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19 December 2018

Whoops, sorry, meant to publish this on Wednesday night but here it is, sitting in draft…
There are some great messages to read.

Hi Beverly,
Firstly I must thank you for the hero quilt “it is beautiful”.
My requested theme the big 5 animals in Africa I notice some years ago on my first visit to Dar Es Salam (DAR) on a Navy Ship. Years later I was fortunate to be posted as the Royal Australian Navy Liaison Officer whose role was to travel around the middle East and North Africa area in support the Navy’s current ship in theatre which regularly used DAR as a replenishment port. My role was to provide over the wharf support for the ship which included Port Services (customs, immigration, tugs, Fuel), mail, Rations, Stores & Equipment and help them with the Rest & Recuperation activities. This meant I had to explore and recommend tourist attractions in each location the ship went to.
Tanzania was one of my favourites as I had the opportunity to visit Mt Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti national park on numerous occasions. I was fortunate to see the Big 5 and other African animals in real life which means I am luckier than most who only get to see them on TV through documentary’s, or in Zoo’s. I was also introduced to Tanzanite which I found interesting but overpriced however, as a tourist I did what everyone else did and bought some, had it made into jewellery for my wife who wears it every now and then.

I cannot express how grateful we who serve are, to people like you, who out of kindness go to great lengths to show your appreciation to those of us far from home. I can say that all things Australian are always in our thoughts which includes family, friends and our way of life, all things we all treasure.
I wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas period and hope you and your family can all be together and celebrate this special time of the year.

Yours Aye,


Dear Fiona,

I’d like to thank you so much for my quilt and laundry bag.

I can’t tell you the smile it put on my face, I absolutely love them. Such an awesome job I’ve sent all my family pictures of your work.
It means a lot to us guys here and especially me knowing the effort you and your team put into these quilts and bags.
If there is anything you’d like from me or us let me know.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Also Thankyou for the goodies I will give them a good home over the coming weeks haha.

G’day Ashleigh,

Apologies for the delay in replying to you, I actually got the laundry bag and quilt sent to my parents house and have only just picked it up.

Firstly, I just want to thank you and your mum so much for making such amazing pieces of art! I could not have imagined them turning out so nice, I saw quite a few fine examples of laundry bags and quilts knocking about in the desert but I think I got the best by far! The quilt especially tugs at my heart strings as its for my (now) 10 month old daughter. I chose the hungry caterpillar theme as it is what we call her due to her tummy being a bottomless pit and that she loves every food we put in front of her (she even enjoys eating lemon). I love the idea of her having that quilt when I am away.

It is great to hear a little about the people who have given so much of their time to someone they do not know. It is even better to hear that you suffer from the travel bug and Europe is your fix. I also endure the condition. 

Fortunately with my work I still get to travel plenty, if not maybe a bit too much as I’m sure my wife feels more like a single mother at times.
Anyway thanks again for the laundry bag and quilt, please also thank your mum. It really means a lot to me and my family.

P.S. I look forward to having a beer in your pub one day!

Dear Beverly,

I am emailing you to thank you for your amazing quilt that you sent me recently.  I can’t thank you enough and tell you how much it means to me!

Thanks also for the letter.  My family and I have made some wonderful South African friends in Brisbane and in Adelaide, so I know how generous and kind you are and your contribution to Aussie Hero Quilts is testimony of that.

I joined the Navy in 1979 as a 17 year old Midshipman.  I have served in many different ships and visited all sorts of ports throughout Asia and the Pacific.  I deployed to Somalia, Baghdad and this is my third deployment to the Middle East.  My Grandpa also served in Egypt during World War 2.  


Dear Jenny N and family,
I would like to thank you and your family for taking the time in making me a wonderful laundry bag. I was a big fan of Toy story as a child and it definitely lifted my spirits throughout the trip when I missed my family. Thank you again for your kind words and the fantastic gift. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas and wonderful new year. 

Hello Kaye,
First and foremost let me start by saying thankyou for my laundry bag, I love it.
Its amazing how something small like this can make life over here just that little bit easier, and I do appreciate the effort that went into it.
I live in NSW and am father to 2 little boys who are at home with my beautiful wife. We are a very active family that enjoys getting out and about at every chance we get. My oldest boy is 3 years old and my little man is 1 but growing up very quickly. That’s probably the hardest thing about being away for so long. 
Good to hear you keep busy doing the AHQ’s which all of us appreciate, and I have a mate that competed in the Invictus games. So much respect for all the troops that have been here and gone back to compete.  
I apologise for the late email but is has been a bit busy of late, however I would like to thank you again and wish you all the best for the future. Hope we may be able to catch up one day and  I will be able to thank you in person.

