I hope you have had a lovely Australia Day.
I emailed the friendly Warrant Officer and the female Major to wish them a happy Australia Day.  The Warrant Officer told said there were several BBQs on today and a few games of cricket. He said he wasn’t sure how much cricket would be played as it snowed for three days just recently and there is snow and ice everywhere. Apparently today’s top temp would be around 0 degrees!!!  Brr
I told him not to forget about the Australia Day Box from the Gumnuts and friends. I posted it well before Christmas to make sure that it got there without any glitches and his reply was 
“You have little to fear about me forgetting about the box, I have been looking at it everyday for the past week.”   I filled it with ANZACs, Violet Crumbles, Smarties, Freckles and a few other bits and pieces.  
My family had a very quiet day. My hubby is still in the USA on business. There is no point me arranging a family outing as the boys, at fifteen, won’t be seen dead with me in public! Fly Boy has been out the movies and Guitar Hero spent the day lying in bed! He tried to add a second monitor to his computer last night (as a budding geek is likely to do) and both screens went black. Apparently if you can’t use your computer you might as well not get out of bed!

I, at least, have had a productive day. I have quilted four AH quilts but I will show you pics once they have been bound tomorrow.   I have also packed up five quilts to send off tomorrow.  You have seen the pics of all the others but you haven’t seen this one.  

I just love the bias gingham binding.  Such a fresh green.
Usually I don’t do “themed” quilts but this is going to a 20 year old – she turned 20 the day she flew out for Afghanistan.  How hard must that have been for her family.  There was one female soldier among the first fifteen we sent quilts too and I asked her if she had any friends she would like laundry bags and quilts for and she gave me five sets of initials.  And she also told me that this girl loves horses and in fact she owns some.  Well, of course I had to find some horse fabric!  I am so pleased to be finally sending it off tomorrow.  
Till next time………..happy stitching!