon who sewed today.  All the bundles on top are the channels for cording.
And all of these are now laundry bags – minus the lining which I still have to cut.  All bar the top two were provided by Kate from SA.  Thanks Kate – these are going to be really distinctive laundry bags – no lost laundry here!
 These are enough 6 1/2″ strips that Del put together – the top one came from Sue’s strips and the bottom is from leftovers I had.  I reckon we will get at least another quilt, plus leftovers, from Sue’s strips but we ran out of time to sort them into groups.
I am expecting a fairly quiet day tomorrow so hopefully lots of quilting.  I want to finish off two more quilts to send off on Friday. 

Till next time…keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Quilts and Laundry Bags sent so far this year
Quilts – 4
Laundry bags – 28

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    Wished you be a little closer, would love to come for the day and help you


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