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28 January 2016

I thought this thank you was special enough to stand on its own so I hope you enjoy it.  I don’t want to embarrass him so I won’t show you a pic of his quilt.  

Good Evening Jan-Maree Ball and Aussie Hero Quilters,
First of all a big and most sincere THANKYOU ! to yourself Jan -Maree and ALL the TEAM at Aussie Hero Quilts.

As requested below I am passing word to yourself and the team that I have received my quilt and my laundry bag which I use daily since receiving them.. ( my theme was Family time and Vegie Patch). 

Both items are simply B.E.A.UTIFUL! I can clearly see both my items have been crafted with a great deal of PRIDE, LOVE and CARE stitched into them both. 


When I received my Laundry bag I was so excited!, I swapped out my issued dobey bag straight away and PROUDLY hung my beautifully lined and skillfuly crafted Laundry bag in its place! for all to feast their eyes on!..instantly other ship’s company asked questions while admiring the quality of this fine Laundry Bag..EVERY TIME I now do my laundry I look and just simply smile with thanks and admiration given to myself through this beautiful laundry bag. 


Likewise when I received my Quilt, my tired weary eyes welled with tears simply appreciating the LOVE, CARE and TIME invested in stitching this beautiful quilt together just for me. 

I distinctly remember the excited buzz and happy atmosphere around the ship as 2mess(Girls), 3AFT mess(Males non techo’s) and 3FWD mess(Males-Techo’s) were all admiring their own quilts and checking out other ships company’s quilts in respective messes, even the Officers were mingling and proudly showing off their own items.

In the Junior Sailors Cafe with smiles radiant and morale on a high, various people read out their letters of appreciation and stories that accompanied their masterfully designed and tirelessly crafted pieces..and yes some quiet tears of humbled thanks did flow (including yours truly). 

So once again THANKYOU! to EVERYONE at AUSSIE HERO QUILTS, for I am sure that everyday someone/ somewhere onboard HMAS MELBOURNE silently admires, in their own special way, the heart felt LOVE they have received through their Laundry Bag or Quilt expertly matched to their own themes.

Doesn’t that must make you smile…
Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Jo

    What a great Thankyou. Love the photo too


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