After yesterday’s bumper day, today is a bit quieter.  I dropped two quilts to the lovely Donna for quilting last night and this morning I collected two quilts from Kim and left another 4 with her!

Kim does the most gorgeous quilting.  Both of these sport a kind of leafy pattern and it is so lovely how it shows up on the homespun on the back.

First up this is the back of the quilt

and this is the quilt top made by Kaye.  As we received this around the time that we changed the required length of the quilts from 66 to 70-75 we extended this one with a row of plain homespun and the nice thing is that it shows up the quiltting.  I will be using the same fabric for the binding.

This is the back 

 and this gorgeous autumnal quilt top was made by Lynn.  
A great to use up some leftover blocks.

I am looking forward to seeing what Kim does with the next four quilts!

 A couple of weeks ago Caroline and I showed you how to make a Strippy Southern Cross Quilt.  Well, here is another version, this time just using 6 1/2″ squares.  The only difference is that I have slightly off set the smallest star.  If you want to know how to do this just send me an email.  

Now, Carol is in the process of making a quilt featuring a teatowel which had the word “Australia”written on both ends of the tea towel.   Carol cut them off and used one else where and gave me the other.  What do you think?  Should I add it here

or here

or not at all?

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching.