Do you remember this quilt?  I put it up on facebook and it wasn’t long before Renae said she thought it would be nice for her friend who is serving “over there” right now.  It was packaged up and sent on its way and now it has arrived.

Today I received a thank you message.

Hi there
I just received a quilt and laundry bag from your organisation, and I just wanted to pass on my intense gratitude and thanks. I was so overwhelmed to receive it, it’s so touching and the work that has been put into it is just amazing. It’s very humbling to think that people back home are thinking of us and putting so much effort into a gift for us. Wendy and Denise have both done beautiful work and I would like to thank them so much. Your organisation is doing a wonderful thing and I know that every person who receives a parcel like this from you will feel the same way I do … it means so much to me and is such a thoughtful gesture from you all.
Feeling very overwhelmed and emotional! I have a strong suspicion that it might be all of you that are the heroes in this situation!
Kindest regards and thanks.

I have been assured that we will get a photo too in short order.  

Another Generous Donation!

A couple of weeks ago I spoke on radio 2GB to promote what we are doing and afterwards I received a lovely phone call from a wonderful fellow called Jim who owns JB Fabrics.  He said he could donate some fabric to us.  

Jim served in the Army Reserve with the 2/3 Field Regt  and in fact just attended a reunion last weekend.  
You couldn’t ask for a lovelier man and walking into his fabric storage area was a bit like walking into Alladin’s Cave!  Exciting!  
Look what we came home with…
The two long rolls are 150cm wide – the one on the left has 70m of fabric on it – the one on the right is not a complete roll but who cares! There is still a heap of fabric on it.  And the one in the middle is probably the standard 115cm wide and it has 50m on it.  How generous!
I see lots of backings and maybe a few laundry bags coming out of all this!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And then in the mail
I received this lovely bundle from Denise at Hot Possum!
I haven’t measured to see how much is in these two bundles but quilt a bit!
And the same with  these lovelies.  That fat stripe looks fun!  
The Turramurra Twins, Carol and Claire,  popped over today and dropped off four quilts that Carol had quilted.  The first one is a top she took home from me to quilt for me.  It is just a simple strippy quilt but I think the colours are nice.
This is a standby WWQ that Claire has made – love that brick pattern.
Carol made this WWQ – love that rusty red border.  
It is so good to know I have some spare WWQs just in case…

 Claire also brought over some string blocks that she had made – they need to be trimmed but the colours are great!

I had to pop into the local quilt shop today for some backing for a special quilt and look what I found!  I plan to put a bit of this in the backings of some of my quilts.
 And look what the selvedge says!

Marg sent me this picture.  She is making a quilt of stars and look what she has done with the label.  It is on the front too which is cool for a change.  I can’t wait to see the whole quilt.
The very clever Naomi has been helping me out and she has now created PDF files for all the tutorials for the BOMs and buttons on the right hand side of the blog – so if anyone wants to print out the tutorials that is the way to go!  Is’t she clever!  Thanks Naomi.  Maybe we need one for the Laundry Bag Tutorial too now……….Naomi?  What do you think?


Just got a request for a laundry bag.  Does anyone want to put their hand up to make it?  Just leave me a comment or send me an email.
(Stop press again – this request has been filled!  🙂

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!