11 September  2020 Priority Request List   – start a new project this weekend  JDo you need an excuse to delve into your fabric stash or cut out some appliqué?

Hello, I am hoping for a favour from some wonderful AHQ volunteers. We have a growing priority list mainly due to post delays and C19 lockdowns. With this in mind I was reluctant to ask but decided anyway to put it out there.  29 September is the post by date for this list –  is there anyone who could  take on one of these requests? Do let me know.  As you know receiving a quilt will provide a huge morale boost to the recipient.  If you’d like to just take on sewing a laundry bag, that’s fine too! A virtual massage, bunch of flowers and a chef-cooked meal  on their way to you J   

I am looking forward to a few emails in the AHQ in-boxJ

With grateful thanks,


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Priority Quilts 

Australian Rising Sun  (We can arrange embroidery)
MFO Symbol
‘OP Mazurka Sinai Jul 2- Feb 21. Pyramids. 
Boxing Kangaroo

M B 13
MFO Symbol
, OP Mazurka Sinai Jul 20- Feb 21. pyramids
Rising Sun  (We can arrange embroidery)

Female B 14
Australian Flag
MFO Symbol 
 ‘OP Mazurka Sinai Jul 20 – Feb 21’  (We can arrange embroidery)

Male B 16
Regiment Badges (We can post these), black red multi cam

M B 19
Regiment badges (We can post these),
green, black and red colours please

M Q 22
Regiment badges (We can post these),
beach theme,
Aussie flag,
stiletto dagger

M B 23
Rising Sun with service details   
RACT RASIGS (We can post these)
Australian Flag,
Darker Colours,
Male Q 26
Navy theme with Navy crest with service details  (We can post these),

Australian Flag,
PWO Badge, HMAS Manoora (L 52)
We can send a picture of the PWO badge to include

Male Q 27
Rising Sun with service details  (We can post these),

RAEME crest,
5th Aviation Regiment colours

Male Q 28
RAAF Crest with service details (We can arrange this embroidery)
 Blue colour,
4WD and ford cars

M Q 29
Dark colours (Black, Rifle Green and Infantry Red) :
Royal Australian Infantry Corps Badge,
Skippy Kangaroo (We can post this),
Australian Flag,
Afghan Flag (If possible)

Male B 30
Army / RAAF – (We can send you Rising Sun and RAAF crest) computer games theme

M Q 32
Japanese Cars – Toyota is my favourite – and include my Nickname please

M Q 33

Warships / HMAS Albany and / or The Gilmore girls (We can send a RAN Crest)

M Q 49
Navigation / Maritime theme (We can send a RAN Crest)

M Q 51