A Great AHQ Day!

Written by AHQ

27 August 2012

WOW!  What a day!

First up I got a request overnight from a lovely wife.  As well as hoping we will be able to get a quilt to her husband she is also going to be getting me some more addresses for guys in Afghanistan!  LOVE IT!  So anyone out there sewing or nearly finished with a quilt stand by!

Next I got word that there is another Newspaper article in the mill thanks to the efforts of a grateful recipient!  I won’t say any more till it is in print but I knew it was happening as I was given a heads up over the weekend (which I really appreciated by the way) and I had to wait till the Quilter was approached herself so that I didn’t spoil the surprise!  

I also  had a visit from Carol from Turramurra and she brought three completed quilts.  One will be in the Quilts of the Week this week, one is a dog handlers quilt and one is this beauty!  In case you can’t see this had tiger and cheetah cubs on it – very cute but not too cutesy if you know what I mean.  If anyone thinks they know someone who would like it just let me know!

Carol left with more work to do for us!  And in walked in Judith!  She brought with her three fabulous quilt tops – all put together from BOM blocks!

First up the last of the hot cross nine patches – don’t they look great!  

Next came some of the string blocks!  I am glad that Judith added the bright yellow border as I think the string blocks just make such a cheery quilt and need a cheery border!
The last quilt is the first Shoo Fly BOM quilt!  Doesn’t it look great.  Judith went off with the last of the Shoo Fly blocks, a quilts worth of Twisted Ribbon blocks and I can’t remember but I may have given her some nine patches from the Duntroon sewing day as well!

I just have time to add a couple of quilt thank you messages.  

Khristina sent this quilt off and received a lovely message.

I received your package yesterday and all I can say is thankyou and a great big HUG!  To take time out and do this is a wonderful thing. This is something I will keep for a long time and will be a fitting addition to when I travel, I will try and get as many passport stamps as the quilt.  It looks great on my bed and gives the room a bit more of a “homely” feel.  The Laundry bag was a nice surprise as well.  It has been used already! There definitely won’t be any problem finding it amongst the rest.  By the way the choc covered pineapple was a nice touch. 

Again Kristina and all of the other quilters out there doing the same thing.  It is really appreciated to think that someone apart from our families are thinking of us.

 And last but not least this little message.

Stephanie and Tricia had a lovely email from a recipient who said he loved his quilt and bag, said it was too beautiful for his dirty socks.

Now I have to rush off as I have just had a message from the lovely long arm quilter, Kim, to tell me that she has finished the two quilts I left her the week before last and is ready for me to collect them and drop off some more so I need to go and cut some batting and backings to go with the tops that Judith dropped in so that they can go out tomorrow morning! AND she is going to give me some off cuts of batting! YAY!

Note to Caroline- guess we will be piecing batting next Friday!

Like I said it has been a GREAT AHQ DAY!!!

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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