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18 May 2016


G’day all.

Lots of things are coming up in the next six weeks or so and I thought it might be good to let you know in case any of you are interested in joining in with any of them where appropriate.

Quilts NSW

This coming Saturday I am the guest speaker for Quilts NSW (formerly known as the NSW Quilters Guild).  Visitors are welcome. 

The meetings take place at  Burwood RSL,  96 Shaftsbury Road, Burwood  in the “Function Rooms” located on the 1st floor. 

There are 3 main interest points to an afternoon with the Quilters Guild.
1. A Shop sets up their wares of fabrics and sewing accouterments on 3 trestle tables. There have been “real” shops as well as online businesses in the past, from both Sydney and country vendors.
2. A Demonstrator will sit at a table and often be surrounded by 30 quilters, whilst showing a quilt related technique. It can be sewing, fabric manipulation, drafting of designs, etc. The topics have been varied over the years. A Demonstrator is paid $150 for an hour’s presentation.

3. The Guest Speaker can have had travel experience, a teaching  profile, be “known” for a technique, have been involved in a Charity quilting scene, have “quilting” as a business, and / or be involved with the Arts-Textiles world. Speaker’s Topics are extremely varied. 

Canberra – Quilters Get Together. 

Next week I will be in Canberra.  I drive down on Monday morning (disgustingly early) so that I can drop my husband off to work around 830am of thereabouts and will be staying til Friday after he finishes work.  I have a few things planned but more free time this trip than I ever usually have which makes a nice change.   I would love to arrange a quilters get together at Poppy’s Cafe at the War Memorial if anyone is interested.  I was thinking either Wednesday or Thursday, can do lunch or afternoon tea. If you are interested please message me.


The next sewing day in Penrith is on Saturday the 28th.  We will be making laundry bags at this stage. If you are interested in coming please let me know.  New ladies and gents are always welcome.
We start at 10am and sew til 3pm.  BYO lunch, coffee mug and sewing machine and I provide the projects.  

WPH Sewing Day 

The next sewing day at my home will be held on Wednesday 1 June.  Again all welcome. Please BYO lunch (I can actually provide coffee mugs) and sewing machine. I provide the projects we will be sewing.  This could be anything from making laundry bags and quilt tops to putting BOM blocks together or piecing backings.   Whatever jobs are the highest priority are the ones that we get stuck into. 

Goverment House Sydney Open Day 12 June 

We have been invited to display quilts at Government House for their open day on the 12th of June along with another organisation that supports the troops with quilts, the  NSW RSL Women’s Auxilary Australian Veterans Comfort Quilts.  They provide quilts to our homeless veterans. 

We will be there from 10am til 4pm on the 12th with about one dozen of our quilts and laundry bags. 
Clarissa and I will be there on the day so it would be great if you could come along and say hello.  We will not be the only group there.  More information to follow closer to time.

Government House Sydney Display 20 June – 3 July

Both the Veterans’ Comfort Quilts and Aussie Heroes have also been asked to display quilts at Government House for a longer display from the 20th of June to the 3rd of July.  This display will only be “manned” on the weekends.  I would love some volunteers for the 26th, and the 2nd please.  If you are interested please contact me.   You just have to be able to talk about Aussie Heroes and what we do.

Australian Quilt and Craft Fair 2016

This year we will be at the Australian Quilt and Craft Fair in Sydney from 22 – 26 June.   I need volunteers every day please.   you just need to be able to answer questions about what we do, who we send to and how we operate. You don’t have to do full days, half days or middle of the day (to accommodate school drop of and pick ups are fine). Please just send me an email with your preferred times and dates so that I can create a roster for everyone. 

The organsiers, Expertise Events, have also included a great write up of Aussie Heroes in their blog.. you can check it out here

Menai Probus 4 July

I will be the guest speaker for The Combined Probus Club of Menai (“the Club” or “Menai Probus”) on the morning of Monday the 4th of July.  Menai Probus is one of the largest Probus clubs in NSW with 150 active ‘retiree’ members. Normally they would expect 100-110 members to be present at each meeting. 

Perth August.

I am planning to make it to Perth in the first two weeks in August.   I have not set the dates yet, and the schedule is pretty tight as that is my home town and I will be seeing relatives and old friends but I would like to arrange a quilters gathering and maybe we could hoodwink a couple of West-based recipients to attend….what do you think?  Anyone interested?  I will also be booking in a couple of Aussie Hero appointments as well whilst I am over there.

14 October Maitland Patchwork and Quilt Show

Last but not least, I have been invited to open/and be the guest speaker at Maitland Patchwork Quilt Show in October, Friday 14th about 6.30-7.00. It’s their 30 year anniversary of being established in Maitland.  What an honour and of course I will be delighted to be there.


Some where in there I am also planning the Aussie Heroes Dinner…. after I get back from Maitland and hopefully in Canberra.   Great excuse to head down to the National Capital and check out the Australian War Memorial and all the other wonderful attractions in the area.  If we did plan for a Saturday night event in Canberra, and possibly a sewing day on the Saturday or Sunday… who would be interested…. comment, PM me or email to let me know please.

Watch this space for details.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx


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  1. Sue Niven

    Wow! this list exhausts me! Love what you do. I wish you all the best.

  2. Jacqui D

    I'll be down for the dinner, sounds good!


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