No!!!  FOURTEEN QUILTS quilted today!  
Woo Hoo!!!  This lovely lady, Caz, left her gorgeous little pup at home today (check out her blog) and came to join me in the job of quilting the 14 quilts that Del, Cynthia and I pinned on Wednesday!  
No way did I think we would get all of them done but we did and I am so pleased!!!  Now these ones are trimmed and ready to bind …….
 and these are in the queue for binding!
That means I only have two quilt tops waiting to be quilted and they only arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday so I am almost all caught up!  Woo Hoo!!!  Of course now there is lots of binding to do but thanks to Sue from the Injune Creek Patchwork Group I have LOTS of binding to go with so I don’t have make much.  A couple of quilts need a particular colour but most of them will have scrap bindings made by Sue and co!  Thanks so much!!!!
Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve half as much as we did if we weren’t ably supervised by Masiy who insisted on having her bed brought out to the kitchen so that she could see what I was up to!
And now for some more great show and tell!
Way back in December (well it seems way back now as so much as happened since then) the Gumnuts made this – seen here awaiting its binding.  It was then sent on its way and now I can show you 
From this 🙂 to this :-D.  Yep, I am really pleased to finally be able to show you another quilt on a bed in Afghanistan!!!
This quilt was made late last year for a young man who some of the Gumnuts have known for years. 
Nice to see the pic huh!

Till next time………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!