Dear Fran
I’m writing to simply thank you for going to the trouble of making me a personalised laundry bag.  I must say I was pretty impressed to receive it and to think that you and many others were willing to go to such trouble for us was very special!  So thanks so much.
I’m new to the Air Force but not to ministry and if there’s one thing I know, it’s gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness do so much good.  The real care of greatest value is rarely of the paid kind, it’s the care of those giving from the heart and often willingly and without thought of reimbursement.   Aussie Hero’s kind of care.
So I appreciate your contribution and the contribution of Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags) makes, and I think I can speak on behalf of many chaplains that we agree with the tagline, we also “care about the people, not the politics or the mission”.  Jesus is Lord we live to serve him and share his offer of salvation and reconciliation in this time of extended grace in which we live as we await for his return.
God bless you and your family.

Hi Helen.
Just a quick note to say that I recently rec’d one of your amazing laundry bags. I was attending a Chaplaincy Course at ADFA, Canberra, and had dinner with Jan-Maree Ball. Her parting gift to myself and 2 other Chaplains were laundry bags, each with a Ch’mas theme – one of which was made by you! 😉
So, thank you very much for your skill and generosity. Although I am not deployed I am about to travel to a new base where I will be unaccompanied for a few months, until my wife joins me there from our last posting. The laundry bag will come in very handy as I do my own washing in the facilities provided.

May God bless you in your ministry with AHQ.  Thank you for your service.

Hi Kristie,
I received your care pack and was overjoyed. I would like to express how grateful I am for your effort and thoughtfulness. It really turned out exactly how I wanted and better than I could have hoped! The brightness of the pink with the black and white looks great. The other diggers here were all jealous of my luck.
At the time, I had received some bad news from back home and wasn’t in the best mood. Fortunately, your gift arrived and cheered me up immensely. At times it can be hard being away for long periods at a time, but kind acts like yours makes the sacrifice easier.
Although you give up some of your own time helping Aussie Heroes, I understand it may seem like a chore sometimes. Please know that your generosity is not forsaken.
Coming from military family yourself, I’m sure you know that it can be hard at times while loved ones are overseas. Families back home are also forced to adapt to life without us.
I have been in the Army for nearly 6 years and although I have been away on many exercises. This is my first full deployment. I grew up on the Central Coast where my family still live. What a small world it must be though, I now live only a suburb away!
Thank you as well for the extra treats. The mess food can become boring eating the same stuff every day. Please thank your two boys for being so thoughtful too.
P.S. You are not wrong, the Tim Tams went fast!

Dear Sue N 
I was recently deployed to Papua New Guinea aboard HMAS Adelaide as an Electronic Warfare Engineer for the MRH helicopter. I was fortunate enough to receive your laundry bag while on board and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your efforts.
I am married to M, for almost 4 years now, and we have 2 sons, 2 1/2  and 6 months old. We have no cats (they make me sneeze). 
Wishing you a very merry Christmas. God Bless

Dear Melissa,
I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to make this laundry bag for me. I absolutely love it, it has surpassed what I was expecting by a long way and am incredibly happy with it. You honestly have a gift and are very creative, everyone who comes past love it!
I have a long term partner, three brothers (35 oldest brother) (32 2nd oldest brother) (29 me) (28 sister) (26 youngest brother). We are all pretty big AFL fans myself and my youngest brother love Richmond Tigers and are really looking forward to this season. My 2nd oldest loves the hawks so you can imagine when the game is on we all catch up and watch a ‘friendly’ game of footy.
I would like to thank you again for taking the time to make this laundry bag, it will get plenty of use. It certainly sounds like you have your hands full, yet still make time for others!

I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dear Beverly, 
I was lucky enough to receive one of your laundry bags. The design looks fantastic and it is the single best take home I have to remember my deployment. I could not be happier with the design and quality. 
I deployed in 2018 and am about to start my journey back to Australia. I have had a safe and enjoyable deployment and wanted to take the time to respond to your letter and thank you for the morale you have bought me. 
You told me a little about yourself, so here is a little about me; 
I joined the Australian Army in 2009 and have been posted all over Australia. I have spent time in Melbourne, Darwin and Sydney and travelled all through the Northern Territory and Western Australia. My trip to XXX was my first deployment in support of Operations and I was lucky enough to spend it with some amazing people.  
I am heading home to my fiancé and we are soon to be married, once I get back home that is. The two things I have missed the most are my partner and my dog and I plan to spend a lot more time with them when I get back. 
I hope you are well and I can’t thank you enough for the personalised laundry bag. 
Please keep up the good work and bring a smile to more deployed soldiers. 

Till next time keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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